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Overview of Plastic Surgery Trends

The demand for plastic surgery is on the rise, with several methods gaining significant popularity. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the organization overseeing plastic surgery practices accredited by all national boards, released a list of the most sought-after cosmetic and reconstructive procedures in 2022.

Cosmetic Procedures on the Rise

According to a report by Newsida.com nearly 26.2 million cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures were performed in the United States last year. Particularly, there was a 19% increase in cosmetic procedures since 2019. Dr. Gregory A. Greco, the President of 

ASPS emphasized the evolving trends in plastic surgery. He stated, “We continuously observe the annual trends in plastic surgery, particularly in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. Many plastic surgeons benchmark these figures against national statistics to refine their approaches.”

Greco noted that over 90% of plastic surgery procedures are consistently related to women, although this trend has been gradually changing over the years.

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures of 2022

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgical Procedures of 2022

In 2022, approximately 1.5 million cosmetic surgical procedures were performed, with the top five being:

  • Liposuction (325,669 procedures, a 23% increase from 2019)
  • Breast Augmentation (298,568 procedures, a 4% increase from 2019)
  • Tummy Tuck (161,948 procedures, a 37% increase from 2019)
  • Breast Lift (143,364 procedures, a 30% increase from 2019)
  • Eyelid Surgery (115,261 procedures, a 13% increase from 2019)

Top 5 Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Procedures of 2022

In the minimally invasive category, approximately 23.7 million procedures were performed, with the top five being:

  • Neuromodulator Injections (Botox) (8,736,591 procedures, a 73% increase from 2019)
  • Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (4,883,419 procedures, a 70% increase from 2019)
  • Skin Rejuvenation (3,322,292 procedures)*
  • Laser Treatments, Combination Therapies (2,915,199 procedures)*
  • Lip Augmentation with Injections (1,378,631 procedures)* (*These procedures were not tracked in 2019.)

Top 5 Reconstructive Procedures of 2022

In the realm of reconstructive surgery, nearly 1.02 million procedures were performed, with the top five being:

  • Tumor Removal (344,697 procedures, a 2% decrease from 2019)
  • Hand Surgery (204,412 procedures, approximately the same as in 2019)
  • Breast Reconstruction (151,641 procedures, a 12% increase from 2019)
  • Maxillofacial Surgery (Lower Face) (52,488 procedures, a 29% decrease from 2019)
  • Revision of Previous Surgeries (50,930 procedures, a 9% decrease from 2019)

Overall Trends and Impact of COVID-19

According to ASPS, there has been a “noticeable growth” in the number of procedures performed since the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients are investing more time and resources into procedures that enhance their facial features, particularly focusing on the face and neck.

The society stated that masks making eyes the central focus led to an increase in eyelid surgeries, making it the fourth most popular cosmetic surgery in 2022. Additionally, facial lift procedures increased by 8% last year, and cheek implants saw a significant rise of 150%.

Adapting to Changing Beauty Norms

Plastic surgery trends continue to evolve, influenced by societal preferences and external factors like the pandemic. As people adapt to new beauty norms, plastic surgeons are tailoring their approaches to meet the demands of the changing times.

The Impact of Physical Centers on Body Procedures

In the past year, there has been a 23% increase in liposuction and a 77% increase in methods to reduce non-aggressive fat compared to 2019, as indicated by the report. Dr. Patrick Deus, a plastic surgeon from Beverly Hills, noted some surprises in this year’s list.”I was surprised that procedures like rhinoplasty and facelifts were not included in this list, as we have seen a recent surge in requests for these procedures,” he said to Newsida.com these surgeries in our consultations.”

Botox Injections Can Reduce Depression, Study Reveals

Experts say that social media has played a significant role in both popularizing and centralizing certain procedures. Grieco commented, “With the rise of social media, we have observed a decrease in the stigma around plastic surgery because people share their experiences or interests in certain procedures.”

Minimizing Potential Risks

Grieco from New Jersey noted that all surgeries, including cosmetic ones, come with associated risks.”While some procedures statistically pose more risks compared to others – for example, autologous fat transfer in the buttocks, also known as ‘BBL’ – practical wisdom dictates reducing risks, such as using ultrasound guidance for fat injections.”Patients should ensure that their cosmetic procedures are performed in licensed or nationally accredited centers that adhere to the highest safety standards,” he added.

He also emphasized the importance of finding a reputable surgeon as the first step to any successful procedure. Make sure your cosmetic surgeon is board-certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, as this is the only certification body that guarantees a surgeon has at least six years of surgical experience. training with a minimum of three years of plastic surgery training, and has passed extensive written and oral examinations,” Grieco said.

He advised me not to hesitate in seeking opinions from multiple surgeons to make an informed decision about the chosen procedure. Deus noted that specialization is also crucial.“An important question to ask is how many times a particular procedure has been performed by the surgeon,” he said.”Often, a surgeon will gain recognition and focus on several surgeries performed in larger quantities. Look for surgeons who have expertise in your specific surgery.”

Pre and Post-Procedure Consultations are Essential

Board-certified plastic surgeons can assist patients in determining whether a procedure is right for them and can guide them through the process while prioritizing patient safety and well-being.

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