2024 Campaigning: Dueling Visits to Georgia Set Stage for Biden-Trump Rematch

2024 Campaigning: Dueling Visits to Georgia Set Stage for Biden-Trump Rematch

Introduction: 2024 Campaigning Begins Now

The 2024 presidential election campaigning kicks off this week, leaving behind the echoes of 2020. Or, to put it more plainly, entering a realm where the saga of campaigning never truly ends. Georgia was so close just four years ago, with Republican Donald Trump here, seeking “11,780 votes” to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. Now, reviving their respective supremacy, both rivals are set to duel in a state both deem crucial for winning in November. “Elections are tough. We are in a real battlefield now,” said American representative Nikema Williams, a Democrat from Atlanta who also doubles as the state party’s chairwoman.

Georgia’s Political Landscape Evolves

Once a Republican stronghold, Georgia is now so competitive that no side can agree on how to interpret the current divide. “A 52-48 state,” said Brian Kemp, the Republican governor whose party controls the state government. “We’re not blue, we’re not red,” countered Williams, pointing to “Peachy” Warnock, a claimant who rallied behind Biden’s 2020 win, and two Democratic senators, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, sent Georgia to Washington. There’s at least agreement that both Biden and Trump have a path to victory – and plenty of obstacles along the way in campaigning.

“Biden’s numbers are tanking based on a lot of good reasons, and we can certainly talk about it. And thus, it creates this place where Trump could run and win,” Kemp said in a recent forum hosted by Peach Bull News. “I think he could lose the race. I think it could be harder than people realize.”

Election Results: Biden and Warnock

Biden’s margin was roughly a quarter of a percentage point in 2020. In 2022, Warnock secured victory in the Senate runoff by a margin of 3 points. Kemp was elected by 1.5 points in 2018 but expanded his margin to 7.5 points in his 2022 rematch, setting up a battlefield scenario for campaigning. In these elections, Democrats made significant gains in metro Atlanta, where Biden will be on Saturday.

They performed well in predominantly Black counties like Columbus and Savannah and a handful of rural areas. But in other rural areas, small towns, and exurbs, Republicans prevail – like Rome, where former President Trump will make an appearance Saturday at a congressional district rally hosted by Arkansas conservative firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene. Meanwhile, the rapidly growing metro Atlanta, offering diverse suburbs and exurban swaths, provides the most opportunity, especially for GOP-leaning moderates disillusioned with Trump.

Republican Fundraiser’s Election Analysis

Dueling Visits to Georgia
Republican Fundraiser’s Election Analysis

Eric Tanenblatt, a Republican fundraiser and bundler who has long been active in Georgia, supporting GOP candidates, said, “It’s going to be a margin game.” Democrats have kicked off their campaigning with an organizational overhaul and promised direct outreach to millions of Georgians – a departure from the pandemic-constrained 2020 campaign and even more so for Warnock’s rematch bid. “When you’re talking about thin margins like 2020, the centerpiece of the campaign needs to be practical wisdom,” said Jonah Wardell, Biden’s state director and a veteran of Warnock’s operations.

Biden’s tour came after the state’s electoral campaign, and Vice President Kamala Harris has visited Georgia several times since Biden’s inauguration. Still, Biden could stumble on any part of his coalition for any reason: inflation, Israel-Hamas conflict, concerns about the increasing number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, and broader concerns about whether he is up to the task at age 81.

Young Voters in Atlanta

There are local issues to reckon with: Biden can’t afford to lose young voters in metro Atlanta who are energized by opposition to police training and backed by the city’s Democratic leadership. And Republicans are stoking their immigration campaigning by highlighting the case of a Venezuelan immigrant who illegally entered America and is accused of killing a college student in Georgia last month.

Williams responded that Biden has a positive record of sales. He hinted at the infrastructure package, which provided bipartisan support for Congress and stabilized rising wages and inflation. He noted that the economy was so strong that Georgia could afford a surplus, which the Republican camp dismissed. Williams said, “We have to remind people between now and November,” Williams said.

Trump’s Centrist Voter Challenge

Trump’s biggest challenge could be to stop the centrist white family voters who turned away from the GOP in recent elections. Democrats are anxious to remind these voters, especially women, of Trump’s role in ending national abortion rights – a six-week ban in Georgia during the six-week pregnancy during a state ban on abortion in Georgia over six weeks. Haley Binder, Teenin Bullet, said, “It’s far-reaching to tell the former president what to do, but I think they’d want someone like Nikki to be part of their team – and they could bring others along campaigning.”

Teenin Bullet said they see no “proof” that Trump or his traditional party allies are engaged in coalition-building efforts, as Biden did in 2020 with Bernie Sanders and his progressive supporters. “Marjorie Taylor Greene, one of the former president’s biggest supporters, said before Nikki’s exit that parties need to be changed,” said Teenin Bullet. “This is not the kind of brinkmanship you should be engaging in.”

Kemp’s Trump Endorsement Status

Biden-Trump Rematch
Kemp’s Trump Endorsement Status

There is no confirmation from the GOP governor’s side. Kemp, once targeted by Trump’s wrath for certifying Biden’s 2020 election win, is among the prominent Republicans at the national level who have yet to endorse Trump. The governor has pledged his support for the GOP ticket and especially Trump’s return to immigration attacks on Biden. But it remains to be seen what role Kemp will play in the autumn. When Trump loyalists seized control of the state GOP after November, Kemp easily built his political organization. Most expect campaigning competitive state legislative races to target competitive seats before November.

McKoon on GOP Unity

Georgia GOP Chairman Josh McKoon dismissed any talk of division. McKoon emphasized the importance of reaching out to unconventional and apathetic voters for the party. He praised Governor Kemp’s leadership, stating that it would positively impact Republicans at all levels of the ticket. McKoon praised Governor Kemp, highlighting his positive impact on Republicans across the board, emphasizing the benefits his efforts bring to the party as a whole. Lieutenant Governor Bert Jones, Georgia’s highest-ranking Republicans who openly support Trump, said the overall GOP message is the most important variable.

“This ’24 election cycle is about campaigning kitchen table issues,” Jones said, predicting that “ordinary Republicans who vote on personality to some extent will be successful. Trump himself insists he can attract more African-American and Latino voters, especially men. Wardell promised “all of the above” with an aggressive response. He not only promised more tours with Harris and Biden but also promised “a lot of local champions” for them. Some activists suggest why another tight race is unfolding.

Harith’s Project at Morehouse

Last fall, Harith began a project at Morehouse College in Atlanta, known for its rich African American history, aimed at creating a law enforcement training facility dubbed “Cop City” by critics. The collaboration with Mayor Andre Dickens has stirred controversy, leading to heated clashes, with Dickens standing against a referendum on the project’s fate.

When Dickens stepped on stage to introduce Harris, he was drowned out by the taunts of students from multiple campuses. Hillary Holly, who runs a domestic workers’ organization in Georgia, said it reflects “democratic disillusionment” with backroom deals that could affect Biden’s campaigning. Dickens, Holly said, “is not a surrogate, but there needs to be a presence around Biden and Harris.”


In conclusion, as the Biden-Trump rematch looms on the horizon, both parties are actively engaging in Georgia, a crucial battleground state. The contrasting visits reflect the ongoing struggle for dominance in the state, with each side vying for support and attention. The dynamics of this high-stakes political landscape underscore the importance of Georgia in shaping the outcome of future elections. With campaigning tensions running high and strategic maneuvers underway, the stage is set for an intense showdown between the two political giants. Ultimately, the outcome of this duel will not only impact Georgia but could also reverberate throughout the nation, shaping the course of American politics for years to come.


  1. What’s happening in Georgia regarding Biden and Trump?

Ans:    Both Biden and Trump are making visits to Georgia as part of their campaigning efforts.

  1. Why are Biden and Trump focusing on Georgia?

Ans:    Georgia holds significance as a battleground state, prompting both candidates to intensify their campaigning there.

  1. How are Biden and Trump’s visits to Georgia different this time?

Ans:    This time, their visits are characterized by dueling rallies and events, showcasing the competitive nature of their campaigning strategies.

  1. What does the term “rematch” imply in this context?

Ans:    The term “rematch” refers to the upcoming election, which is seen as a rematch between Biden and Trump, highlighting the continuation of their political rivalry.

  1. How are the voters in Georgia responding to Biden and Trump’s campaigning?

Ans:    Voters in Georgia are witnessing a surge in political activity with both candidates vying for their support through vigorous campaigning efforts.

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