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AI Content Creation Strategy for Google Success
AI Content Creation: Should marketers be concerned about AI? It’s a hot topic—something you can’t spend too much time debating. Tools like ChatGPT are causing disruptions in the speed of content creation and practical wisdom. An expert predicts that by 2025, AI will generate 90% of digital content.

While the stage is still being set, one thing is certain:in the realm of AI Content Creation, marketers should prepare their strategies for a future where AI goes beyond just thinking. In the AI era, insights into how to prove your perspective in the future of content creation are crucial.

What do you have in your toolkit?

AI can create content faster than humans, but search engines like Google prioritize quality over quantity. Before determining how AI Content Creation fits into your strategies and operations, it helps identify gaps in the current landscape. Auditing your content and assessing your performance is where you need to start.

Key indicators of effectiveness, especially in AI Content Creation should be included in content audits, such as search engine rankings and engagement rates. Identify areas where performance doesn’t align with your content’s strategic goals. If pieces are buried in search engine result pages, it might be time to outsource your SEO to stay up-to-date with the latest algorithms.

Your in-house team can benefit from AI Content Creation auditing to maintain visibility and relevance. Audits can also highlight areas where AI can enhance your current practices. Utilize tools to draft blog posts, create compelling headlines, and generate initial ideas. Balancing AI with human authors can ensure effectiveness with authenticity, statements, and personality.

Plan AI content creation for various stages

AI Content Creation tools for content generation can publish words and responses based on the given criteria. However, when it comes to planning content for different stages of the buyer’s journey, you’re still in the driver’s seat. AI may not differentiate between unique points of view or provide in-depth information about specific products.

It might not be apparent, but guiding blog posts during the documentation phase can be more suitable than answering most questions. At this stage, human input is still essential for engaging, informing, and convincing various types of audiences. It’s up to your team to decide which content appeals to potential buyers after they’ve passed through the sales funnel.

Strategic AI Content Creation Across Stages
Strategic AI Content Creation Across Stages

Analyzing pain points and reducing them in the lead’s journey can be aided by an AI program in the awareness phase. However, solving those pain points in extremely effective ways requires utilizing your strategic skills. Evaluate whether short-form videos or long-form blog posts resonate more with your audience. Planning and experimenting with AI Content Creation at all stages of the sales funnel ensures your practical wisdom satisfies all listeners.

Know the worth of your content

You don’t have to implement all AI Content Creation content tools simultaneously. Proving your practical wisdom in the future doesn’t mean taking control of every corner of the spectrum. You can start with small changes, such as auditing AI-generated content against 100% human-written content. Test results will reveal where your value lies.

However, deciding what KPIs to measure and ensuring you’re comparing apples to apples is essential. State that your practical wisdom aims to increase leads by 10%. With AI Content Creation creating the foundations of blog posts, adding a human touch enhances the impact. Comparing the effectiveness of an AI-generated piece with a blog post crafted by a team member can help achieve your KPI.

What you’ll learn is that AI Content Creation can generate content quickly, but it may seem generic. Non-unique content doesn’t work harder for your brand’s authority. It might get lost in the sea of competition and make engagement challenging for your audience.

When designing your practical wisdom, consider your company’s core competencies. Identify experts in your ranks for different fields and learn about their individual perspectives. Ideas for competitive, excellent content are abundant in those stories. Use them to project a blog series that showcases SMEs’ insights and skills.

You can also decide to revisit existing content and see where you can improve. And consider where you can elevate them from an internal expert’s perspective. Whatever you can do to build your brand’s unique identity and place humans on the map will help.

The future of practical wisdom in content

AI Content Creation is something content marketers are learning to embrace. The full range of technological capabilities can’t be determined yet. However, for content creators, taking notes with AI is a powerful tool. Proving your practical wisdom in the future means finding a sweet spot between AI and human-written content. Just keep an open mind, as things can change for the better over time.

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