Amazon Influencer Program Launch Zero-Cost Earning $4,200
Trevor Peterson's Path to Earning $4,200 Monthly through the Amazon Influencer Program at 27Trevor Peterson's Path to Earning $4,200 Monthly through the Amazon Influencer Program at 27

Peterson’s Amazon Influencer program’s Journey

Meet Trevor Peterson, 27, selling Amazon products since 2017 through the Amazon Influencer program. And sometimes, he’s pulling in six figures in monthly income.

While making money through an e-commerce platform like the Amazon Influencer program can be a lucrative hustle, it’s not a walk in the park. Trevor faced his fair share of obstacles when starting his e-commerce business, including the costs of investing in products and dealing with Amazon storage fees that weren’t pulling their weight.

He says raising capital to start is one of the biggest hurdles for most people. Slowly but surely, he started learning the ropes of the business, realizing what worked and what didn’t. In the past six years, he’s earned the title of a full-time seller. Since then, he’s shared his experiences through YouTube videos, social media posts, and coaching programs.

This year, he’s delving into reviewing Amazon products through the Amazon Influencer program, inspired by a post discussing a strategy that could potentially boost the chances of winning awards in product listings. As a seller, he became intrigued.

Peterson commented, “I thought, if it’s as simple as people say, then I thought, ‘Okay, I want to give this a try too.’ I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy an extra few thousand dollars in passive income each month?”

Amazon Influencer: $4,200 Monthly Success

The Amazon Influencer program rewards people for creating videos that review items posted in the product listing. If a video leads to a sale, the creator gets a commission. Peterson wanted to understand how it worked and if it was feasible. He observed an Amazon practical wisdom where no investment was needed, allowing him to teach his audience.

He said, “To be honest, I didn’t take it seriously because I’m not a fan of get-rich-quick schemes. And it’s not because it’s not a real job. It’s because you have to put real work into it,” Peterson said.

Now, he’s been reviewing products since April and has found it to be one of the best opportunities he’s seen after making money online. According to his account screenshots, he’s gradually earned over $4,200 in the last three months.

The best part? You don’t need a massive social media following, which often translates to more opportunities. With the Amazon Influencer program, Amazon allows you to directly film and upload videos on its platform. So, it’s the Amazon traffic that you’re capitalizing on for views. When a user searches for a product, clicks on the list, and watches your video before making a purchase, you earn a commission.

Amazon Influencer Success: A Quick Guide

Commissions depend on the category and price of the product but typically range between 1% to 3% of the purchase amount. Peterson emphasized that besides your time, there’s no real downside or risk involved. Signing up for an account is free, but approval is not guaranteed. He further mentioned it’s a step-by-step process.

Amazon Influencer Program A Quick Guide to Success
Amazon Influencer Program: A Quick Guide to Success

While you don’t need thousands of followers, a social media presence is necessary. Peterson suggested having around 1,000 followers, stating he remembered seeing approved individuals with approximately 1,200 followers.

When you sign up for the Amazon Influencer program, you need to select a social media account to link. Peterson initially attempted to sign up via Instagram in March but got rejected. In April, he tried again via YouTube through the Amazon Influencer program, and this time, he got approved. He’s unsure why. The program’s FAQ page indicates they focus on metrics other than engagement.

The next stage is site placement, and this is crucial because this is where you can mess things up. You need to collect three demo videos reviewing purchased products. A human will watch them. If the quality is low, your application may be rejected. However with the Amazon Influencer program, Peterson mentioned it’s straightforward once you know what they’re looking for.

For example, if your voice quality is poor or there’s noise in the background, it might not get approved. If you make medical claims about a product, it may be rejected. And if you’re not showcasing the product correctly or it’s constantly moving around in the frame, it’s not ideal, he added.

After approval, you can upload your review videos to your storefront. The good thing is you don’t have to buy the products. As long as you’ve bought things from Amazon for your household, you can review them and upload videos.

Boosting Commissions with Amazon Influencer Program

Peterson recommends starting by making several videos; it takes him about five to ten minutes to create one. When starting, he suggests uploading around 200 videos to the platform. This increases your chances of more commissions. Peterson With the help of the Amazon Influencer program, commissions started coming in the first week of April. By the end of that month, he had uploaded around 150 videos, ranging from 18 seconds to 3 minutes. According to screenshots from his insider account, he made about $1,680 in his first month. However, he notes that it takes 60 days for commission payments to process.

Now, he spends less time and allocates about four hours a week to add extra commissions through the Amazon Influencer program. In the long run, it’s a targeted practical wisdom that can boost your commissions, but you need to purchase specific products not recommended during the learning phase. Also, as you gain expertise, brands may send you free items.

Peterson said, “Just last month, I received over $4,000 worth of free products that were sent to my house for these review videos.”

These include items like a bench press barbell, a computer keyboard, a golf umbrella, and gloves.

The key is not how much time you can spend but how quickly you can ramp up from $500 to $1,000 in your first month. However, Peterson emphasizes that assessing the program through the Amazon Influencer program takes an hour or two.

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