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Bad Bunny’s SNL Surprise: A Night to Remember with ‘Favorite Actor’ Pedro Pascal

Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal on SNL

This week, Bad Bunny had SNL viewers in stitches, and he even danced his heart out.

Bad Bunny, 29, has taken on the role of the host and musical performer for the 49th season’s second episode and was joined by the incredible guest Pedro Pascal, a former SNL host!

During his monologue, Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, introduced Pedro, who helped him translate his Spanish rap when he stumbled while performing in English, jokingly saying, “It’s not my first language.”

The two friends embraced on stage when the actor joined in, and after some more banter in Spanish, Pascal jokingly said, “They say, ‘I’m thrilled to be here with my favorite actor, Pedro Pascal.'”

Bad Bunny and Pascal’s SNL Monologue

Later on, Bad Bunny sought advice from Pascal about his monologue. The “Last of Us” actor clarified, “It’s always helpful when you make self-deprecating jokes” or “embarrassing pictures.”

Afterward, Bad Bunny revealed a hilarious image of himself lying naked under a small towel in the sun. Pascal asked, “What’s that embarrassment about?” In response, he quipped, “Because I completely blanked on getting dressed!”

Pascal then advised, “There’s no need to make it clear you’re joking about yourself, so why don’t you tell everyone what you want to say.” After that, Bad Bunny wrapped up his monologue by expressing gratitude for being on SNL and thanking his fans for their support.

Pedro Pascal’s SNL Cameo

The actor made a cameo in a comedic sketch alongside Bad Bunny, where Pascal played a mother unimpressed with her son’s “second girlfriend” brought home.

Pedro Pascal's Cameo
Pedro Pascal’s Cameo

After taking part in various skits, including one with the iconic Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones, Bad Bunny performed his hit songs, “Un Preview,” introduced by Lady Gaga during her second surprise cameo, and “Monaco,” introduced by Pascal.

Just a couple of days before his SNL appearance, Bad Bunny announced that he would be embarking on a North American tour starting in February 2024, visiting 31 cities, including Salt Lake City, Utah.

Bad Bunny’s Tour and Grammy Victory

According to a press release, each performance on Bad Bunny’s “The Most Wanted Tour” will be “an experience prepared for one-day aficionados.”

The global superstar’s tour announcement came a few days after he released his highly anticipated album, “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Pasará,” on October 13th.

His new record follows his award-winning album “Un Verano Sin Ti,” which was nominated for Best Album at the 65th Grammy Awards and won the Grammy for Best Urban Music Album.

Bad Bunny’s SNL Tradition

Bad Bunny’s SNL takeover continues the tradition of artists hosting the show, following Pete Davidson’s hosting debut last week due to the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, which initially canceled the premiere of SNL’s season.

Bad Bunny SNL Tradition
Bad Bunny SNL Tradition

Trio Kells and Taylor Swift also made a surprising and fantastic cameo in the premiere episode, and Davidson was spotted at an after-party with his new flame, Madeline Klein.

The 49th season of SNL will release its third episode on October 28th, hosted by Grammy-nominated stand-up comedian Nate Bargatze.


Bad Bunny and Pedro Pascal delivered an unforgettable SNL episode, filled with humor and entertainment. The monologue, wardrobe mishap, and Pascal’s cameo added to the laughter. Bad Bunny’s tour announcement and upcoming performances promise a fantastic experience. This episode exemplified SNL’s ability to adapt and entertain, despite challenges. Excitement for the 49th season continues to grow!

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