EndorsementBiden's UAW Endorsement Celebration in Detroit

President Joe Biden, basking in the recent endorsement by the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, is set to celebrate with UAW workers in Michigan. However, his visit to this crucial battleground state, boasting the highest density of Arab Americans, is fraught with tension over U.S. support for Israel’s war in Gaza.

Backdrop of the Visit

The backdrop of Biden’s visit includes the UAW’s emphatic endorsement, with union President Shawn Fain emphasizing Biden’s ties to the working class. This endorsement comes as a significant win for Biden, who stood alongside striking autoworkers in Michigan last year.

Arab American Community’s Concerns

Despite the celebratory atmosphere among UAW workers, there’s a growing undercurrent of discontent within the Arab American community. Biden’s endorsement and full-throated support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas have left this key voting bloc frustrated. Abdullah Hammoud, mayor of Dearborn, a prominent Arab American community, questions the absence of a meaningful conversation with a community directly affected by U.S. decisions.

Michigan’s Political Landscape

Michigan, a state that has leaned increasingly Democratic, holds immense electoral importance. Biden aims to solidify support as he looks towards the 2024 election. However, concerns loom over rising tension between Biden and Arab Americans, juxtaposed with his endorsement and strong backing from union members.

UAW Endorsement Impact

The early endorsement by the UAW signals a positive turn for Biden. A comparison with Donald Trump’s recent visit with the Teamsters underscores the strategic importance of union support in this political landscape.

Challenges in Michigan

Rep. Debbie Dingell, a staunch Biden ally, acknowledges the state’s purple status and the need to cater to diverse constituencies. Beyond the Arab American community, the focus extends to engaging young people, union members, women, and independents, recognizing the significance of Biden’s endorsement in building a broad coalition of support.

Campaign Strategies

Biden's UAW Endorsement
Campaign Strategies

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign manager, made efforts to connect with core supporter groups in Dearborn. However, a declined endorsement meeting by Arab American leaders highlights the challenges in addressing concerns amid election preparations.

Community Protest

A community rally in Dearborn voiced opposition to administration policies supporting Israel. Former Democratic state Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo emphasizes the need for a change in positions, highlighting the importance of Biden’s endorsement, rather than mere visits.

Biden’s Position on Gaza

Biden’s endorsement stance on the Gaza conflict reflects a delicate balancing act. While expressing concern about civilian casualties, he believes in Israel’s right to defend itself. Efforts are underway to negotiate a ceasefire and provide aid to Gaza.

National Prayer Breakfast

At a National Prayer Breakfast, Biden reiterated the commitment to peace and security for both Israelis and Palestinians, addressing concerns of Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, and the importance of Biden’s endorsement.

State Senator’s Perspective

Democratic State Sen. Jeremy Moss sees the situation as precarious but emphasizes the binary choice between Trump and Biden, with faith in voters recognizing Biden’s endorsement and achievements remaining a crucial factor.


In the heart of Michigan, where political landscapes shift and diverse communities converge, Biden’s celebration of the UAW endorsement takes place amid mounting tensions. The delicate balance between supporting union workers and addressing the concerns of the Arab American community underscores the intricate dance of politics in a crucial battleground.


  1. Is Biden’s UAW endorsement crucial for the upcoming election?

Ans:    The UAW endorsement signifies strong support from a significant union, crucial for Biden’s reelection bid.

  1. How does Biden plan to address the concerns of the Arab American community?

Ans:    Biden’s approach to the Arab American community’s concerns remains unclear, raising questions about the effectiveness of his current strategy.

  1. What role does Michigan play in the broader political landscape?

Ans:    Michigan, a battleground state, holds immense electoral importance and is pivotal for any candidate eyeing the presidency.

  1. Why did Arab American leaders decline to meet with Julie Chavez Rodriguez?

Ans:    Arab American leaders refused to meet, deeming the focus on the upcoming election amidst the ongoing Gaza crisis as “dehumanizing”.

  1. What steps is Biden taking to end the conflict in Gaza?

Ans:    Biden emphasizes the need for a ceasefire and active efforts to ensure peace, but the effectiveness of these steps remains uncertain.

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