Biden's Unconventional Hanoi Press Conference: 'I'm Going
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In the city of Hanoi, Vietnam, at the final session of a global press conference that was unusually filled with extraordinary statements and tangents, which was supposed to conclude the G20 Summit in New Delhi, there was a rapid and peculiar turn of events. President Joe Biden announced, “Get off the stage.” Moments later, press aides demanded to end the conference, seemingly in an effort to remove it from the stage.

It wasn’t clear whether this was between Biden’s tired demeanor or, according to media reports, his response to a question about putting American strategic interests above human rights – a question that forced White House press secretary Karen Jean Pierre to shut down the presser.

After speaking for 20 minutes in a series of tangents that included references to “John Wayne,” “Cowboys,” “Indians,” “Indians with dog faces,” or bizarre comments like “A nuclear war within the next 10 to 20 [from] 1.5 degrees above global warming,” Biden concluded the press conference, saying, “But I’ll tell you, I don’t know you, but I’m going to bed.”


A few moments later, he was asked about his thoughts on Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who attended the G20 Summit on behalf of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

We talked about the consolidation. We talked about ensuring access – it wasn’t – there was absolutely no conflict whatsoever. He came up to me. He said (inaudible) -”

Then, Jean Pierre cut off Biden while speaking on the speaker system, saying, “Thank you – thank you, everyone.”

“Thank you -” Biden responded, seemingly puzzled.

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