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President Biden’s decision to commence the campaign year at sites of national trauma underscores the dire stakes of the upcoming 2024 election. This unconventional approach aims to connect historical moments, personal grief, and national traumas to emphasize the gravity of the political landscape.

Condemning the Capitol Riot and Highlighting the Stakes

On the first leg of his journey, Biden travels to Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, invoking the Revolutionary War to condemn former President Donald Trump for the Capitol riot. This symbolic act highlights the stakes of the 2024 election, framing it as a pivotal moment for American democracy against the backdrop of historical sacrifice.

Mother Emanuel AME Church Visit

Two days later, Biden’s visit to Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston serves as a poignant reminder of the racial violence that scarred American history. This visit accentuates the stakes of the election, portraying it as a critical juncture in addressing historical injustices and fostering unity.

Campaign Strategy

Biden’s focus on national traumas aligns with his strategy of characterizing Trump as a serious threat to the nation’s founding principles. The urgency of the campaign is emphasized by Campaign Manager Julie Chavez Rodriguez, who states, “We are running a campaign like the fate of our democracy depends on it, because it does.”

Trump’s Response

In response, Trump and his campaign team intensified their counteraccusations, claiming that Biden and top Democrats are undermining democracy through legal maneuvers. This rhetorical battle further elevates the stakes, framing the election as a decisive clash of ideologies.

Biden’s Political Calling Card

Biden’s ability to channel personal grief and national traumas into calls for action becomes evident. This approach, his political calling card, reinforces the stakes of the 2024 election by linking historical struggles to the contemporary challenges faced by American democracy.

Shift in Campaign Messaging

A notable shift in Biden’s campaign messaging is observed, moving from a focus on unity in 2020 to emphasizing existential threats posed by Trump and the “Make America Great Again” movement. The stakes are no longer about bridging divides but safeguarding the very foundations of democracy.

Trump’s Controversial Rhetoric

National Trauma Sites
Trump’s Controversial Rhetoric

Biden’s reelection campaign strategically utilizes Trump’s controversial rhetoric to fortify their position. By drawing parallels with Adolf Hitler’s language, they accentuate the stakes of the election, portraying Trump as a candidate who poses a unique threat to democracy.

Potential Republican Nominee

Even if another Republican emerges victorious in the GOP primary, Biden’s team argues that the victor would align closely with Trump’s extreme positions. This assertion underscores the consistency of Biden’s campaign themes, maintaining the stakes regardless of the specific Republican nominee.

Public Concerns

The majority of Americans express concerns about the future of democracy in the upcoming election. These concerns, aligned with Biden’s narrative, reflect the deep-rooted divisions within the nation and further elevate the stakes of the 2024 election.

Roe v. Wade Anniversary

Biden’s campaign pledges to be “out in full force” to mark the Roe v. Wade anniversary, emphasizing the intertwined nature of abortion access and democracy. This aligns with Biden’s overarching narrative regarding Trump and “MAGA extremists,” further intertwining the stakes of the election with social issues.


In conclusion, Biden’s unconventional campaign kickoff at sites of national trauma serves to amplify the gravity of his message. By connecting historical struggles to the stakes of the 2024 election, he seeks to engage voters on a deeper level, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of American democracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is President Biden choosing to start the 2024 campaign year at sites of national trauma, emphasizing the stakes?

Ans:   President Biden aims to underscore the gravity of the upcoming election by revisiting historical locations linked to national traumas, emphasizing the perceived threat to American democracy.

  1. What is the significance of the Valley Forge visit?

Ans:   Biden’s visit to Valley Forge symbolically condemns the Capitol riot, framing it as an attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election. 

  1. Why is Mother Emanuel AME Church in Charleston chosen for a visit, and how does it emphasize the stakes?

Ans:   The visit to Mother Emanuel AME Church commemorates the victims of the 2015 white supremacist attack, highlighting the impact of racial violence on American history.

  1. How does Biden’s campaign team view Trump’s role in the upcoming election, and what is at stake according to them?

Ans:   Biden’s campaign team sees Trump as a serious threat to the nation’s founding principles, asserting that a second term for Trump could undermine U.S. democracy. 

  1. What is Biden’s response to Trump’s accusations of undermining democracy through legal means?

Ans:   Biden rejects Trump’s claims and emphasizes the urgency of the campaign, stating that the fate of democracy depends on their efforts. 

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