Billie Eilish’s Heartfelt Concern: Navigating Fame and Protecting Olivia Rodrigo in the Spotlight

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Talks Dark Inspiration Behind ‘Barbie’

Billie Eilish gave “Barbie” her own touch with her soft voice, and now she’s talking about the dark inspiration behind it.

“Why was I made?” the singer pondered in an interview with the LA Times published on Tuesday, where she talked about writing the hauntingly beautiful ballad for Greta Gerwig’s upcoming film with collaborator Finneas.

Billie Eilish on Fame and Seeking for Happiness

Billie Eilish, who rose to fame with the success of her debut 2019 album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?,” said that the changing dynamics in her relationships with fame have influenced the lyrics of the song. She discussed how they reflect on all the aspects of the material world over which one has no control and how it inevitably changes.

“In 2019, I felt as if I were on the moon. And I remember at that time feeling like I’m finally happy. I was never happy before, and I just wanted to be happy,” Eilish told the outlet. “I got older and became a human again and came back and couldn’t be happy all the time — had good moments and bad moments. Last year was really bad. And I’m still like, ‘God, I miss 2019. Can my life feel like that again?'”

Billie Eilish on Kurt Cobain: Fame’s Struggles

Billie Eilish mentioned that to understand the solitude that comes with fame, she turns to the late singer-songwriter Kurt Cobain, the enigmatic frontman of Nirvana who died by suicide in 1994.

“I empathize profoundly with him and his life, but it’s a place I simply can’t delve into,” expressed Eilish. “In his suicide note, he’s like, ‘I have the world of everything, and I’m so disgusted with it.’ He was so embarrassed that he was even feeling that. I grasped the reason behind his feelings. It’s not as one envisions it to be.”

Protecting Olivia Rodrigo and New Music Stars

In her conversation with LA Times, Billie Eilish also discussed the next generation of young women in the music industry, including fellow pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo. She shared her thoughts on Rodrigo, who found stardom with her debut single “Driver’s License” and contributed to Eilish’s song “Goldwing” from the 2021 album “Happier than Ever.”

Billie Eilish Protects Olivia Rodrigo from Fame's Downsides
Billie Eilish Protects Olivia Rodrigo from Fame’s Downsides

“She was maturing, and she was just like this adorable little infant,” remarked Eilish. “I was very protective. I was very worried about her. She came into this acting world, and people are weird. I don’t know — I was just very, very protective of her. And I feel that way with everyone.”

Billie Eilish: Empathizing with Young Women

While Eilish emphasized that individual experiences are unique, she feels a deep connection with young women in the public eye.

“I see only myself in all these young girls. And they are human. Boys can take care of themselves. They are friends – they don’t need to handle it like we do,” Eilish said. “I just want to pick everyone up in a little glass box and never let anything touch them ever.”

Billie Eilish clarified her stance on relationships with women in an interview with Out Magazine published on Monday.

Billie Eilish’s Complex Journey

“I really never felt like I felt as a woman in my own life, my friends, my family, deep relationships in my life are with women,” Eilish told Out. “I’m drawn to the concept, but the level of attraction I feel as a woman is incomparable.”

She added, “I’ve never felt desired. I’ve never felt like I was the desired thing. I’ve always been a ‘they’ or ‘it’ or ‘this.'”

Billie Eilish on Same-Sex Attraction

“Lose Cause” singer, who has explored her sexuality in the past, also hinted towards her experiences with same-sex attraction. However,Billie Eilish did not explicitly state whether she identifies as queer.

“In my own life, women, my life, my friends, my family, I have deep relationships with women,” Billie Eilish said. “I am physically very attracted to women. But I don’t feel the attraction towards me like a woman.”

She continued, “I acknowledge ‘they/it’ and things like that, but I have never felt like a woman.”


Billie Eilish is navigating fame, reflecting on her journey, and expressing a deep connection with the experiences of young women in the industry, all while maintaining her unique perspective on her identity and relationships.

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