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Boat Company Banned Kanye West and Bianca Censori -Inside the Controversy

Kanye West and his ‘wife’ Bianca Sensori have been placed under restriction by the Venice Tourism Motorboats company following a recent incident on one of their ships.

Rapper, who legally changed his name to ‘Ye’ in August, was seen enjoying a boat ride in Venice with Australian architect-designer Bianca Sensori at the end of August. However, certain pictures show the couple in awkward or compromising situations.

West, 46, was seen with his pants down, while Bianca Sensori, 28, was bent between his legs.

After the release of these images, the boat company issued a statement announcing that the famous couple would not be welcomed on their vessels in the foreseeable future. Both Kanye West and Bianca Sensori have been banned from using the company’s services.

Kanye West
Kanye West

A spokesperson for Venezia Turismo Motoscafi, whose notable clientele includes Lady Gaga, Harry Styles, and Beyoncé, clarified that the driver did not witness any indecency as he was focused on navigating through the water.

The statement also clearly stated that if the driver had witnessed the couple engaging in any inappropriate actions, he would have immediately informed the authorities.

“Additionally, there was a third person in the taxi, who was with Mr. and Mrs. West, and who firmly prevented the captain from taking any untoward actions,” the statement read.

“We completely disassociate ourselves from such actions and behavior. Kayne West and Bianca Sensori will not be welcome on our company’s boats,” it added.

The Independent contacted representatives of Bianca Sensori and Kanye West to request their comments.

Kanye West
Kanye West

It is reported that this couple had an unofficial ceremony earlier this year, which gained public attention when it was first seen publicly in January.

The ceremony was considered a step to strengthen their connection, happening only two months after West’s divorce from Kim Kardashian, the reality TV personality, with whom he shares four children.

Ever since achieving fame in the early 2000s with groundbreaking music releases, West, originally from Atlanta but raised in Chicago, has built a reputation for his thriving music career, earning hit records, critical acclaim, and numerous awards.

However, in recent years, West has been in the middle of controversies that have nothing to do with his music. These issues mainly arise from his increasingly

unpredictable behavior and public disagreements. You can discover a thorough timeline of his questionable or problematic actions right here.

In 2022, Adidas and Balenciaga severed ties with Kanye West over his “hateful and dangerous” remarks about Jews. One of the leading talent agencies in the United States, CAA, has also chosen to cut ties with the musician.

Over the years, Kanye West has had his social media accounts temporarily suspended (and later reinstated) multiple times due to his provocative online behavior.

In December of the previous year, West made an appearance on the Infowars show, which is hosted by the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. During the interview, West surprised viewers by openly expressing his admiration for Hitler, leaving many shocked and taken aback.

Earlier this year, he and fellow conspiracist Candace Owens wore “White Lives Matter” T-shirts during Paris Fashion Week.

Kanye West posted conspiracy theories on Instagram, including one that hinted at manipulation by Jewish individuals. When his account got suspended, Kanye West tweeted that he was gearing up for a confrontation with the Jewish community.

Kanye West
Kanye West and Bianca Censori

When questioned about the tweet in a later interview with Piers Morgan on his talk show, West affirmed that he had “absolutely no remorse” for sharing it and asserted that it was “a joke” of his own making.

Many people have strongly criticized his comments, which led other well-known figures like Lizzo and John Legend to reach out to West and make it clear that they absolutely do not support or condone any form of hatred.

In March this year, after a hiatus from Instagram, Kanye West returned to the social media platform with a post that claimed Jona Hill had turned him into “a Jew like” in the comedy film 21 Jump Street. West wrote in the caption: “Seeing Jona Hill in 21 Jump Street made me a Jew-like. Nobody should unleash anger on anyone, and it should not turn into hatred towards millions of innocent people.”

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