Brandon Stanton from Humans of New York Enters Indian Copyright Dispute

Brandon Stanton initiated Humans of New York as a photographic endeavor in 2010
Brandon Stanton started humans of New York as a photography project in 2010

A debate has ejected between the maker of the popular photo web journal Humans of New York and a comparative stage in India over issues related to copyright. In this article, we’ll investigate the points of interest of this contradiction and what it implies for both parties involved.

Humans of Bombay vs. Individuals of India: 

Humans of Bombay (HOB), a stage based in Mumbai, India, embraced a arrange comparative to the famous humans of New York (HONY) web journal, which was made by Brandon Staton in New York. HOB has been operational since 2014.

Recently,Humans  of Bombay (HOB) took legitimate activity against a more current Indian stage called Individuals of India (POI), blaming it of encroaching on their copyright. Both HOB and POI share the same concept of sharing stories approximately individuals through interviews and posts, went with by photographs.

HOB’s Allegations:

Identical Portal/Service: 

HOB claimed that Individuals of India (POI) basically reproduced their stage, portraying it as an “indistinguishable portal/service.”

Reproduction of Substance: 

HOB assist affirmed that POI had replicated a considerable number of pictures and recordings from their platform.

Legal Activity:

 Prior this month,Humans  of Bombay (HOB) heightened the matter by recording a claim within the Delhi Tall Court. This lawful activity points to address the copyright concerns raised by HOB against Individuals of India (POI).

Upcoming Hearing:

Individuals of India (POI) has been summoned to seem some time recently the Delhi Tall Court for a hearing planned for 11th October. This hearing will play a pivotal part in deciding the result of the copyright dispute.

POI’s Development:


 POI, established by Drishti Saxena in 2019, has picked up noteworthy ubiquity, bragging over two million devotees on social media platforms.

Content Similitude:

Humans  of Bombay (HOB) has charged POI of making posts that closely take after their claim. To back their claim, HOB has shared screenshots of POI’s posts that they say are nearly indistinguishable to their own.

POI’s Response:

Silent Position:

 As of presently, Individuals of India (POI) has not freely commented on the copyright claim brought against them by Humans  of Bombay (HOB).

Social Media Activity:


Brandon Stanton initiated Humans of New York as a photographic endeavor in 2010

In spite of the continuous lawful issue, POI proceeds to share posts on Instagram, keeping up an dynamic nearness on the stage. Furthermore, they as of late opened an account on X, once in the past known as Twitter.

Brandon Stanton’s Involvement:

Stanton’s Comment: 

The copyright debate picked up noteworthy consideration in India when Brandon Stanton, the maker of humans of New York (HONY), shared his considerations on the matter on X.

Stanton’s Absolution:

 Stanton communicated that he had not taken lawful activity against humans of Bombay (HOB) in spite of what he called the “allotment of my work” since he believed that HOB shared critical stories.

Monetization Concern: 

Stanton too famous that humans of Bombay (HOB) had monetized their work to a more prominent degree than he felt comfortable doing with humans New York (HONY).

Stanton’s Comments and HOB’s Response:

Stanton’s Shocking Comments:

The Brandon Stanton’s comments with respect to the copyright debate between humans of Bombay (HOB) and Individuals of India (POI). Stanton’s comments were unforeseen since he pardoned HOB for their activities instead of supporting his New York-based extend, humans of New  York (HONY).

HOB’s Response:

Humans of Bombay (HOB) responded unequivocally to Stanton’s comments, communicating stun at what they called a “enigmatic ambush” on their endeavors to ensure their mental property. They proposed that Stanton ought to have accumulated more data some time recently commenting.



Backlash Against Individuals of India (POI):

Public Feedback: 

The Individuals of India (POI) confronted backfire from numerous individuals in India who saw their claim as misleading. A few pointed out that HOB utilized the same tagline as HONY, which is “one story at a time,” on their X page. This closeness raised questions almost the authenticity of POI’s copyright claims.

Questions Approximately Copyright:

Some individuals questioned the copyright laws that HOB followed when they used the stories of the people they interviewed for their platform. This revision made the situation more complicated.

Conflicts of 2019:

This lines dives into a discussion including HOB from 2019. Amid that time, HOB confronted feedback for distributing a five-part meet with Indian Prime Serve Narendra Modi fair ahead of the national races. This occasion raised concerns around the platform’s fair-mindedness and journalistic integrity.

HOB’s Expression of Gratitude:

Sunday’s Post on X:

 The  humans  of Bombay (HOB) posted on X communicating appreciation to Humans of New York (HONY) and Brandon Stanton for starting the narrating development. This articulation recognizes the positive affect of HONY on their possess work.

HOB Clarifies Its Stand:

Intellectual Property Center: 

The humans  of Bombay (HOB) endeavored to clarify its position within the copyright debate. They emphasized that their case was almost ensuring the mental property rights of their posts and was not related to the act of narrating itself.

Stanton’s Statement:

Brandon Stanton, the maker of Humans of New York (HONY), discharged a explanation on Monday. In this explanation, Stanton uncovered that he had not gotten any money related recompense for the stories highlighted on HONY within the past 13 a long time, in spite of various offers.

Support for the Concept:

Stanton communicated his openness to anybody using the narrating concept to communicate something important and wonderful almost their community. In any case, he made it clear that he did not resound with those who utilized it simply to construct a certain way of life for themselves.

HOB’s Commerce Model:

Insights from an Meet: 

The experiences from an meet with Karishma Mehta, the author of humans  of Bombay (HOB). In this meet, conducted prior within the year with an Indian YouTube channel, Mehta clarified that HOB worked as a commerce. They created income through promoting and collaborated with conspicuous brands such as Amazon, WhatsApp, and Unilever for different campaigns.

Brandon Stanton’s Amazing Reach:

Social Media Taking after:

The  critical reach of Brandon Stanton’s venture, humans of New York (HONY). HONY gloats a enormous taking after, with over 20 million adherents over prevalent social media stages such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Bestselling Books: 

Stanton’s work has been highlighted in top rated books like “humans  of New York: Stories,” underlining the project’s affect and popularity.

Philanthropic Efforts:

Using the Stage for Great:

The HONY and Stanton are known for more than fair storytelling. They’ve utilized their stage to raise stores for the humans  they profile and for different charitable causes, counting helping tropical storm victims in the Joined together States and helping Rohingya refugees.

One-Man Magnanimity Machine: 

In 2022, New York Magazine alluded to Brandon Stanton as a “one-man magnanimity machine,” recognizing his exceptional endeavors in leveraging HONY for charitable purposes.

Inspiring Comparable Projects:

Global Affect:

 Stanton’s venture has motivated comparative stages in cities and nations around the world. This illustrates the worldwide reach and impact of humans  of New York.

Stanton’s Appreciation for Others:

Humans of Amsterdam Extend: 

Stanton’s later post on a Saturday communicated his adoration for the humans of Amsterdam extend run by Debra Barraud. He lauded her for remaining genuine to the craftsmanship of narrating and not seeing the stories she offers as simply a commerce endeavor.

In summary, Brandon Stanton, the maker of humans of New York, faces a copyright debate with humans  of Bombay (HOB) and Individuals of India (POI). HOB affirms substance impersonation by POI, with a court hearing ahead. Stanton’s comments highlight substance similitude and monetization concerns.

The HOB vs. POI copyright clash, including Stanton’s perspective. POI remains calm in the midst of open backfire and proceeds social media posts. HOB communicates appreciation for HONY’s inspiration.

The aftermath of Stanton’s comments within the HOB-POI copyright debate. It digs into HOB’s reaction, POI’s challenges, copyright debates, and past HOB contentions. Stanton’s point of view and HOB’s appreciation are highlighted.

This dives more profound into the copyright debate, emphasizing HOB’s mental property security position. Stanton uncovers his unpaid narrating, supporting community-focused narrating. HOB’s income era through publicizing and brand collaborations includes context.

Brandon Stanton’s HONY victory with a endless social media taking after and magnanimous endeavors. HONY’s worldwide impact motivates comparative ventures. Stanton’s recent admiration for the humans of Amsterdam extend underscores his narrating commitment.

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