Breaking: 90 Day Fiancé's Paul Staehle.

Breaking: 90 Day Fiancé’s Paul Staehle Missing After Sending Alarming Texts

The Family Is Worried

The Star Family, residents of the house, is deeply concerned. They fear that something grave might have happened to Paul Steel, their 90-day fiancé, on August 31, 2023. He sent some ominous messages, and then he disappeared.

Kerin’s Revelation on Instagram 

Kerin Martinez, his partner, informed everyone on her Instagram page that neither she nor the Star Family had heard from Paul for quite some time. Their online meeting took place when he decided to seek love outside his hometown in Kentucky. In “90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days,” they revealed, “Locally, I’ve had no luck with past relationships. I’ve been deceived. I’ve experienced unfaithful girlfriends – lots of negativity, tumultuous things. Burning, as it often affects anyone.”

No Quiet Days for Paul and Kerin

The relationship between Paul and Kerin has never been devoid of drama, including domestic misconduct and scandals. They tied the knot in Brazil in November 2017 and welcomed their son, Pierre, in March 2019.”At that moment, Paul shared with US Weekly that he was feeling extremely “I’m feeling really excited and motivated. I have a strong urge to do my best and make everything perfect.”

“If you or someone you care about is dealing with domestic violence, please remember that there is support available. You can get confidential help by calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-SAFE (7233).”

Becoming a Father Again

“Paul shared, ‘People often wonder, what it’s like to become a dad.”Anyone can become a father, but going through the daily motions of being a dad will be a new experience. I’m very happy, very respectful, and very grateful, and I want to make sure I give my all for Pierre.” As their first child approached two years old, their second son, Ethan, arrived in February 2021. Now, the family is concerned that he’s missing in the Amazon.

Is Paul Steel Still Missing?

Is Paul Steel still missing? Yes. According to his wife, Kerin, who was in the USA when he went missing, neither she nor her mother has heard from him since August 31, 2023.

90 Day Fiancé's Paul Staehle

Kerin’s Instagram Posts

On Thursday, Kerin shared an emotional post with pictures of Paul and their children, reflecting on their past: “💔 Not all our memories were bad. Our children loved you so much. We will never forget you or those good memories we all shared.” She clarified her story, “Paul was lost in Brazil last night. He is safe by prayers.” She further explained, “Hello, everyone. I can’t give more information right now because we don’t have anything concrete to tell about where Paul is,” and continued, “It’s not a joke. I lost contact when the messages stopped telling me everything.”

Paul’s Mother’s Account

Paul’s mother, Edna, told TMZ that he was traveling in Brazil since late July, but he had sent some worrying messages.“She shared, ‘We’ve heard that Paul reached out to his mother, asking for her assistance, explaining that he’s lost in a South American country.'” She mentioned needing a boat and provided some information about people he said could help him. The site reported, “Edna says Paul’s phone is dead… She can’t contact him, and it seems his phone is either turned off, lost signal, or the battery is dead.”

Paul’s Texts

A friend shared screenshots of text messages on Instagram with Edna’s permission. They are as follows — when he shared his location, showing himself in the middle of the Amazon Jungle:

Paul: I’m lost.

 Edna: Who are you with, and how did you get lost? 

Paul: I messed up [sic].

 Edna: It seems you’re not as cautious and careful as before. How? Can Easy or Auntie help you? Have you filed a complaint? Who are you with?

 Paul: Contact them; I need help.

 Edna: Who? And why don’t you?? 

Paul: I’m trying.

 Edna: You need to do it now. 

Paul: I need a boat to return.

 Edna: They can’t give you a boat, and why would you go alone, which is very foolish? 

Paul: Mom, my phone will die, my GPS will die [sic].

 Edna: Call them now!!!

 Paul: Please.

 Edna: Who are you with?

 Paul: Alone.

 Edna: Sorry, I messaged you, wrong timing… 

Paul: Try calling them!!!

 Edna: I’ve tried all the names, no response, left messages.

Second Disappearance

“This isn’t the first time Paul has disappeared.”In July 2022, he and his son, Pierre, were missing for a week before returning safely to their home in Kentucky. He had raised suspicions of kidnapping his own child, insisting that they were on a long business trip since early June.

Troubled Past for Paul and Kerin

Paul and Kerin’s relationship became public when videos of their tumultuous ties in Brazil surfaced. They separated when the videos were leaked, but they reconciled in April 2023, announcing that they are back together.

Potential Pregnancy

If Kerin’s Instagram stories are to be believed, she may be pregnant again, as she posted about her missing husband immediately after, and she was baby bump-free while Paul was missing, as she always has been.

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