Breast Implants: A Surprising Lifesaver in the Face Vaping.

Breast Implants: A Surprising Lifesaver in the Face of Vaping, Flu, and Double Lung Transplant

The Life-Saving Story of Double Breast Implants  During Surgery

During surgery, doctors at Chicago’s Northwestern Medicine took an innovative approach to stabilise Dave Bauer’s heart using double breast implants. Bauer, a 34-year-old man, found himself in a life-or-death situation after battling vaping and catching the flu. His condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was on the brink, according to Dr. Ankit Bharat, Chief of Thoracic Surgery and Director of the Lung Institute at Northwestern.

A Healthy Past “breast implants”

Dave Bauer had enjoyed good health for years. He worked in landscaping in Desoto, Mo., and indulged in hobbies like skateboarding and snowboarding. He even crafted his vaping liquids for nearly a decade, considering it a “healthier alternative” to smoking, equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, according to a National Library of Medicine study. But in early April, Bauer, who had never had the flu, fell seriously ill.

A Race Against Time

His girlfriend, Susan Gore, recalled, “She took me to the ER,” Bauer said. “I vaguely recall visiting the emergency room. Then I woke up here in Chicago with new lungs.” While hospitalised, Bauer contracted a dangerous infection, Pseudomonas, a bacteria causing infections that are challenging to treat due to antibiotic resistance.

The Unconventional Solution

With Bauer almost on the brink of death, the medical team at Northwestern devised a new method to remove his completely damaged lungs and provide his body with an opportunity to fight the infection – enter breast implants.

“We had to get creative with a singular purpose – finding a logical solution that could offer the patient a fighting chance,” Dr. Bharat explained.

The Procedure

On May 26, the medical team performed a groundbreaking surgery. They removed all of Bauer’s old lungs and, after eliminating the severely damaged lungs, placed double breast implants all around his heart to stabilise it.

“Although breast implants are amazing, believing in them was only a small portion of the total picture, perhaps from a medical perspective. They were primarily used to stabilise the heart,” Dr. Bharat described.

A Miraculous Recovery

The doctors observed almost magical results. When we removed all of his old lungs, it was nearly wonderful to witness… His body began to show symptoms of recovery in a matter of hours,” Dr. Bharat said. “His heart started getting stronger without all the bacteria.”

A Second Chance at Life

Bauer was on the path to recovery. “I thought it was a joke,” he said when he was told he had been saved. “I am grateful,” his girlfriend, Gore, told people. Bauer is still in Chicago, where his treatment is being tailored to his specific needs. He is returning to the hospital for regular therapies and check-ups.

He also advocates against vaping, stating, “It’s hindsight 20/20. I can see how stupid it was. Definitely.” In Dr. Bharat’s personal opinion, vaping played a significant role in Bauer’s illness because he was young and healthy.” Clean air, not smoke, is intended to be breathed by designs.  They were not designed for smoking,” he emphasised.

A Unique Challenge in Lung Transplants: Bauer’s Extraordinary Journey

Lung Transplant ,Breast-Implants

Lung transplants usually come with a permanent condition, such as emphysema or cystic fibrosis, which progresses over time. Doctors can plan, patients can work on improving their health, and they can wait for a suitable donor. In this scenario, doctors remove a person’s damaged lungs when they have a donor and immediately replace them. However, this was not the case with Bauer.

Critical Condition

He faced severe lung failure. There was no time to wait for a donor match, yet he was too ill to go through the usual transplant procedure. “No one actively dying and as sick as Dave, like the way he was, typically has no transplant option, and they usually just die,” Bharat said. “We had to come up with something that we had never done before, with practical wisdom.”

Breast Implant ,Lungs

Bharat has a history of successful lung transplants, even in patients with severe infections and those in the final stages of cancer. In June 2020, he and Northwestern Medicine surgeons performed the first double lung transplant on a COVID-19 patient in the United States, saving the patient and discharging them from the hospital. Similar methods could be applied here, incorporating innovative techniques inspired by medical advancements like breast implant procedures.

A Personal Victory

As Bauer continues his recovery, he tells people, “I feel more alive than I have since all of this started. I’m just getting started and starting to help around the house, inspired by the resilience I’ve seen in patients undergoing breast implant surgeries.”

Gore laughed and remarked, “I can’t wait for him to start helping around the house. “I think new lungs are a good excuse, just like people find reasons to opt for breast implant surgeries, enhancing their confidence and self-esteem.”

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