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Brussels Manhunt: Belgium Seeks Suspect in 2 Swedish Citizens’ Killing

Brussels Terror Attack

In Brussels, in a terrorist attack, a suspected armed individual is on the run after killing two Swedish citizens. This is because Belgian authorities have ramped up security to protect a large number of football fans, as Belgium is hosting the Euro 2024 qualifying football game between Sweden and Belgium at the King Baudouin Stadium in Brussels, which is just 3 miles (5 kilometers) away from Brussels, forcing the match to be played in half-time.

Islamic State Claim in Belgium

In a video posted on social media, an individual claimed to be armed and associated with the “Islamic State.” A spokesperson for the Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office stated that mentioning the nationality of the victims was a possible trigger for the attacker.

He went on to explain, “Currently, there is no sign of any link to the Israel-Palestine situation. Based on facts and claims, immediate security measures have been taken to provide as much protection as possible to Swedish football fans,” said spokesperson Eric Van Der Sypt during a press conference.

Protests and Security Concerns

This deadly shooting occurred after protests in Sweden and Denmark following Quran burnings, which led to demonstrations in Muslim-majority countries. Security concerns have heightened, and both Scandinavian countries are now contemplating whether they need to reconsider their liberal laws regarding freedom of expression.

Belgian authorities have strongly condemned this attack. Belgium’s Foreign Minister, Hadja Lahbib, posted on Twitter, which was formerly known as X, “I am appalled by the terrorist attack that claimed two lives in the heart of Brussels, she urged the mobilization of all essential resources to counter extremism. “Our thoughts are with the victims, their families, and our police force.”

Brussels Security Heightened

Following this attack, the threat level for terrorism in Brussels was raised to the highest level 4, and the French Ministry of the Interior stated that it had strengthened checks on the French-Belgian border. Police presence on the streets of Brussels has been intensified to ensure security, as Mayor Philippe Close posted on X.

Brussels Security
Brussels Security

Close stated, “Following the gunfire in Brussels, with the cooperation of the Minister of the Interior, police services are actively ensuring the security of our government district and its surroundings.” “I am in the midst of this crisis… we strongly encourage vigilance from the residents of Brussels.”

Belgium’s Leaders Respond

In a post on X, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo expressed deep condolences to the victims of this cowardly attack. “I am closely monitoring the situation in collaboration with the Ministers of Justice and Interior. We are vigilant regarding the situation and advise the people of Brussels to stay cautious.”

The Crisis Center of the country also posted on X, requesting people not to share images or videos of the incident “out of respect” for the victims.


  • Why was security increased in Brussels?   

Security was heightened due to a terrorist attack during a football match hosted by Belgium, where two Swedish citizens were killed.   

  • Was there a claim of responsibility for the attack?   

Yes, an individual claimed responsibility in a social media  videotape, uniting with the” Islamic State.”   

  • Was there a connection to the Israel- Palestine situation?   

As of now, there’s no sign of any link to the Israel- Palestine situation.   

  • How have authorities responded to the  jacked  security  enterprises?   

The  trouble  position for terrorism in Brussels was raised to Level 4, and police presence was increased. Authorities are  prompting alerts from the  residents.   

  • What is the government’s  station on freedom of expression in light of recent events?

The incident has  urged  conversations about the balance between freedom of expression and security, especially following  demurrers in Sweden and Denmark. 


The terrorist attack in Brussels, amid heightened security for a football match, has  urged  enterprises and  communication. This  woeful incident underlines the  significance of striking a balance between security and freedom of expression, particularly in the face of rising pressures. As we mourn the loss of two Swedish citizens, alert and  transnational solidarity remain  pivotal in the fight against extremism.

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