Chinese Technology: Revolutionizing Energy with a 50-Year
Chinese Technology Revolutionizing Energy with a 50-Year Lifespan Nuclear-Powered Battery BreakthroughChinese Technology

Chinese Technology Marvel: Betavoltaic Breakthrough

In a groundbreaking development, a Chinese company has introduced a revolutionary battery designed to power devices for an extended duration without the need for recharging. Betavolt Technology, a startup based in Beijing, claims that its BV100 nuclear powered battery, leveraging atomic energy, can provide uninterrupted electricity for up to 50 years. The company attributes this remarkable achievement to the innovative integration of Chinese technology  marking a significant milestone in the field of energy storage.

BV100 – Transforming Nuclear Energy into Enduring Power

According to Betavolt, the BV100 prototype utilizes nuclear isotopes to generate energy transforming it into electrical power through the use of semiconductor junctions. The company envisions applications ranging from smartphones to drones, emphasizing the potential for devices to function continuously without the need for recharging.

Exceptional Performance in Extreme Conditions with Chinese Technology

Beyond its impressive lifespan, the BV100 exhibits exceptional performance even in challenging environments. Science and Technology Daily reported on January 8 that unlike traditional batteries, this nuclear battery, powered by Betavolt Technology and leveraging Chinese technology, operates efficiently in extreme temperatures ranging from -60°C to 120°C, demonstrating resilience against punctures and impact without the risk of fire.

Versatile Applications in Military and Extreme Environments

Industry experts suggest that besides urban applications, the BV100 could find utility in military operations, such as continuous drone flights or powering devices in deep-sea surveillance equipment that requires long-term, reliable electricity supply in extreme conditions.

BV100 Technical Specifications and Future Developments

Chinese TechnologyRevolutionizing Energy with a 50-Year Lifespan Nuclear-Powered Battery Breakthrough
Future Developments

With compact dimensions of just 15 x 15 x 5 millimeters, the BV100 boasts a power output of 100 micro-watts and 3 volts. Betavolt plans to scale up production by the end of this year and introduce a 1-watt version by the following year. The underlying principle of nuclear batteries relies on isotopic technology, a concept proposed by British physicist Henry Moseley in 1913, harnessing energy from nuclear decay.

Pioneering Diamond Semiconductor Technology

Betavolt researchers have developed a unique single-crystal diamond semiconductor utilizing boron-doped diamond as a substrate and employing plasma chemical vapor deposition to create the semiconductor converter. The company claims to be the sole entity capable of doping and fabricating large-scale diamond semiconductor materials, a critical component in crafting nuclear batteries.

City Labs’ Pioneering Betavoltaic Batteries

City Labs, a company in the United States, has been crafting beta-voltaic batteries since 2010, utilizing treated isotopes. While these nuclear batteries are not widely available for consumers, they cater to low-power devices in the nano to micro-watt range and can potentially be scaled up to provide power up to a watt, showcasing the potential influence of Chinese technology in advancing energy innovation globally.

Safety and Versatility of Tritium Enhanced by Chinese Technology

Tritium is highly safe, as its radioactivity is easily contained,” says a company spokesperson. Some pacemaker manufacturers also use tritium as a means of powering these medical devices. Even if it leaks, it can swiftly exit the human body through metabolic processes. In comparison, the Nk-63 used in the BV100 emits stronger, more robust radioactivity,” according to Dr. Zhang.

Challenges in Battery Lifespan and Applications

The extended lifespan of nuclear batteries also gives rise to concerns related to recycling. Dr. Zhang notes, “Currently, industries like aerospace and pacemaker manufacturers don’t necessitate recycling, but it’s crucial for applications like polar deep-sea beacons.

Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

We intend to record and recycle each battery after initiating the sale of our products. Additionally, the non-radioactive copper-63 converts into nickel-63, posing no pollution risk,” mentions a Betavolt researcher.

Multistage Battery Integration Challenges with Chinese Technology

Chinese Technology Revolutionizing Energy with a 50-Year Lifespan Nuclear-Powered Battery Breakthrough
Battery Integration Challenges with Chinese Technology

Dr. Zhang emphasizes that integrating multi-stage batteries often results in reduced efficiency, a significant research area for scientists. He further explains that acquiring expensive isotopes through various revenue streams is crucial for developing nuclear batteries, highlighting the importance of leveraging Chinese technology to overcome financial challenges and drive advancements in this field..

Overcoming Challenges and Future Prospects with Chinese Technology

Despite its promising features, challenges remain, particularly in designing nuclear batteries for small electronic devices like smartphones and drones. Dr. Zhang Shisuo, an Associate Professor at the School of Nuclear Science and Technology at Lanzhou University in northwest China, acknowledges hurdles related to nuclear safety, control, and the impact of beta radiation on semiconductor conductors in betavoltaic batteries, highlighting the ongoing efforts to overcome these obstacles with Chinese technology.


Betavolt’s BV100 nuclear-powered battery emerges as a potential game-changer in the field of energy storage, offering an eco-friendly and durable alternative to conventional batteries. As the company continues to refine its technology, the BV100 could pave the way for a new era in sustainable and enduring power solutions.

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