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3 Scary True Christmas Night Horror Stories

First Story: Christmas Night

On Christmas night, when I was just 11 years old, I vividly recall the heightened anticipation that woke me in the middle of the night. It had become a yearly ritual for me to be the first in my family to greet Christmas Morning. However, that particular year marked a shift in my perspective, making me wish I had lingered in bed a few hours more.

Unable to contain my excitement, I sat up and reached for the small TV at the end of my bed, hoping to pass the time until morning. Like any child of that age, my thoughts were consumed by the imminent presence of Christmas night gifts. I tuned into the television for a few minutes, only to hastily mute it as a faint sound caught my attention.

Christmas Night
Christmas Night

A profound silence enveloped the room as I strained to listen intently. The tranquility shattered when the unmistakable sound of footsteps echoed through the living room. Unable to suppress my curiosity, I surmised it must be either my mom or dad, presenting an opportunity to get a head start on the Christmas night festivities.

Without a second thought, I leaped out of bed, flinging open my bedroom door, and excitedly darted into the living room, exclaiming “Merry Christmas!” The jubilant words, however, hung incomplete in the air as I halted abruptly. Positioned at the far end of the hallway, I not only caught sight of the beautifully adorned tree and the array of presents but also laid eyes on an unexpected figure in the living room — a figure that was decidedly not my parents.

Christmas night

I froze in the dimly lit hallway, my eyes widening as I caught sight of a mysterious figure standing tall before me. The man, clad entirely in black, seemed to materialize from the shadows, sending a shiver down my spine. Panic set in as I attempted to call for help, but an inexplicable silence gripped my vocal cords.

As the enigmatic intruder pivoted to face me, an unsettling smile played upon his lips. His black-gloved hands extended towards me, a gesture both ominous and threatening. Through the thick dark beard that framed his face, I glimpsed a malevolent glint in his eyes.

Attempting to assert control, the stranger drew closer, his movements deliberate and eerie. He leaned in, the proximity intensifying my fear. An overwhelming sense of dread engulfed me as he made a furtive attempt to lay his hands on my shoulder.

Summoning the last reservoir of courage, I unleashed a piercing scream that echoed through the stillness. Startled, the man recoiled momentarily, giving me a fleeting sense of triumph. Yet, the respite was short-lived, for he swiftly recalibrated his approach upon realizing the impending risk of my parents awakening.

In a sudden Surge Of Terror, he lunged at me once more. His hand clamped down on the back of my neck with an unnerving strength, while the other covered my mouth, stifling any further cries for help. Tears welled in my eyes as I struggled desperately to break free, but the vice-like grip held firm.

Confounded and paralyzed by fear, I remained uncertain of the man’s sinister intentions. The eerie encounter unfolded in the silent darkness, leaving me trapped in a nightmarish struggle against an unseen threat.

In the midst of the harrowing experience, the intruder, realizing he was unexpectedly caught, began to panic. Frantically scanning the surroundings, he assessed the situation and, after a tense moment of silence, turned his attention back to the terrified narrator. In an attempt to avoid further commotion, the intruder, with a menacing tone, assured the narrator that if they remained silent, he would swiftly grab his bag and leave without causing harm. Fearing for their safety and that of their family, the narrator nodded in agreement, reluctantly preparing to let the intruder take their belongings and escape.

Fortunately, the unexpected heroics of the narrator’s father intervened. Apparently awakened by the commotion, the narrator’s dad burst out of the bedroom, taking charge of the situation. He swiftly grabbed the narrator, propelling them into the hallway, where the narrator’s mom promptly pulled them into the safety of their bedroom. With a surge of protective determination, the father pursued the intruder, chasing him out of the house and away from the family.

The timely intervention led to the involvement of law enforcement, who arrived shortly thereafter. A thorough search of the vicinity ensured the intruder wasn’t hiding nearby. Strikingly, it was discovered that the intruder had abandoned his bag during the hasty retreat. Upon inspection, the bag contained not only some of the presents intended for the narrator but also various items pilfered from a neighbor’s house.

The police, diligent in their investigation, checked on the neighbors, confirming their well-being. Astonishingly, the neighbors were oblivious to the intrusion. Reflecting on the incident, the narrator realized that, had they not woken up on that Christmas morning, the covert break-in might have gone unnoticed.

The profound impact of the ordeal reshaped the family’s Christmas night traditions. Instead of the parents waking the narrator up on Christmas morning, a poignant reversal occurred, symbolizing the resilience and strength that emerged from that fateful Christmas night. Meanwhile, a parallel narrative unfolds as another family prepares for Christmas, unaware of the unexpected dangers that loom on the horizon.

2nd Story : Christmas Night

In the midst of the Christmas night preparations, my wife and I were busy setting up our home to create the perfect illusion that Santa had paid us a visit. Amidst the festive hustle and bustle, I neglected my phone, not paying it much attention. However, when I finally took a moment to check it, I was met with surprise as a text message from our neighbor across the street grabbed my attention.

The message, seemingly out of the ordinary as our neighbor wasn’t one to reach out through text, was a request from him, John. He inquired about where we had procured our Santa Claus figure and requested an estimate. According to him, his wife had seen a Santa-like figure on our porch and assumed we had hired him to bring joy to our son, Ethan. The confusion set in immediately as I had no knowledge of any hired Santa.

In response to John’s text, I queried, “What are you talking about?” Several minutes later, he clarified, explaining that the Santa he referred to had stopped by our house. His wife had witnessed a man dressed as Santa on our porch, leading them to assume we had arranged for this festive visit for Ethan. John went on to request a link to the website we supposedly used to hire this Santa.

Perplexed by this revelation, I found myself in a state of confusion. I hadn’t hired anyone to visit our home as we were on a tight budget at the time. Turning to my wife for clarification, she too was at a loss, having no knowledge of the Santa encounter. Together, we attempted to unravel the mystery that unfolded on our doorstep, searching for an explanation to this unexpected and puzzling Christmas night tale.

As we pondered over who might have sent the mysterious text, my wife suggested that it could be a playful anagram or some prank orchestrated by a co-worker or friend that we inadvertently missed. Brushing it off as a potential joke, we returned to the task at hand—wrapping presents in eager anticipation of Christmas night.

However, the festive atmosphere took an eerie turn when we heard a peculiar noise emanating from our son Ethan’s room. Although I initially assumed it was merely the sound of Ethan shifting in his bed, a sense of caution prompted me to investigate. Worried that his innocent curiosity might lead him to the living room, spoiling the surprise of his presents, I quietly treaded down the hallway.

Opening the door to Ethan’s room, I found him peacefully asleep in bed. My attention then shifted to the Christmas night stand, where he had left a note for Santa. Contemplating the best way to sneak in and take note without waking him, a subtle movement caught my eye. Turning my gaze towards Ethan’s window, I initially perceived nothing out of the ordinary.

However, persistent observation unveiled two small foggy marks on the windowpane, almost as if someone’s face had pressed against it. In an attempt to reassure myself, I reasoned that Ethan might have innocently peered outside to check for snowfall. Yet, harboring a lingering unease, I decided to investigate further.

I approached the front door and informed my wife that I intended to take a quick stroll around the house. Stepping into the darkness, I found minimal illumination, with the only lights emanating from neighboring Christmas night decorations. As I circled the house towards Ethan’s window, I scrutinized the surroundings for any signs of irregularity or unwelcome presence.

I cautiously made my way through the entire house, meticulously checking each shadow, my senses on high alert. Despite not spotting anything unusual, a palpable unease lingered as I reached the back door. My heart raced with a mix of anticipation and anxiety. Swiftly scanning the yard, I found nothing amiss, allowing a fleeting sense of relief to wash over me.

Returning inside, my wife and I completed our preparations for bed, the clock ticking past 2 a.m. Aware that our son, Ethan, possessed an uncanny ability to rise at 5:00 a.m. every Christmas morning, we attempted to steal a few hours of much-needed sleep. I closed my eyes, hoping fatigue would usher me into unconsciousness. However, my respite was short-lived as my cell phone abruptly pierced the silence with its insistent ringing.

Disoriented, I stumbled to the dresser on the opposite side of the room, only to find the call had concluded by the time I reached it. Glancing at the phone’s screen, I noticed it was our neighbor calling again. Concerned, I hastily checked for any missed messages but before I could do so, the phone rang once more.

I answered anxiously, inquiring about our neighbor’s well-being. The horror in his voice was palpable as he relayed that something was terribly wrong. Urging me to contact the police, he divulged the shocking revelation—I had forgotten to unplug the Christmas lights, and upon venturing outside, he had spotted an ominous figure by Ethan’s window.

Panic set in, and I turned to my wife, urgently signaling for her to dial 911. In a rush, I interrogated our neighbor about the person he had seen by Ethan’s window, his response sending shivers down my spine. A man, inexplicably dressed as Santa, had been standing outside, casting a sinister shadow over what was supposed to be a joyous Christmas night.

I hesitated for a moment at the front door, my instincts urging me to retrace my steps. Ignoring the chill creeping down my spine, I sprinted down the hallway to check on my son. Bursting into his room, I found him seated on his bed, hurriedly pulling on his boots. Bewildered, I asked, “What are you doing, buddy?”

His innocent eyes met mine as he explained that Santa had spoken to him, promising a journey to the North Pole to witness the sleigh. A sinking feeling gnawed at my stomach as I glanced at the window, noticing it was once again fogged up.

In the midst of this perplexing situation, my wife entered the room, absorbed in a call with the police. They were en route to our house, prompted by our neighbor’s alert. The man in the Santa suit had vanished by the time they arrived, leaving behind a cloud of uncertainty. Our neighbor reported seeing him sprinting down the road, followed by the swift departure of an old SUV. The police, with a tinge of urgency, explained that we were fortunate our neighbor had acted promptly. If our son had ventured outside, the risk of the mysterious man taking him remained very real, a chilling realization that left us shaken.

Despite not being a religious person, the gravity of the situation lingered. It underscored the vulnerability of our most cherished moments, urging us to grapple with the stark reality that danger could lurk even in the magic of Christmas night.

3nd Story : Christmas Night
In my desperate attempt to reclaim the package, convinced it held my eagerly awaited new computer, I took a determined step forward. Stretching out my hands to grab it, the man in possession of the package skillfully evaded me, taking a step back and pulling the prized possession out of my reach. Before I could make another attempt, a sudden and forceful impact struck my back. Startled, I turned around to discover two additional individuals emerging from the car that had occupied my parking space.

Backing away from the escalating confrontation, I tried to diffuse the tension, insisting that it was all a misunderstanding and expressing my sole desire to retrieve my package. Despite my attempts to reason with them, my pleas fell on deaf ears. The man with the package maneuvered to the opposite side of the car, and the two accomplices advanced menacingly towards me.

Thrown to the ground, I instinctively sought to shield my face as the relentless stomping ensued. The pain intensified, feeling as though someone were mercilessly jumping up and down on my rib cage, until eventually, it overwhelmed me, and I succumbed to unconsciousness.


The sequence of events following that painful moment remains a blur. When my eyes finally opened, their car had vanished, along with mine. Struggling to rise from the cold driveway, I surveyed the aftermath of the attack. They had not only stolen my package, but also my keys, wallet, and phone. Shaken and disoriented, I stumbled towards the porch, the site of the initial confrontation, fumbling for the spare key I kept hidden outside. With trembling hands, I called the police, recounting the traumatic incident and reporting the theft of my belongings.

After reporting the theft of my belongings, I provided a detailed description of the car the thieves had left in my driveway to the officer. However, the officer, being candid, admitted that the chances of recovering my stolen package were minimal. Despite this, my primary concern had shifted to the safety of my car at that point.

The officer then elaborated on the severity of the situation, emphasizing that I was fortunate to be alive. He shared a harrowing account of a similar incident from the previous Christmas night, where a robbery had taken a tragic turn, resulting in the loss of the victim’s life. This revelation left a profound impact on me.

Since that fateful year, I’ve adopted a cautious approach, consciously limiting the number of packages I order during the holiday season. The officer’s grim account served as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with holiday thefts, prompting me to prioritize personal safety over material possessions during this festive time.

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