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Cowboys vs. Chargers Live Highlights from Monday Night Football

The Cowboys are reeling from a recent loss to the San Francisco 49ers in Week 5, while the Chargers bid farewell to their winning streak. Notable in this matchup is Chargers’ QB Justin Herbert,

who boasts a remarkable 7-to-1 touchdown-interception ratio in Monday night contests against some of the NFL’s most formidable defenses. On the other side of the field, the Cowboys have managed to secure 11 takeaways in their last five games.

Key Moments from the Game:

Fourth-Quarter Drama: The Los Angeles Chargers capitalized on a successful challenge and completed a drive with a 1-yard touchdown pass to TE Gerald Everett, knotting the score at 17.

Muffed Punt! The Chargers successfully challenged a play, gaining possession of the ball in the red zone, which subsequently led to an illegal touch penalty against Dallas.

Touchdown! A pinpoint pass from Prescott found Brandon Cooks in the end zone, granting the Cowboys a 7-point lead early in the fourth quarter.

Back at You! The Chargers quickly retaliated, tying the score 7-7 with less than seven minutes remaining in the first quarter.

Red Zone Action: Kellen Allen secured his fourth touchdown of the season, and a 1-yard TD pass by Justin Herbert propelled the Chargers to an early lead on the scoreboard.

Extra Point: Cameron Dicker’s successful extra point gave the Chargers a lead of more than seven points in the first quarter.

Before the clash between the Chargers and Cowboys commenced, tempers flared as both teams fervently pursued a Monday Night Football victory. Notably, the Dallas Cowboys find themselves facing Keelan Moore, a familiar face who played a pivotal role with the team over the last four years.

Moore now serves as the play-caller and architect for the Chargers’ offense, while the Cowboys‘ head coach, Mike McCarthy, has assumed this role. McCarthy faces the challenge of rejuvenating an offense that scored fewer than 10 points in the previous week’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers, while Moore endeavors to uphold the Chargers’ third-ranked offense (averaging 388.8 yards per game) against Dan Quinn’s defense. For real-time updates on the game, keep returning to this source.

Chargers 17, Cowboys 17

Chargers 17, Cowboys 17

 The Fourth Down Gamble Pays Off for LA. The Chargers are keeping their fans on the edge of their seats as they opt for another fourth-down attempt deep in the red zone.

NFL Stats Central: The latest NFL scores, game times, stats, and more.

This time, inside the 1-yard line and on the goal line, Justin Herbert executed a fake handoff and a roll to the right, finding Gerald Everett wide-open on the goal line. He was finally pushed into the end zone, securing a touchdown.

Chargers Recover the Muffed Punt.

Amid confusion following a kickoff return, KaVontae Turpin initially believed he had taken a punt. Regrettably, he hadn’t touched the football. Cowboys kicker Zoltan Mesko was among the players who assumed the ball was free and touched it, leading to the Chargers’ linebacker Amechi Uzodinma ultimately recovering the loose football.

Cowboys 17, Chargers 10: Brandon Cooks Records His First Touchdown for Dallas. A mere six weeks after joining the Dallas Cowboys, veteran wide receiver Brandon Cooks scored his inaugural touchdown as a member of the team, leveling the score at 10 in the fourth quarter.

Only Three Points Scored in the Third Quarter.

The third quarter saw minimal scoring, with the Chargers entering the red zone twice, only to be denied by the Cowboys’ defense within the 10-yard line. Kicker Cameron Dicker’s 24-yard field goal in the Chargers’ subsequent possession tied the game at 10-10.

 Brandon Staley Opts for a Field Goal.

The Chargers chose to attempt a field goal after a prior drive’s field goal attempt was abandoned. Despite the Cowboys’ defense stopping the Chargers in the red zone, kicker Cameron Dicker successfully converted a 24-yard field goal, equalizing the score at 10-10.

Dallas’ Fourth and 1 Attempt from the 7-Yard Line Fails

The Chargers head coach, Brandon Staley, sent his team to attempt a fourth and 1 from the Dallas 7-yard line, but the attempt was unsuccessful. Quarterback Justin Herbert executed a fake spike, fooling the defense, but his pass to Joshua Palmer in the end zone was broken up by cornerback Trevon Diggs.

 Dallas Takes the Lead at Halftime


At halftime, the Dallas Cowboys hold a 10-7 lead. Both offenses found it challenging to move the ball in the first half. The Chargers made two trips to the red zone, with Brandon Ober concluding their scoring with a 32-yard field goal.

Dak Prescott amassed 161 passing yards and scored a rushing touchdown. Wide receiver CeeDee Lamb secured five catches for 84 yards in the first half.

LeBron James and Jay-Z Attend the Cowboys’ Game

LeBron James and Jay-Z Attend the Cowboys’ Game

Both LeBron James and Jay-Z were in attendance at the Cowboys’ game. LeBron, a passionate Cowboys fan, took time to watch the game. He was seen at SoFi Stadium almost a year after expressing his preference for his paternal city’s Browns. Jay-Z was also present, enjoying drinks and engaging in friendly conversations. The rap mogul, a partner with the NFL through his Roc Nation company, aids in building cultural connections with the league.

Justin Herbert’s Pass for Herbert

On the third and fifth, Justin Herbert’s pass was intercepted. The Chargers swiftly scored on their first drive, but the Cowboys responded with a 75-yard touchdown drive, capped by Dak Prescott’s 18-yard touchdown run.

In the first quarter, the Cowboys gained 99 yards and secured three first downs, while the Chargers had a total of 69 yards by the end of the initial quarter.

Chargers vs. Cowboys Pre-game Predictions

Tyler Dragon: Chargers 27, Cowboys 24.

Victory Hernandez: Chargers 27, Cowboys 23.

Safed Deen: Chargers 34, Cowboys 28.

As the Cowboys aim to recover from their recent loss in San Francisco, and the Chargers bid farewell, this Monday night matchup promises an electrifying showdown.

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