Crafted an Alien Invasion Thriller Without Using Any...

How Hulu’s ‘No One Will Save You’ Crafted an Alien Invasion Thriller Without Using Any Dialogue

Alien Invasion Thriller In Hulu’s latest sci-fi thriller, ‘No One Will Save You, which is now available for streaming, Kaitlyn Dever spends almost 90 minutes fighting aliens, and she hardly utters a single word. Amy and Golden Globe-nominated actor Dwyane Wade are bringing their roles to life, portraying a couple who wake up in their home one night to the eerie sound of an otherworldly presence. While the struggle to ‘Survive’ only takes a few minutes in the film, as the story unfolds, we learn without any dialogue how Brian is harboring a painful secret.

“I had a sense of this character,” says writer-director Brian Duffield to Entertainment Weekly. “I knew Brian’s whole backstory and life, and I really didn’t know what he was doing. Then the idea of an alien movie came into my head. I really came to the idea that these invasions, these catastrophes happen to everyone, no matter what’s happening in their life. In my brain, [both plots] felt like the same thing. To be stuck with people is difficult [and] to be connected with danger felt very fresh to me in this story.”

Beyond a line that Dwyer delivers at the film’s climax, ‘No one will save you,’ no one will save you. The lack of spoken conversation was a deliberate choice in a movie that Duffield told EW was already written before he realized he hadn’t spoken to Brian yet.”

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In this character, the individual truly craves a sense of community but struggles with feeling unworthy of it. It felt like the device had elevated this character,” he told EW. “Mostly in movies, there’s no reason for them to talk because they’re trying so hard not to make a noise. They’re not going to say, ‘There’s an alien in my house!’Plus, when you have Kaitlyn Dever, there’s no need for her to say a word. She can convey a lot with her eyes.

It seems like the speech-free approach of the film is resonating with viewers, some of whom have praised the unique choice. One viewer remarked, “The filmmaking here is truly outstanding.” “[No One Will Save You] is a horror movie centered around an ordinary girl. However, the masked killer in this case is an extraterrestrial being. There’s no dialogue at all throughout the entire film.

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