Decoding the Decision: 8 Reasons Young Sheldon Bids Farewell in Season 7 Despite Continued Popularity

Young Sheldon Bids Farewell in Season 7
Sheldon Bids Farewell in Season 7

Many reasons contribute to CBS canceling Young Sheldon despite its popularity in Season 7. Sheldon and the Coopers bid farewell after the news surfaced that The Big Bang Theory’s prequel is continuing its run in the 2023-2024 TV season. It could be a shock, considering Young Sheldon has garnered high ratings on CBS, even becoming the number 1 comedy for the 2022-2023 season. However, prolonged discussions about its possible conclusion are underway due to historic dual strikes by the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and SAG-AFTRA.

When The Big Bang Theory concluded in 2019, it was still highly popular. CBS intended to order at least one more season of the CBS show, but decisions to remove Sheldon Cooper from the series after Season 12 forced the rest of the cast to continue the show without its central character. Things are different for Young Sheldon, though, as keeping the core cast intact is crucial. There are elements beyond their control that may spell the end of the family comedy’s reign despite its popularity.

TBBT compels the genius young Sheldon to wrap up

The driving force behind the conclusion of Young Sheldon’s Season 7 was the fundamental principle laid out by The Big Bang Theory. Due to its initial nature, the ending was already set in stone during its premiere in 2017. Deviating from the established timeline is a significant plot twist that cannot be ignored.

TBBT compels the genius young Sheldon
TBBT compels the genius young Sheldon

According to The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has only one year left in college before returning from Germany in Young Sheldon Season 7. Afterward, he embarked on his postgraduate education journey to Caltech in Pasadena. There’s still ample time left before he gets sent off to Offshore.

Young Sheldon has further advanced his original story

The idea for Young Sheldon stemmed from CBS’s attempt to leverage the popularity of The Big Bang Theory, and there was no better way to do it than to showcase a character uniquely. Sheldon’s show became a launching pad to share childhood stories, resulting in the show being set in Texas. However, over the past few years, Young Sheldon has significantly expanded his foundation. Instead of being the central point of the Sheldon series, he diversified his storytelling and increased focus on the rest of the Coopers.

Young Sheldon has reached the end of his last three-year renewal

When he made his debut, Young Sheldon was entirely outside CBS’s gate. CBS was enthusiastic about it and kept the show alive through several renewals. In 2021, the network guaranteed an unusual order, keeping it running until the 2023-2024 TV season. Moving beyond this timeframe means that everyone involved will have to return to the negotiation table for entirely new deals. Instead of potentially being a tough negotiation, CBS has opted to smoothly phase it out.

Young Sheldon’s young actors continue to excel in their roles

CBS introduced Young Sheldon at the age of nine alongside Sheldon and Missy. At that time, Iain Armitage and Raegan Revord were the same age as their real-life counterparts. However, knowing that the show can only run until Sheldon turns 14, when he starts his postgraduate education in California, the network has slowed down the aging process of the characters. Seven years later, Sheldon and Missy are only 14 in Young Sheldon Season 7, while Armitage and Revord have both turned 15 a year earlier. The age difference became more apparent in Season 6, and even criticism was raised.

Young Sheldon is already in syndication 

In 2022, Young Sheldon released its 100th episode, assisting in gaining higher ratings for syndication. At that time, the show was already airing reruns, entering syndication in local markets, covering approximately 90% of the United States by September 2021. Upon scrutiny, Warner Bros. Television could continue purchasing the show with an interest-bearing contract since it has already surpassed the first 100 episodes.

Another Big Bang Theory spin-off is already in the works

Progressing, Young Sheldon has kept the Big Bang Theory universe alive since the nerd-centric sitcom ended in 2019. Despite gradually separating from its parent show, with the success of The Lorre and Pratt franchises, the spin-off has remained relevant for several years. Judging by how popular the universe is, there are new projects to expand it through another spin-off, but this time, it will be available on the Max series (formerly HBO Max) instead of selling it to CBS. Due to the WGA strike, work on it was delayed for a while, but Lorre has returned to make decisions about its details.

A fresh spin-off from The Big Bang Theory is currently in development
A fresh spin-off from The Big Bang Theory is currently in development

While it’s premature to say what the spin-off is about and when it can be released, its progress almost guarantees that the Big Bang Theory franchise will continue to thrive. Rumors even suggest that it might be connected to Young Sheldon. Apparently, it suggests that it will push pop culture forward, despite the pressure of the WGA strike.

Young Sheldon is available on streaming services

Besides being part of CBS Prime Time programming, aside from syndication, Young Sheldon is also accessible through Young Sheldon Streaming Services. Currently, it is available on WarnerMedia’s Max service, available on-demand, like its parent series. However, it is also available on Netflix outside the United States. In 2021, the streaming giant added the family comedy to its catalog for Australia, Canada, and the UK. Seeing this, WarnerMedia can potentially keep the show relevant and beneficial to its interests, and there is no real incentive for them to continue Young Sheldon beyond Season 7 fully.

Young Sheldon is entering a dark phase for Cooper

CBS, revolving around the story of Sheldon, has danced around Sheldon’s tale of catching his father in bed with another woman for years, and it’s understandable. Despite how it was painted in The Big Bang Theory, George Sr. is, in fact, a sophisticated parent in the prequel, and living truthfully with Kennan will likely change the light-hearted show completely.

Although avoiding this issue may save the deal, Young Sheldon can’t escape George’s impending death, which occurs when he is 14 years old. Moving the show forward without Cooper’s supervisor will be challenging. Concluding Young Sheldon Season 7 with the network completely abandoning the tragedy allows the network to leave the incident entirely and gives permission to end on a high note.

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