DeSantis Strongly Condemns Israel Attacks & Call for Florida
DeSantis Condemns Israel AttacksDeSantis Condemns Israel Attacks

DeSantis Condemns Israel Attacks, Announces Sanctions

Governor Ron DeSantis, during a news conference on Tuesday morning, strongly condemned the recent deadly attacks in Israel, which he referred to as one of the worst acts of terrorism in modern history. He also expressed Florida’s intention to increase sanctions on Iran.

DeSantis, in his address at the Shell Point Harbor, stated, “What we witnessed towards the end of this week was not only an attack on Israel but also one of the most tragic events in modern history.” He underscored the unity between Americans, Floridians, and the state of Israel in these trying circumstances.

Israeli Airstrikes and Gaza Conflict Toll

Israeli military aircraft carried out continuous bombings in the heart of Gaza City, which houses government facilities of Hamas, earlier this week. This came as a response to the provocative actions of the Islamic militant group, which vowed to continue its attacks until “the sounds of sirens reach the settlements.”

The conflict, which began after Hamas militants infiltrated Israel last week, has already claimed the lives of over 1,600 people in just a matter of days.

DeSantis Denounces Hamas and Rising Tensions

Governor DeSantis strongly denounced the terrorist group Hamas, stating, “We all know the truth. If Hamas, Hezbollah, or any Palestinian Arab groups lay down their arms today, the result would be peace. If Israel were to lay down its arms tomorrow, the result would be the destruction of the Jewish state.”

Tensions are expected to escalate, with the question of whether Israel will launch a ground invasion, and Hamas issuing a warning that it will kill Israeli civilians without warning if airstrikes continue. Israel has claimed that Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza have turned over 150 civilians and soldiers into human shields.

DeSantis Supports Israel’s Defense and Sanctions

DeSantis went on to emphasize that Israel not only has the right to defend itself but also has a duty to do so with overwhelming force to eliminate the terrorist network’s infrastructure. He stated, “I believe we need justice, and I believe justice demands that we never again entertain the thought of allowing state-sponsored terrorism to do business with us in Florida. 

DeSantis Supports Israel's Defense
DeSantis Supports Israel’s Defense

Our proposed legislation will undoubtedly strengthen Florida’s commitment to not doing business with state sponsors of terrorism, expanding sanctions to restrict state investment in financial, construction, manufacturing, textile, technology, canning, metals, shipping, shipbuilding, and port sectors.”

Comprehensive Sanctions Legislation

DeSantis also mentioned that the legislation would prohibit state and local governments from entering into contracts with any company in the expanded list of sectors. He stated that these sanctions would not be lifted until the President and the U.S. Congress confirm that Iran has ceased its support for international terrorism and halted its acquisition of weapons of mass destruction.

Israeli Forces Regain Control Amidst Conflict

The Israeli Defense Forces announced on Tuesday morning that they have regained effective control over their southern border after an assault earlier this week resulted in the complete destruction of their military and intelligence assets. It is estimated that nearly 1,500 Hamas militants’ bodies have been recovered from Israeli territory during this time. It remains unclear if this number includes casualties reported by Palestinian authorities prior to the conflict.

The situation remains fluid, with concerns about the escalation of violence and its humanitarian impact. We hope for a peaceful resolution and a return to stability in the region.


  • Is America furnishing backing to Israel?

America is”  adding ” its support for Israel, which includes both protective capabilities and military  outfit. officers have stated that they’re in constant communication with their counterparts in Israel to assess their critical  requirements and  give the necessary support.   

  • What Is the Issue Between Israel and Hamas?  

Two- state  results, Israeli  agreements, the status of Jerusalem, and  exile issues are at the heart of this conflict. Two- state  result – an agreement that would establish a state for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip alongside Israel. Hamas has rejected the two- state  result while covenanting the destruction of Israel.   

  • Why is Israel in Conflict?  

Israel has declared war after a series of upstanding, nonmilitary, and ground attacks against Palestinian militant group Hamas. The large- scale, surprising attacks have resulted in at least 900 people killed in Israel, with at least 765 deaths in Gaza due to Israeli airstrikes.   

  • Who Supports Hamas?  

Iran has supported Hamas for an extended duration. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and  elderly  counsel Ali Akbar Velayati have stated that this successful operation promises the end of the Zionist  governance and will expedite its downfall.” 


In the face of ongoing conflict and  rising pressures, Governor DeSantis has taken a strong  stance, condemning the attacks in Israel and  publicizing  warrants to support the nation’s defense. The situation in the region is dire, with significant loss of life and  query about its future. As we navigate this complex situation, our stopgap remains for a peaceful resolution and a return to stability in the region. 

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