Draymond Green's Ejection Following Chokehold on Rudy Go....


In a heated matchup between the Timberwolves and the Warriors, emotions ran high, leading to a dramatic incident that saw Draymond Green ejected for putting Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. This unexpected turn of events unfolded, leaving fans and analysts buzzing about the implications for both players and their respective teams.

The Timberwolves – Warriors Brawl

The clash between the Timberwolves and the Warriors took a physical turn, culminating in a brawl that caught the attention of everyone present and those following the game closely.

Draymond Green’s Chokehold

The focal point of the brawl was Draymond Green’s controversial move—a chokehold on Rudy Gobert, elevating tensions on the court.

 Ejection Decision

As a result of his actions, Green faced immediate consequences, with the referees deciding to eject him from the game, leaving the Warriors to navigate the rest of the matchup without one of their key players.

The Buildup to the Incident

 Game Dynamics

Understanding the context leading up to the altercation involves considering the dynamics of the game, the score, and the competitive history between the two teams.

Player Rivalry

Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green have a history of on-court clashes, adding a layer of intensity to their interactions during this game.

Teammates’ Responses

Teammates from both the Timberwolves and the Warriors weighed in on the incident, providing insights into the atmosphere on the court and in the respective locker rooms.

 Coaching Perspectives

 Coaching Perspectives

Coaches from both teams also shared their views on the brawl, addressing how such incidents impact team dynamics and strategies moving forward.

Player Suspensions

The league’s disciplinary committee is likely to review the incident, and player suspensions could be on the horizon for both Draymond Green and Rudy Gobert.

Team Consequences

The fallout from the brawl may extend beyond individual suspensions, affecting team dynamics and future matchups for the Warriors and the Timberwolves.

Fan Response

Social media platforms erupted with discussions and reactions from fans, further amplifying the significance of the incident.

Trending Hashtags

Trending hashtags related to the brawl gained momentum, reflecting the broader online conversation and community engagement.

NBA Investigation

The NBA is likely to conduct a thorough investigation into the brawl, evaluating factors that led to the altercation and determining appropriate actions.

Historical Precedents

Comparisons to past incidents in the NBA will be drawn, providing context for how the league has handled similar situations in the past.

Impact on Team Dynamics

Draymond Green’s ejection has immediate implications for the Warriors’ defensive strategy, prompting adjustments throughout the game.

 Timberwolves’ Offensive Approach

The Timberwolves, on the other hand, may capitalize on the absence of a key defender to enhance their offensive plays.


The fight between the Timberwolves and the Warriors got heated when Draymond Green was kicked out for putting Rudy Gobert in a chokehold. This adds another exciting twist to the fierce rivalries and unpredictable moments in pro basketball. As the league investigates and the teams grapple with the aftermath, fans are left eagerly anticipating how this incident will shape future matchups and influence the dynamics of the ongoing NBA season.


Will Draymond Green face additional penalties for the chokehold incident?

The NBA is likely to conduct a thorough investigation, and further penalties, including a suspension, could be imposed on Draymond Green.

How did Rudy Gobert and Draymond Green’s teammates react to the brawl?

Teammates from both the Timberwolves and the Warriors provided insights into the incident, expressing their perspectives and reactions.

Are there any precedents for similar incidents in the NBA?

The NBA has a history of dealing with on-court altercations, and past incidents will likely be considered when determining the consequences for the players involved.

How might Draymond Green’s ejection impact the Warriors’ defensive strategy?

With Draymond Green out of the game, the Warriors will need to make adjustments to their defensive strategy, potentially impacting their overall gameplay.

What is the league’s typical response to on-court brawls in the NBA?

The league typically conducts investigations into on-court brawls, and penalties, including suspensions, fines, or warnings, are handed out based on the findings.

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