eCabs' Strategic Alliance with Google for Enhanced Ride-Hail
eCabs & Google PartnershipeCabs & Google Partnership

eCabs Teams Up with Google

Malta-based eCabs, the ride-hailing company, has announced a significant strategic partnership with the global tech giant Google, aiming to provide enhanced services for riders. This collaboration, officially linked at Google’s offices in Milan earlier this month, signifies a groundbreaking integration of several renowned tools from Google into eCab’s ride-hailing tech stack. The partnership is expected to revolutionize eCab’s offerings, boosting innovation in various inventive projects.

eCab’s Strategic Boost

In practical terms, this means that eCabs will proudly leverage Google Maps Mobility Platform, a highly sophisticated tool by the global tech company, along with its advanced route management engine. This integration will empower eCab to take pride in offering the best geo-location tools and smart route management systems for a superior experience for users, drivers, and passengers alike.

Effectively, eCabs, through this partnership, aims to improve global navigation, create better routes, and reduce waiting and ride times. The strategically aligned collaboration will set the stage for eCab’s ride-hailing tech platforms worldwide to excel with the finest user, driver, and passenger experiences, boasting top-notch geo-location tools and smart route management systems.

eCabs CEO Celebrates Key Google Alliance

According to Matthew Bezzina, the CEO of eCabs Technologies, partnering strategically with Google is a pivotal moment for the company. This collaboration promises accurate Estimated Time of Arrivals (ETAs), optimized routes, and a bundle of new user tools that will elevate eCab to the next level of user experience.

“This is a very proud day for eCabs, and we are enthusiastic about bringing this freshness to our users, riders, and our esteemed passengers who have entrusted eCab to power their ride-hailing projects across Europe,” he said.

Strategic Partnership
Strategic Partnership

The partnership with Google, especially in global mapping and route management technology, is not only a testament to eCabs becoming a key player in the international ride-hailing market but also a recognition of the excellence of our vibrant and capable team. It indicates that we are competing at the highest level in a complex and challenging global industry,” Bezzina emphasized.

eCab’s Quantum Leap

The birth of eCabs aimed at making transportation effective, accessible, and affordable. By partnering with Google, a leader in cutting-edge technology, eCab is set to deliver substantial benefits to users through the best-in-class technology, leaving no room for complacency. “This is a quantum leap for us. It will allow eCab to expand, progress, and provide better ride-hailing technology, not only for our local market in Malta but for new territories where our partners are launching their brands,” said Luka De Micheli, Chief Technology Officer of eCabs.

eCabs users can expect to see changes in the app starting in 2024, as the Google Maps Mobility Platform partnership brings forth a suite of advanced features and improved services.

Key Highlights of the Google Maps Mobility Platform Partnership:

World-Class Technology: 

Through collaboration with Google, eCab is poised to unveil a suite of world-class technologies that will significantly enhance the ride-hailing experience. Leveraging Google’s latest solutions, eCab aims to provide users with the latest features and improved service levels.

Better ETAs: 

The integration will grant eCab access to new smart routing algorithms for better traffic management. New tools for prediction, both historical and real-time, will allow the platform to make improvements, meaning more accuracy in pickup and arrival times.

Optimized Driver Dispatching: 

The rich data from Google Maps will combine with eCab’s operational expertise to ensure that the right driver is dispatched to riders dependent on multiple real-time factors. This will reduce waiting times and increase earnings for partner fleets while enhancing accuracy.

Cost Reduction: 

eCab’s passengers will benefit from the advantages of ride-hailing technology on par with the leading players globally. This strategic partnership aims to kickstart a superior user experience.

Strategic Innovation: 

The strategic partnership implies a commitment to innovative breakthroughs, utilizing Google’s expertise to enhance operational efficiency, elevate the user experience, and introduce industry-leading features accessible to all eCab’s lessees. This collaboration will also empower AI and machine learning pilot projects.


The collaboration between eCabs and Google represents a significant milestone, symbolizing a commitment to excellence, innovation, and unparalleled service in the global ride-hailing industry. The future holds promising developments for eCab and its users, driven by cutting-edge technology and a commitment to delivering the best ride-hailing experience worldwide.

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