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Embarking on ‘Starfield’: Insights I Wish I Had from the Start

Imagine immersing yourself in a gaming universe for a staggering 90 hours straight, an experience that’s a rarity, especially on the second day following a game’s launch. Yet, here we stand, poised to take the plunge into the mysterious cosmos of “Past Content.”

“Starfield,” the colossal game in question, is a marvel. However, it doesn’t hold your hand, thrusting you into a universe teeming with wonder, peril, and untold discoveries without a clear roadmap.

In this article, we won’t dissect the game’s mesmerizing narrative. Instead, we’ll embark on a journey to uncover ten priceless nuggets of wisdom that I fervently wish I had possessed when embarking on my odyssey through “Starfield.”

Customize Your Appearance at Your Leisure

Many of you may have dedicated countless hours meticulously crafting every facet of your character’s appearance. Fear not, for Bethesda has heard your pleas. You can now undergo a complete transformation of your appearance later in the game. It’s not merely a matter of altering your hairstyle; you can entirely reinvent your visage, switch genders, and even redefine your name. The “Make It Better!”Shops that you’ll easily find in bustling cities like New Atlantis, Neion, and Paradiso are where you can take advantage of this service, and it comes at a cost of somewhere between 500 to 700 credits.It’s like a breath of fresh cosmic air.

Elevate Your Jetpack to New Heights

While I may delve into creating an exhaustive “Best Skills” guide later on, the effectiveness of most skills hinges on your chosen playstyle. Nevertheless, there’s one universal piece of advice that applies to all: prioritize enhancing your jetpack. It not only facilitates seamless navigation during combat but also serves as your lifeline against the imposing oxygen constraints of the game. Maximizing your jetpack capabilities allows you to gracefully glide through the celestial skies, not only improving combat prowess but also rendering oxygen canisters obsolete. This conservation of resources adds a layer of authenticity to your interstellar explorations.

The Value of Health Regeneration

You might wonder if investing in the health regeneration skill tree makes sense when you’re playing as a stealthy hacker or the captain of a spaceship. Trust me, it’s a prudent decision to allocate your skill points here. Whether you find yourself in the throes of battle or simply need a swift health top-up after exiting combat, this skill tree has your back. The dividends reaped from investing in health regeneration become increasingly apparent, allowing you to recharge your entire health bar in under 20 seconds. It’s a game-changer in any combat scenario.


Traits That Define Survival

While I’ve penned a separate article on this subject, three pivotal traits demand your attention: Scavenger, which consistently spawns bounty enemies for you to accrue experience and loot from; Empath, which fortifies your party’s combat capabilities as long as you remain among the living; and Extrovert, which diminishes oxygen consumption, a crucial resource. These traits not only ensure your survival but enable you to thrive in the unforgiving expanse of “Starfield.”

The Art of Optimising Your First Ship

This topic merits an extensive guide of its own, but let’s address your inaugural vessel, the runabout. While you can invest in and upgrade it, I’d advise against it. Undoubtedly, you’ll likely make that decision later on. By hunting for free stars, a quest that becomes accessible after resolving the situation in New Akela early in the central storyline, you’ll be recruited into the ranks of the Free Stars Rangers. This opens the door to joining the Free Stars, a faction independent of the central narrative, and grants access to their markedly superior ship (unrelated to the game’s primary storyline).

Navigating Two Approaches to Progress

This is where things get a tad intricate. There are two predominant schools of thought when it comes to effectively launching into “Starfield”: one approach entails rushing through pivotal quests, initiating NG+ (New Game Plus), and subsequently tackling secondary content, while the other suggests engaging with side content first, followed by NG+. I’d dissuade you from the latter course. Instead, focus on the side content to enrich your gaming experience. NG+ expunges it all, except your skill points. My initiation of NG+ after only 80 hours stemmed from a dwindling list of objectives. However, NG+ ushers in an added layer of difficulty that I found formidable, though it might suit your cosmic preferences. My counsel is to maximize your initial playthrough before venturing into NG+ territory.

Revealing the Secrets of “Empty” Planets

In your interstellar sojourns, you’ll encounter numerous planets that might initially appear barren. These worlds won’t reveal any points of interest on your map until they’ve been thoroughly scanned. However, appearances can indeed deceive. Firstly, certain planets withhold POIs (Points of Interest) until they’ve undergone a thorough scan. Secondly, you’ll frequently stumble upon random POIs suggesting deliberate placement (bearing in mind that you can land anywhere on a planet except in the ocean). You might serendipitously uncover a deserted outpost housing a legendary weapon or a derelict Kazak ship ripe for salvage. These are not mere voids; they’re canvases awaiting your exploration.

These seven gems of insight should equip you with the confidence and joy to traverse the expansive cosmos of “Starfield.” As you journey deeper into the game, remember to savor the adventure and embrace the unknown. Happy gaming, intrepid explorer!

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