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At the end of this week, cinema theaters will become a sacred space for fans of Taylor Swift, whose cross-country ‘Eras Tour’ mesmerized millions. Now, the musical genius is taking over the big screen with her concert movie, ‘Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,’ which is all set to open the weekend with a staggering $100 million or more. Since the first leg of the tour wrapped up in August, Taylor Swift has been making headlines, partly due to her sweeping victory at the MTV VMAs, the forthcoming re-release of her ‘1989’ album, and her rumored romance with NFL player Travis Kelce.

While many artists have released concert films in the past, ‘this is a different beast,’ says Stephanie Silverman, the Executive Director of Belcourt Theatre in Nashville, Tennessee. ‘It seems that her intention is for this movie to be as much a concert experience as the live concert experience is for people. So, we’re definitely just going to relax and let people enjoy it in the way they want to. The audience will shape the culture in the theater, and we will go along with it.’

Jeff Kaufman, the Senior Vice President of Film and Marketing at Memphis, Tennessee-based Malco Theatres, anticipates a similar excitement as seen with this summer’s ‘Barbie,’ where many enthusiastic moviegoers dressed up for the theater and shared their experiences on social media. Dancing is welcome, as long as it doesn’t obstruct the theater aisles. Kaufman says, ‘Our theater staff regularly monitors screenings, and this film presentation won’t be any different. If issues arise, we will address them at that time. We expect our audiences to come, have fun, and enjoy the film, and our theaters. I don’t believe the film will be any louder than ‘Top Gun!’

As Swifties head to the cinemas in unprecedented numbers, Silverman kindly requests moviegoers to ‘be good’ to the theater staff and to always tip at the concession stand. Here’s what else you should know about the ‘Eras Tour’ movie, which starts screening on Thursday night:

What is The Runtime for the Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’ Movie?

Taylor Swift ‘Eras Tour’

 According to AMC Theatres’ website, the ‘Eras Tour’ movie has a runtime of 2 hours and 48 minutes. There is no intermission, and the theater chain mentions that there will also be an additional 10 to 15 minutes of pre-show and trailers before the film begins.

How can you grab advance tickets for the Thursday night screening of the ‘Eras Tour’ movie? Hours before her ‘Eras Tour’ movie premiere in Los Angeles, Taylor Swift announced that she would be giving her fans early access to the concert film. She posted on Instagram Wednesday night, ‘Due to unprecedented demand, we’re opening up early access showings of ‘The Eras Tour Concert Film’ on THURSDAY in America and Canada!’ Swift added that all tickets would be available for purchase by 10 a.m. on Thursday.

What is the Taylor Swift Concert Movie Rated?

 ‘The Eras Tour’ has been given a PG-13 rating for ‘some strong language and suggestive material.’

Are Phones Allowed During The ‘Eras Tour’ Movie? 

AMC’s website states that moviegoers are welcome to take selfies and group photos but are not allowed to record the concert film shown on the big screen.

Can you sing during the ‘Eras Tour’ movie? AMC’s website encourages dancing and singing throughout the concert film event but asks that moviegoers do not dance in their seats or block others from viewing, walking safely, or exiting the auditorium.

Alamo Drafthouse, known for its strict noise and phone policies, is also loosening its restrictions, as long as moviegoers maintain respect. They say on their website, ‘We’re definitely okay with you getting a little rowdy at the screenings – within reason, of course. Let’s keep it fun and cute out there.’

What is the Taylor Swift Movie Setlist? 

The film is expected to follow Swift’s epic 45-song setlist from her ‘Eras Tour,’ starting with fan favorites from her 2019 ‘Lover’ album and ending with songs from last year’s. The blockbuster ‘Midnights’ is featured, along with popular hits from major albums like ‘Folklore,’ ‘1989,’ and ‘Red,’ all of which are well-represented in the nearly three-hour setlist Additionally, there are surprise songs that she delighted fans with during her acoustic sets.

Which Surprise Songs are in the ‘Eras Tour’ Movie? 

Swift’s concert film was shot during the first three nights of her six-show run at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, in August. At each stop of her 52-date U.S. tour, she reserved a portion of the setlist for a pair of acoustic songs, which alternated with every show. During the three SoFi Stadium shows she was filming, Swift treated the audience to nine surprise songs, including ‘I Can See You,’ ‘Maroon,’ and ‘Our Song.‘You Are In Love,’ ‘Death By A Thousand Cuts,’ and ‘You’re on Your Own, Kid’ –all of these songs could potentially make it into the movie.

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