Exploring Intriguing Mystery 'Only Murder in This Building'
Only Murders In The Building |Only Murders In The Building -- Season 3 -- From the minds of Steve Martin, Dan Fogelman and John Hoffman comes a comedic murder-mystery series for the ages. “Only Murders In The Building” follows three strangers (Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez).

Steve Martin and John Hoffman are the minds behind the American mystery comedy-drama television series Only Murders in the Building. The story centers on three strangers who become friends while looking into mysterious deaths in their opulent Upper West Side apartment building and creating their podcast about the cases. Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez play the three strangers in the film. In August 2021, June 2022, and August 2023, each of its three seasons of 10 episodes had their Hulu debuts,  Exploring Intriguing Mystery ‘Only Murder in This Building’

The series has won praise from critics for its humorous take on crime fiction the performances of the key actors and their chemistry together. For both the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series for Martin and Short, it has garnered nominations.

Characters and the cast


Young Charles is portrayed by Matthew Lamb in Brazzo’s second season of Charles-Haden Savage, a semi-retired actor who was the star of a well-known crime thriller from the 1990s.

Martin Short plays Oliver Putnam, a Broadway director who is ambitious but financially strapped and who comes up with the concept for the podcast and ends up running it. Young Oliver is portrayed by Samuel Farnsworth in season 2. Madeleine Valencia (season 1) and Caroline Valencia (season 2) represent young Mabel. Selena Gomez plays Mabel Mora, a young artist living alone in her aunt’s apartment and was friends with the murder victim of the first season, Tim Kono, throughout her youth and adolescence.

Oscar Torres is a character played by Aaron Dominguez from the first season who dates Mabel for a spell after being wrongfully imprisoned for killing their buddy Zoe ten years ago.

Amy Ryan plays Jan Bellows, a professional bassoonist who dates Charles Cara Delevingne as Alice Banks, an artist, and Mabel’s love interest, in season 1, and Adina Verson plays Poppy White, Cinda’s ambitious but mistreated secretary, in season 2. Later, she discloses that she is Becky Butler, the subject of the crime podcast All Is Not OK in Oklahoma.

Michael During the first two seasons of the Arconia, Cyril Creighton played cat-loving resident Howard Morris, whose pet passed away the same night that Tim Kono did.


Tim Kono, a resident of the Arconia who passes away in the first episode, is portrayed in season one by Julian Cihi and Vanessa Aspillaga as Tim Kono, the building manager of the Arconia.

  • Charles, Oliver, and Mabel launch their inquiry into the puzzling circumstances surrounding his death.
  • The host of the spoof real crime podcast All Is Not OK in Oklahoma, played by Tina Fey, is Cinda Canning.
  • Ryan Broussard portrays Will Putnam, Steve Martin’s son Maulik Pancholy portrays Arnav (season 1), and Jackie Hoffman portrays Charles’ next-door neighbor Uma Heller, an obnoxious Arconia inhabitant.
  • Bunny Folger, played by Jayne Houdyshell (seasons 1-2), is the stern board president of the Arconia, whose murder is looked into in the second season.
  • In season 2, Houdyshell also provides the voice of Mrs. Gambolini, Bunny’s beloved parrot.
  • Da’Vine Detective Williams, played by Joy Randolph, initially gave up on the Kono murder investigation but changed her mind as her wife started listening to the podcast.
  • Teddy Dimas, a longtime friend and supporter of Oliver’s family who has connections to organized crime and agrees to sponsor the podcast, is played by Nathan Lane in seasons 1-2.
  • James Caverly as Theo Dimas, Teddy’s deaf son Zainab Jah as Ndidi Idoko (season 1), Tim Kono’s neighbor Dr. Grover Stanley (seasons 1-2), a therapist who resides at the Arconia, Russell G. Jones as Theo Dimas (seasons 1-2), Teddy’s deaf son
  • Seasons 1-2 of the Only Murders in the Building podcast stars Jaboukie Young-White as Sam, Daniel Oreskes as Marv, Ali Stroker as Paulette, and Orson Hong as Grant.
  • Olivia Reis played Zoe Cassidy in season one. She was a friend of Mabel, Tim, and Oscar and passed away ten years prior after falling off the roof of the Arconia.
  • Lester, the Arconia’s doorman, played by Teddy Coluca
  • Season 2’s Lucy, played by Zoe Colletti, is the adolescent daughter of Charles’ ex-girlfriend, with whom he has a rocky father-daughter relationship.
  • Detective Kreps, played by Michael Rapaport in season 2, is a police officer looking into Bunny’s slaying.
  • Christine Ko as Nina Lin, Bunny’s mentee and Arconia’s new board president (season 2)
  • In season two, Ariel Shafir played Ivan, a server at Bunny’s usual diner.
  • Jason Veasey as Jonathan (season 3; guest, season 2), Howard’s neighbor and love interest, and an actor on Oliver’s program Andrea Martin as Joy Payne (season 3; guest, season 2), Charles’ longstanding makeup artist and love interest.
  • Oliver’s comeback to Broadway is financed by Linda Emond’s performance as Donna DeMeo in season 3 of the Broadway show.
  • Ashley Park portrays Kimber Min in season 3 of Oliver’s show; she is a young actress and influencer who plays Ben’s love interest.
  • Ben’s brother and manager Dickie is played by Jeremy Shamos in season three.
  • Wesley Taylor co-produces Oliver’s play as Clifford “Cliff” DeMeo in season 3 as Donna’s clinging son.
  • Jesse Williams played Tobert in season 3; Ben engaged him as a cameraman to capture his Broadway debut for a documentary.
Selena Gomez, Martin Short and Steve Martin in ‘Only Murders in the Building’ Season 3

Special Visitor

  • Paul Rudd plays Ben Glenroy, a well-known Hollywood actor who is killed on the opening night of his debut Broadway play (season 3; guest, season 2).
  • Meryl Streep plays Steve Martin’s love interest and struggling actress Loretta Durkin in season 3 of his Broadway production. Loretta has a brief part.



Ten years before the show’s debut, Steve Martin had the idea for Only Murders in the Building. His first concept centered around three older men who learn they are all fascinated with resolving crimes but are too frail and worn-out to get outside, so they start to solve crimes that only exist inside the structure. Later, the plan took shape when one of the elderly guys was replaced with a young lady.

Martin and Martin Short were revealed to be the stars of the Hulu series, which had no name at the time and had been developed by Martin and John Hoffman. Martin, Short, and Hoffman also served as executive producers alongside Dan Fogelman, with 20th Television acting as the production company.

Hulu decided to renew the show for a second season on September 14, 2021. A third season of the show was ordered on July 11, 2022.


Martin and Short were revealed to be the series’ stars alongside the first announcement. Selena Gomez, who also acts as an executive producer, joined the cast in August 2020. position. Amy Ryan and Nathan Lane joined the cast in January 2021, respectively, in series regular and recurring roles. Cara Delevingne reportedly became a series regular for the second season on December 1, 2021.

Short said that Amy Schumer and Shirley MacLaine have been chosen as guest stars for the second season on January 12, 2022. Michael Rapaport joined the cast on February 11, 2022, and will play a recurring character in season two. On October 25, 2022, Jesse Williams was added to the third season’s cast as a recurring character.

Meryl Streep was added to the third season cast on January 17, 2023, in an unspecified role. Ashley Park began playing a recurring part in the third season on February 23, 2023. For the third season, recurring roles for Jeremy Shamos, Linda Emond, Wesley Taylor, Don Darryl Rivera, Allison Guinn, and Gerald Caesar were cast in March 2023.

Critical reaction

Based on 107 reviews from critics, review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes reported a 100% approval rating for the first season with an overall rating of 8/10. According to the website’s critics’ agreement, Only Murders in the Building’s ludicrous treatment of true crime enthusiasts is both amusing and illuminating, in large part because of its incredibly endearing center three.

Based on 34 critic reviews and a weighted average score of 76 out of 100, the first season received “generally favorable reviews” according to Metacritic.

The first season received a “B” rating from Entertainment Weekly’s Kristen Baldwin, who also stated that Only Murders “delivers above-average laughs, a clever mystery, and a starry cast.” However, the impression that the program had a chance to be something remarkable is difficult to escape.

In his four-and-a-half-star review for Rolling Stone, Alan Sepinwall stated, “The series soon turns out to be—like The Princess Bride, Galaxy Quest, or Jane the Virgin—that rare and wonderful thing: the parody that also offers a great example of the genuine article.”

Based on 116 reviews from critics, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 98% approval rating for the second season, giving it an average rating of 8.05/10. According to the majority of the reviewers on the website, “Only Murders in the Building gets a new lease on life with a knottier sophomore outing that retains the series’ core charm and wit.”Based on 25 reviews from critics, Metacritic assigned the second season a weighted average score of 79 points out of 100, signifying “generally favorable reviews”.

Based on 116 reviews from critics, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 98% approval rating for the second season, giving it an average rating.

With an average score of 7.6/10 based on 97 reviews from critics, Rotten Tomatoes reported a 99% approval rating for the third season. According to the website’s critics’ agreement, “Relocating the action to the theatre, Only Murders in the Building can take a bow for yet another twisty mystery handled with a good-humored touch.” Based on 33 critic reviews, Metacritic assigned the third season a weighted average score of 77 out of 100, indicating “generally favorable reviews.”

Where to Stream ‘Only Murders In the Building’ Season 3 Online, an Emmy Nominated Series

In the new season, Selena Gomez, Steve Martin, and Martin Short, who play the three New York murder mystery podcasters, are joined by guests Meryl Streep and Paul Rudd.

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The most well-known fictitious whodunnit podcasters in New York have another murder case to solve. Only Murders in the Building, an Emmy-nominated comedy, returns for season three on August 8. Oliver’s (Martin Short) Broadway show can only continue if the murder of his late main actor, Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), who passed away on stage, is solved.

The Hulu comedy, which also features Selena Gomez as Mabel and Steve Martin as Charles, was nominated for the 2023 Emmy for Best Comedy. Similar to last year, Gomez was noticeably passed over for an acting award.

A total of 17 nominations were given to Only Murders’ second season at the 2017 Emmy Awards, including those for Best Comedy Series, Best Actor in a Comedy Series (Martin and Short), Best Guest Actress in a Comedy Series (Jane Lynch), and best guest actor in a comedy series (Nathan Lane).


Everything You Need to Know Before Watching Season 3 of Only Murders in the Building. Rudd isn’t the only guest star from season three; other suspects in Glenroy’s murder investigation include Meryl Streep as Loretta Durkin and Ashley Park as “TikTok-addicted starlet” Kimber.

When an official Only Murders in the Building escape room appears in select Escape Room locations in Los Angeles’ Westfield Century City (August 11–13 and 18) and in Las Vegas’ The Forum Shops (August 18–20), fans who desire to follow in the footsteps of Mabel, Charles, and Oliver can do so. From August 14 to 18, fans may play online using Zoom. Find out more here.

Listen to Martin Short on the Awards Chatter podcast from The Hollywood Reporter. For complete instructions on how to view Only Murders in the Building season three for free, as well as how to watch the Emmy-nominated show online, continue reading below.


How to Stream Only Murders In the Building

Only Murders in the Building is only available online on Hulu, which has a monthly subscription fee of $8 with advertisements and $15 without. The Hulu + Live TV plan or one of three Disney bundles are also available to cord-cutters. The Duo Basic bundle costs $10 per month and includes Disney+ and Hulu with advertisements.

The Trio Basic plan costs $13 per month and includes Disney+ without advertisements, ESPN+, and Hulu with advertisements. The Trio Premium bundle costs $20 per month and includes Disney+, Hulu with no advertisements, and ESPN+ with advertisements.

The first and second seasons of the program, as well as Hulu original series including the Emmy-nominated Handmaid’s Tale, Steve Martin: New Horizons, The Kardashians, The Great, Pam & Tommy, and hundreds of more films and TV episodes, are all included in all subscription plans.

Only the ad-free subscription allows you to save material to view later offline. Subscribers may also stream on mobile devices, watch on two screens at once, and establish up to six user profiles.


More than 75 cable channels, live sports, and hundreds of movies and TV series are included in the Hulu with Live TV subscription, which is combined with Disney+ and ESPN+. There is no free trial period, however, er the package costs either $83 per month or $70 per month with advertisements. The live TV bundle is an excellent choice if you want to lock in a low price for all three streamers because all three have upped their membership costs in the previous year.

Only Murders In the Building is available for free streaming with a one-month trial for new Hulu subscribers (Hulu + Live TV package excluded).

  • Meryl Streep Becomes Entangled in a Murder Mystery in the third season trailer of “Only Murders in the Building”
  • On August 8, Hulu will premiere the new season, which stars Steve Martin, Martin Short, and Selena Gomez.
  • With a new murder, a new crime scene, and a new set of suspects, the true-crime enthusiast trio is back.

Only Murders in the Building’s third season teaser has Selena Gomez’s Mabel, Martin Short’s Oliver, and Steve Martin’s Charles looking into a murder that occurred behind the scenes of Oliver’s Broadway production. The primary actor of the program, Ben Glenroy (Paul Rudd), is the victim.

In the video posted on Wednesday, Gomez tells Short, “Finding this killer is the only way you’ll have a show Oliver to put his show back together, the three collaborate to uncover information and speak with potential witnesses, including Meryl Streep’s Glenroy co-star Loretta Durkin. As they work to finally identify the culprit, they are simultaneously podcasting every development.

The video also provides a deeper look at the roles that Emily in Paris’ Ashley Park and Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams play throughout the inquiry, as well as a table reading of the script by Streep’s eccentric character.

The Oscar-winning actress is heard stating, “Theater is all about choices,” near the end of the film. What you choose to reveal and what you choose to keep private affects everything.

Martin and John Hoffman, who also serve as the show’s executive producers with Short, Gomez, Dan Fogelman, and Jess Rosenthal, co-created the sitcom. 

The first two episodes of Only Murders in the Building will be released at the season premiere on August 8 on Hulu. After that, new episodes will be released every week.

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