Exploring the Great River Road: A Stunning Fall Colors and..

Exploring the Great River Road: A Stunning Fall Colors and Outdoor Adventure Guide

Great River Road National Scenic Byway” is a fantastic route that spans  roughly 3,000  long hauls of roads and  roadways, offering one of the stylish times of the time to drive through it during the beautiful afterlife season. This route hugs the Mississippi River, stretching from Minnesota to Louisiana.

September is a month celebrated across all 10  countries along the route, marking the  appearance of afterlife  leafage, seasonal  lodestones , and crop carnivals along the Great River Road. Look for green and white airman wheel signs, and you will know you are on the right track.  

Driving through the northern  corridor of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa via the Great River Road promises stunning views of amber, bobby and fiery red  geographies. It’s the perfect time for a fall  trip when  premises  and scenic spots present their stylish, trees display their vibrant afterlife colors, and eagles soar above. And in  fascinating swash  municipalities, you will find cozy bakeries that offer a breath of fresh air along with your  mess. 

What can you see and do on the Great River Road in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin's Great River Road
Wisconsin’s Great River Road

Discovering Wisconsin’s Great River Road

Wisconsin’s Great River Road is the state’s premier scenic byway, stretching along Wisconsin Highway 35 and passing through over 30  major swash  municipalities.

 Start your  trip near the southwestern corner of the state in Kieler. Some of the original  lodges  in this  charming area include the unique Dickeyville Grotto & Sanctuaries, an  out-of-door  art  cavern filled with  set up objects,  caves, and puppets. near Hazel Green boasts the 3- Mile House Supper Club, a  major spot serving up old- fashioned  pets like brandy Alexanders, fried walleye, and Kate Fish, along with  housekeeper- grilled steaks.

  Heading north along the Great River Road towards Potosi, known as the” Catfish Capital of Wisconsin,” you will find the Potosi Brewing Company, established in 1852, a working brewery offering not only seasonal beers and a  noon  mess but also housing the Great River Road Interpretive Center and Transportation Museum, as well as the ABA National Brewery Museum.

Cassville & Prairie du Chien Exploration

Take a  diversion to Cassville for a visit to Nelson Dewey State Park, perched 500  bases above the Mississippi,  furnishing  stirring views of the swash. also explore Ferryville, known as the” First Community on the Mississippi,” a 25- acre National Historic Landmark  quarter with over a dozen structures, including a  magnificent puritanical  manse, a form demesne, and the remnants of Fort Crawford.

 While in the city, savor a study in Wiley’s Fish & rubbish, a  pleasurable little shop in Prairie du Chien offering everything from Kate Fish Bologna to original flesh. Their hand- dipped  rubbish curds,  treble and fresh, are a must-try. However, the River District Hotel and Waterfront Hotel Saint Feriole Island Park are  hard, offering respite amidst the background of the War of 1812.

 If a late stay in Prairie du Chien is in order.  Keep driving northward alongside the Great River Road, cherishing the camera-ready swash  dens and soaring  scars that are the hallmark of Wisconsin’s Drift less Area. It’s absolutely stunning.

 When you reach La Crosse, treat yourself to the Grandad Bluff overlook for splendid autumnal  lookouts( and a piece of Minnesota and Iowa too). Also, it’s time for pie at the Gil rubbish plant Outlet in Cuba City, just north of La Crosse. Sample award- winning Wisconsin crapola produced by original cheesemakers, including the  notorious  treble  rubbish curds, perfect for gorging on the road.

 Continue driving northward towards Trempealeau, where Perrot State Park offers hiking, camping, picnicking, and  raspberry- watching in a stunning natural setting. The 500-  bottom  scars  give an admiration- inspiring background, particularly during the fall season when the afterlife colors of the northern hardwoods are at their stylish.

 Mississippi River’s Hidden Gems in Wisconsin

Fountain City, resting alongside the Mississippi and nestled in limestone  scars, is a  fascinating stop known for its 19th- century shorefront  structures filled with shops,  cafes, and lodging.  The Alma Hotel Restaurant is  staying with fine wines, offering a  pleasurable menu of comforting dishes and  diurnal specials like broasted  funk. The place has a rich history, having opened its doors in 1894.

 Make a  diversion from the Great River Road to visit Wisconsin’s Pizza granges, which feel like  commodity out of a dream original  granges that  transfigure their fresh  ranch produce into  succulent pizzas using wood- fired ranges. In Cochrane, Suncrest Gardens Farm( just about half an hour north of La Crosse) does crop- to- crust pizzas and meat cut from their  pasturage- raised  creatures, all cooked in a wood- fired roaster.

 For pleasurable  fun and games, enjoy pizzas, flesh, and  potables from the  ranch’s artisanal kitchen.  Make your way to Pepin, where Laura Ingalls Wilder’s  motherland is located, the author of the” Little House on the Prairie” books. Then, you will find the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum and a replica of her Little House.

 In September, showcase any alternate vehicle you might have and you will be part of Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, a  jubilee featuring food contests, cart lifts, spelling  notions, square balls, and  funk  feasts.  Before leaving Wisconsin, stop in the small  city of Stockholm, home to the Stockholm Artisanal hutch( Population 78), a swash  city that draws artists and  handicrafts men who showcase their work in original shops, galleries,  places, and  cafes.

After  landing images of the swash and  scars at Village Park, stop by Stockholm Pie and General Store for  lately ignited pies to take home. They offer gluten-free pies, mini pies, and  scrumptious options.  Or, fly home with a bag of locally produced apples, squash, double  failures, or ground cherry adulation from Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery, or have cider, wine, or mead flown to your room at the Charming Stockholm Pie and General Store.

Exploring Alma: Art, Nature, and River Views

 Before departing, stay overnight in Alma at The Bodies Over Alma Nature and Art Center( Population 878), a swash  city that engages artists and  crafters who feature their  workshop in original shops, galleries,  places, and  caffs. Village Park offers views of the swash and  scars. subsequently, head to Blueberries, Cranberries, Double failures, or Ground Cherry Butter for mouthwatering snacks. They’re gluten-free, small, and succulent. 

Take the scenic route north to the  fascinating  city of Alma, where you can enjoy the Pepin County literal Gallery and Stone field major point. Also, do not forget to try out the  fascinating bakeries in Alma. Alma Hotel Restaurant serves excellent walleye  feasts, brandy old fashioneds, and  diurnal specials.  Hike the gentle Mossy Hollow Trail for some cardio or climb the Stair Step thoroughfares, a series of 788 stairs connecting the  megacity’s two streets.

However, drive up to the upper part of Buena Vista Park to reach the largest natural deck overlooking the Mississippi River, located about 500  bases above the swash  megacity of Alma, If you prefer a  lower heart- pounding experience. You will also find birdwatching and other wildlife- viewing  openings at the Alma Nature and Art Center.  Wisconsin is  famed for its  rubbish, and a visit to Nelson rubbish plant in Nelson, Wisconsin( Population 395), right off Highway 35, is a  must-have.

 Alternatively, you might want to  witness the wines at Villa Bellezza Winery. This winery is about a 10-  nanosecond drive north from Nelson on the Great River Road. They offer inner and  out-of-door  seating, along with wine tasting.  Make a visit to the community of Pepin( Population 837), which is  notorious as the  motherland of Laura Ingalls Wilder, the author of the” Little House on the Prairie” series. Do not miss the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, where you can explore her life and learn about her  colonist adventures.

September Delights Along the Great River Road in Wisconsin

 In September, Pepin hosts Laura Ingalls Wilder Days, a  jubilee celebrating the author’s life and times. It features a variety of conditioning like food contests, cart lifts, spelling  notions, square balls, and, of course, the  notorious  funk  feasts.  Stockholm( Population 78) is another antique swash  city along the Great River Road. This  graphic   hall attracts artists and  handicrafts men who display their work in original shops, galleries, homes, and bakeries. You can explore the  fascinating shops and art galleries, or take in the beautiful views of the swash and  scars at Village Park.

 Before you leave Stockholm, be sure to stop by Stockholm Pie and General Store, where you can pick up  lately ignited pies to enjoy on your  trip. They offer a range of pie options, including gluten-free and mini pies.  still, visit Maiden Rock Winery and Cidery, If you are looking for some  succulent  potables to take home. They offer a variety of ciders, wines, and meads that you can buy and enjoy  later.

 In summary, driving the Great River Road in Wisconsin during September offers a wealth of  openings to enjoy the natural beauty, history, and original cuisine of the area. Whether you are interested in exploring  major  spots, savoring indigenous foods, or simply taking in the stunning decor, this scenic byway has a commodity to offer every  rubberneck.

In Minnesota, what to see and do on the Great River Road? 

Great River Road In Minnesota
Great River Road In Minnesota

Minnesota’s Great River Road Highlights

Minnesota’s Great River Road, gauging  565  long hauls along the Mississippi River, offers a splendid  trip through American history,  guests , and seaside  municipalities. 

 After crossing the swash from Hager City, Wisconsin, it heads south towards Iowa along Highway 61. Your first stop for exploring the  fascinating shops on Main Street is Red Wing, and do not miss  landing a picture with the 638- sized( and a half!) work  charge at the Red Wing Shoe Company store and gallery. snare a new brace of hiking  thrills and break them in at Frontenac State Park, where bald eagles resettle along the Mississippi Flyway during the fall, which is one of America’s  topmost avian superhighways.

Exploring Minnesota’s Historic River Towns

 Stay at the state’s oldest  hostel, the St. James Hotel in Red Wing, and savor a home- cooked breakfast at Bev’s Cafe before embarking on the 28- afar  trip to Minnesota’s oldest  megacity, Wabasha, west of the swash. Learn all about  public  catcalls at the National Eagle Center, and see eagles in action as they soar from the  out-of-door  observation platform. Take a break at Turning Waters Bed, Breakfast & Brewery for a craft beer and happy suds on the swash.

 In Winona,  a phenomenon at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, home to all  effects art- related to water. Great River scars State Park or Garvin Heights Stations are excellent places to catch original sights, with the  ultimate producing wine from the grapes grown on the  scars above Winona. Being a  council  city, it boasts  plenty of  cantina and dining options with affordable menus. Do not miss ordering a Lucy Burger, stuffed with  rubbish, at the River Front Bar and Grill. 

What to Explore and Experience Along Iowa’s Great River Road?

Great River Road In Iowa
Great River Road In Iowa

Exploring Iowa’s Scenic Great River Road

The Great River Road begins in New Albin, Iowa, but you will want to make your first stop a little south in Lansing, Iowa. The Drift less Area Education & Visitor Center offers stunning views of the  various  scars along the Mississippi River, as well as exhibits on original Native American  lines, European settlers, and indigenous wildlife. subsequently, make your way to Safe House Saloon, an original favorite known for its craft beer selection and house- made thin- crust pizza.

 Harper’s Ferry is home to over 200 effigy mounds, some in the shape of  creatures, created over 1,000 times ago by Native American  lines. Effigy Mounds National Monument is a sacred  point  girdled by beautiful  woods.

 Yellow River State Forest and Pikes Peak State Park are perfect for hiking and taking in scenic overlooks. However, a stop at Paper Moon on Main Street in McGregor is a  must-have, If you have not done  important shopping on your  trip yet. It’s a kind of egghead book and gift store that sits just a block down from the swash.

Iowa’s Great River Road Highlights

 A little  further than an hour’s drive from McGregor, Ball town, Iowa, known as Iowa’s Oldest Restaurant, is  positioned right on the Great River Road. The Breitbach’s Country Dining has been run by the same family since 1852. They are  notorious for their Iowa Fried Chicken and house- made pies by the afar. Be sure to travel until the River City, which boasts some of the stylish views of the Mississippi River Valley. 

In nearby Dubuque, you’ll find the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium, the largest museum and aquarium in the nation dedicated to the Mississippi River and its waters.

Before continuing, be sure to ride the Fenelon Place Elevator Company Funicular Railway for one last autumnal view after crossing the bridge from our starting point in Wisconsin, Lansing. Often called “the world’s steepest, shortest scenic railway,” you’ll have fantastic views of the river and the beautiful landscapes of three states from above the rail line.

Dubuque’s Historic Hotel & Spring Events

For a night’s stay, check into the historic Hotel Julien Dubuque. Rumor has it that it was one of Al Capone’s old haunts and even hosted Mark Twain and William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Today, it sits as a chic boutique hotel in the heart of Dubuque’s Old Main District.

If you can’t make the fall drive, consider planning a trip in the spring for the Rummage Along the River on May 17-18, 2024, where 70 miles of vintage sales will make for a fantastic springtime adventure!

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