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This loss adds to the historical dominance the Nuggets, including former players Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan, have exerted over the Clippers, winning 13 of the last 15 matchups. The Los Angeles Clippers, perennial underdogs against the Denver Nuggets, experienced another humiliating defeat on Monday night. Even with the absence of key players from the Nuggets’ lineup, the Clippers, who were once home to these players, failed to secure a victory, highlighting deeper issues within the team. The game took an unexpected turn as Jackson and Jordan, now playing for the Nuggets, played pivotal roles in the surprising upset.

Background of Clippers vs. Nuggets Rivalry

The Clippers and the Nuggets started being rivals during the 2020 playoffs. In those games, the Nuggets, with Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan, made a stunning comeback after being behind 3-1 in the series. This defeat set the tone for the Clippers’ struggles against the Nuggets, making them perpetual underdogs in this matchup against their former teammates.

Recent Record Against the Nuggets

Recent Record Against the Nuggets

The Clippers’ recent record against the Nuggets, including former players Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan, is dismal, losing 13 of the last 15 games. The margin of defeat in these matchups raises concerns about the team’s ability, despite having former stars, to compete at a high level, especially against a team they should theoretically dominate.

Monday’s Upset: An Unexpected Low

Monday’s game marked a new low for the Clippers, not just in their non-rivalry with the Nuggets but potentially for the entire era of Clippers basketball. Despite the Nuggets missing key players, including former players Jamal Murray and Aaron Gordon, they managed to secure a 113-104 victory against their former team.

Nuggets’ Depth Challenge

The absence of former key players Jamal Murray, Aaron Gordon, and Nikola Jokic should have made the game easier for the Clippers. However, the Nuggets’ depth challenge, even without these former players, didn’t hinder them, and they outperformed expectations.

Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan’s Surprising Performance

Former Clippers players Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan turned the tables, combining for 56 points, 18 rebounds, and 16 assists on 23-of-30 shooting. The stellar performances of these former players added insult to injury for the Clippers.

Comparison of Current Season Averages

Former players Jackson and Jordan, both in their mid-30s and with limited contributions this season, showcased a level of play that contradicted their current season averages. This unexpected performance exposed the Clippers’ inability to anticipate and counter such surprises from these players.

Clippers’ Struggle Against Nuggets Over the Years

The Clippers have consistently struggled to beat the Nuggets, especially in important moments. This challenge has been made worse by the fact that some former players are now part of the Nuggets’ team. Past victories, even with players in the mix, have not translated into sustained success, raising questions about the team’s mental resilience. The challenge of facing both the current Nuggets roster and the players adds an extra layer to the Clippers’ ongoing struggles.

Performance of Former Players and New Stars in the Clippers

In evaluating the performance of both players and new stars, James Harden and Russell Westbrook, it’s evident that expectations were not met. Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan were surprised with outstanding contributions, adding to the offensive fit issues. Meanwhile, the Clippers encountered defensive struggles, particularly when facing the Nuggets’ bench. The juxtaposition of players excelling and new stars falling short underscores the complexity of team dynamics in this surprising upset.

Implications for the Clippers’ Season

With a 7-9 record, the team, led by players Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan, needs to address these challenges to remain competitive in the Western Conference. The unexpected brilliance of these former Clippers players highlights vulnerabilities that must be acknowledged and rectified for the team to thrive in the ongoing season.

Inability to Overcome Critical Moments

The Clippers’ consistent failure to beat the Nuggets in critical situations, dating back to 2020, raises concerns about their ability to perform when it matters most, especially against their former players. This ongoing struggle emphasizes the challenge of overcoming adversity, particularly when facing former key contributors like Reggie Jackson and DeAndre Jordan, who have now become instrumental in the Nuggets’ success against their former team.

Assessment of Offensive and Defensive Challenges 

Offensive and defensive challenges were apparent in Monday’s game, emphasizing the need for strategic improvements in both areas. The surprising brilliance of the players added a layer of complexity to the Clippers’ struggles, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues for future games.

November Loss as a Red Flag

While one loss in November doesn’t define a season, the manner of this defeat serves as a red flag, shedding light on everything wrong with the Clippers over the past four seasons. Former players, once integral to the team, become central figures in exposing and emphasizing the challenges and shortcomings the Clippers have faced in recent years.

Looking Ahead: Challenges in April and May

The loss to Denver’s bench raises doubts about the Clippers’ readiness to face the Nuggets’ full-strength team in the playoffs. If the team struggles against Denver’s reserves in November, the prospects for April and May seem uncertain.


In conclusion, the Clippers’ embarrassing loss to the Nuggets underscores deeper issues within the team. The historical dominance of the Nuggets, combined with the unexpected brilliance of former players, exposes vulnerabilities that the Clippers must address, especially concerning their struggles against their players, to compete at the highest level.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this defeat a sign of the Clippers’ ongoing struggles against the Nuggets?

Ans: Yes, the loss highlights a consistent pattern of difficulty for the Clippers against the Nuggets, including challenges posed by players.

  1. How did the absence of key players impact the Nuggets’ performance?

Ans: Surprisingly, the Nuggets’ bench stepped up, showcasing depth even without key players.

  1. What went wrong for the Clippers in terms of offensive and defensive strategies?

Ans: Offensive fit issues, defensive lapses, and an inability to counter unexpected performances contributed to the defeat.

  1. Do November losses significantly affect a team’s playoff prospects?

Ans: While not determinative, November losses can be indicative of underlying issues that may impact the overall season.

  1. How can the Clippers address their historical struggles against the Nuggets, considering the impact of players in this matchup?

Ans:  Strategic improvements, mental resilience, and adapting to unexpected challenges, including those posed by former players, are crucial for overcoming historical struggles.

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