US Businesses Share Top Concerns Ahead of Second Republican Presidential Primary Debate on FOX Business

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American FOX Business Owners Share Concerns 

As the 2024 Republican presidential candidates gear up for their second primary debate, FOX Business schedules Digital session with three American FOX business owners to understand their top concerns about the state of the nation.

Vera Balic, owner of Houston Fast Track, expressed her concerns, stating, “I personally feel all the ‘free’ money that was given out during the COVID closures was the start of things going poorly. Now, the government is raising taxes and interest rates to recoup some of that money, all while continuing to spend recklessly.”

Nora Brunnett, owner of a bakery in Connecticut, emphasized the importance of an exit strategy from the Ukraine war. She stated, “I want my children and my grandchildren to have an America without a war.”

Chris Kirksey, CEO of and an Army veteran, questioned the allocation of tax money to a war that many in the country do not support.. Why is more than $70 billion of our tax dollars going to a war that the people in this country aren’t asking for? he questioned.? Knowing that I’m paying taxes to fund something I strongly oppose, it’s just kind of sad.”

All three fox business owners, participants in Red Balloon’s Freedom Economy Index survey, expressed their lack of confidence in current elected leaders to address policies impacting their success and quality of life in ways they find troubling.

Their concerns include government spending and national debt, rising costs of everyday goods, lack of domestic energy production, and unfriendly small business taxes. These are all topics that GOP presidential candidates may address during the second primary debate, moderated by FOX Business.

Looking ahead to the debate, American fox business owners hope to hear discussions on Ukraine, inflation, taxes, and education. They have witnessed the prices of essential business-related items rise since 2020, making operations increasingly challenging.

Vera Balic commented, “Since 2020, I’ve seen the price of just about everything related to my business increase, from items for my vending machines to the cost of tires. We’ve also faced issues with vendors running out of stock. It’s been a challenging period.


Top Concerns of American Business Owners  

As the 2024 Republican presidential candidates prepare for their second primary debate, FOX News Digital spoke to three American business owners about their primary concerns for the nation.

Vera Balic, owner of Houston Fast Track, emphasized the importance of rebuilding an America-only supply chain and reducing the national deficit. She said, “I genuinely believe that increasing domestic manufacturing of commodities will have the greatest impact of all while minimizing our dependency on other economies. And controlling our national debt is crucial. When it spirals out of control, it leads to financial instability and other side effects like inflation and unemployment.”

Nora Brunnett, the owner of a bakery in Connecticut, also criticized spending U.S. dollars on foreign economies, particularly in terms of aid and oil. She spoke emotionally about the challenges she faced due to skyrocketing inflation, which ultimately led her to close her business after eight and a half years.

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Brunnett explained, “My prices have gone up by 30% in the last two years, making it extremely challenging to pass those costs onto customers. No one wants to pay $6 for a cupcake, no matter how delicious it is and how great the recipe is. I had to decide whether or not to shut down my company. It was heartbreaking because I had invested everything into it. This was my fourth child. The American dream is about self-sufficiency, owning a business, giving back to your community, and passing on something to your family. Unfortunately, it feels like the government has hindered the American dream.”

These concerns voiced by business  to fox business owners highlight issues like government spending, national debt, inflation, and the need for a self-sustaining domestic supply chain. They hope that these topics will be addressed during the second Republican primary debate, hosted by FOX Business.

The challenges faced by these business owners serve as a stark reminder of the economic and financial issues affecting entrepreneurs across the nation.

American Business Owners Express Concerns Over Government Spending nd Leadership Ahead of 2024 Republican Presidential Debate on Fox Business News

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  As the 2024 Republican presidential candidates gear up for their second primary debate, FOX business News Digital continues to explore the concerns of American business owners regarding the state of the nation.

For Chris Kirksey, CEO and Army veteran, his priority lies in redirecting government spending and Ukraine aid back into the United States. He envisions these funds strengthening the nation, boosting the economy, combating inflation, securing borders, and aiding homeless populations. Kirksey’s vision is clear:

“I’d rather see that money go into making ourselves the best country ever.”

Nora Brunnett expressed her profound lack of confidence in every elected official in Washington. Vera Balic and Chris Kirksey, on the other hand, hold President Biden accountable for what they perceive as a series of concerning decisions.

Balic pointed to actions that, in her view, prioritize America last, including shutting down the Keystone pipeline and canceling oil leases. She believes these actions indicate a desire for U.S. dependence on foreign oil. The perceived lack of security on the southern border is another point of contention, as it affects the influx of undocumented individuals, impacting government resources and taxation.

Furthermore, Balic questioned the allocation of funds to Ukraine without clear progress toward peace and diplomacy, while the threat to veto pay raises for the military raises concerns about a perceived double standard.

Kirksey, a vocal critic of President Biden’s leadership, highlighted concerns about the president’s ability to perform his duties effectively.

He mentioned a reluctance to engage in debates and questioned the president’s physical fitness for office. Kirksey believes that confidence in leadership is essential, and he expressed doubts about President Biden’s capacity to lead effectively.

These sentiments underscore the multifaceted concerns of American business owners, ranging from government spending to leadership and the nation’s standing in the global arena. These topics are expected to feature prominently in the second Republican primary debate, hosted by FOX Business.

While the business owners may not have the opportunity to pose questions to the Republican candidates during the debate, FOX News Digital allowed them to voice their questions and concerns, shedding light on what they would like to hear from the GOP contenders.

Nora Brunet revealed that if she had the chance, she would ask the candidates which government agency they would prioritize defunding if they were elected as president.

Vera Balic, on the other hand, would inquire about their strategies to prevent future lockdowns, mandates, or suppression of speech that originated in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Kirksey had a different perspective, expressing his interest in hearing the candidates’ detailed plans to “empower” the economy.

In addition to their questions, the three business owners shared their preferences if the 2024 general election were held today.

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Their choices reflect diverse perspectives:

Vera Balic stated, “I would vote for President Trump. During his presidency, we had a strong economy, more freedom of speech, and increased world peace in general. While he may lack tact in talking with people, he is a businessperson who understands the art of the deal.”

Chris Kirksey expressed his preference for Vivek Ramaswamy, citing his knowledge, business ownership experience, and willingness to speak candidly and adapt to new information. Kirksey appreciates Ramaswamy’s ability to accept differing opinions, a trait he believes is lacking in many politicians today.

These insights from business owners highlight their desire for transparency, economic empowerment, and leadership qualities in potential presidential candidates. Their questions and preferences provide valuable perspectives as the 2024 election season approaches.

American Business Owners Share Their Diverse Perspectives on the 2024 Presidential Election

In a diverse spectrum of political viewpoints, the three business owners shared their unique perspectives on the 2024 presidential election.

Nora Brunnett, expressing her centrist libertarian stance, stated, “I would really consider myself more of a centrist libertarian, and I think that I would vote for the candidate that is the least of a politician. I’m not precisely sure who that will be yet, but I would unquestionably vote for the party and the candidate who is not a politician.

She emphasized her preference for a candidate who speaks candidly about their views on various issues, highlighting her desire for authenticity rather than perfection. Brunnett seeks a candidate who is genuine and not entrenched in the world of politics.

The upcoming second Republican primary debate will be broadcast live on FOX Business Live Stream Free from the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, commencing at 9 p.m. EST. As the election season unfolds, diverse voices and perspectives like those of these business owners contribute to the rich tapestry of American democracy.

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