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George Clooney Innovative Solution to Resolve the SAG-AFTRA Strike, Explained


George Clooney, beside  individual popular on-screen characters Ben Affleck, Scarlett Johansson, and other A-listers, came up with a arrange to conclusion the 98-day actors’ strike for SAG-AFTRA. In any case, the union’s arranging committee rejected their proposition.

Let’s break down the proposition to get it why;

Proposal Details:

  1. Contribution Increment for High-Earning Actors, Including George Clooney:

Some on-screen characters make a parcel of cash, and this portion of the proposition recommends expanding the sum they pay in union dues.

Union levy are expenses that on-screen characters pay to be a portion of SAG-AFTRA, which bolsters their interface and rights.

By raising contribution for the higher-earning on-screen characters, more cash would be accessible to address the strike’s issues.

  1. Alter in Residuals for Reasonable Payment;

Residuals are extra installments that performing artists get when their work is rerun, sold, or utilized in different ways.

The proposition needs to alter how these residuals are distributed.

Instead of giving these additional installments to all performing artists similarly, it points to prioritize lower-earning on-screen characters, guaranteeing they get paid first.

This is implied to assist those who win less from acting have a more pleasant share of the extra income.

Why the Proposition Was Rejected:

The union’s arranging committee turned down this proposition since they are staying to the requests they’ve been talking approximately for weeks. It’s a matter of different thoughts and procedures for settling the strike.

Dues Increment As of now, individuals of the SAG-AFTRA union pay $231.96 in base contribution each year. On best of that, they too pay 1.575% of their profit up to $1 million.

A-Listers’ Proposition:

The proposition put forward by A-list on-screen characters like George Clooney proposes expelling the $1 million cap. In straightforward terms, this implies that all the money on-screen characters make from their work would be subject to the 1.575% charge, with no upper limit.

Expected Profit:

George Clooney accepts that this alter might bring in roughly $50 million each year. Be that as it may, this number might appear exceptionally tall since it would infer that on-screen characters collectively win around $3.2 billion each year over the $1 million cap. To put it in point of view, typically  like saying that about 160 performing artists make an normal of $21 million each year, which can be a bit of a stretch.

The Primary Issue:

The greatest issue with George Clooney’s proposition is that it doesn’t address the center issue of the SAG-AFTRA strike. The strike isn’t almost expanding the money the union gets from on-screen character levy. Instep, it’s around getting performing artists more cash. These two things are not the same. Raising union contribution won’t fix the money studios owe to on-screen characters or the reserves that bolster actors’ wellbeing and retirement.

Strike’s Reason:

The reason SAG-AFTRA individuals are on strike is to move forward the income of performing artists. They need to create beyond any doubt performing artists get paid more for their work in motion pictures, TV appears, and other productions.

Clooney’s Proposition:

George Clooney’s thought centers on expanding the sum performing artists pay in union contribution. These levy are expenses performing artists pay to be portion of the union, which bolsters their rights and benefits. Be that as it may, this alter in contribution won’t unravel the strike’s fundamental issue, which is almost getting performing artists way better pay and progressing their working conditions.

Dues Aren’t Portion of Arrangement:

One critical thing to get it is that union contribution are not portion of the transaction handle between the SAG-AFTRA union and the Alliance of Movement Picture and Tv Makers. These contribution are decided by the SAG-AFTRA National Board. So, changing them would require a isolated process.

Selling the Thought Changing the contribution structure would moreover include convincing high-earning actors to agree to pay more to the union. This may be a challenging assignment as not all performing artists may be willing to do so.

Union’s Money related Circumstance:

It’s moreover worth noticing that the union isn’t  confronting a monetary emergency when it comes to contribution. Within the final financial year, the union gotten a considerable $127 million, which is really more than the past year. This increment is since the generation of motion pictures and TV appears has bounced back to the levels seen some time recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dues Do not Affect Arrangements:

One imperative thing to get it is that union levy do not play a part within the transactions between SAG-AFTRA and the Organization together of Movement Picture and Tv Makers. These contribution are set by the SAG-AFTRA National Board. So, changing them would require a partitioned prepare that’s not associated to the strike negotiations.

Convincing High-Earners:

Changing the levy would too cruel inducing performing artists who win a lot of cash to concur to pay more to the union. This could be a challenging errand since not all high-earning on-screen characters may be willing to do so.

Union’s Financial Situation:

It’s too worth noticing that the union isn’t battling fiscally when it comes to contribution. Within the final financial year, the union gotten a significant $127 million, which is really more than the past year. This increment is due to the resurgence of motion picture and TV generation to levels seen some time recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dues and Pension/Health:

Plans Fran Drescher, who is the president of SAG-AFTRA, clarified in an Instagram video that expanding contribution cannot be utilized to bolster the benefits and wellbeing plans of the union. She portrayed this comparison as “apples and oranges.” In other words, raising contribution wouldn’t offer assistance with the most issues causing the strike; it’s a diverse matter.

Residual Structure Proposition:

The gather led by George Clooney moreover proposes changing the way residuals are paid. They need to prioritize lower-earning performing artists, guaranteeing they get paid to begin with, whereas higher workers would get residuals later.

Residuals vs. Benefit Cooperation:

Be that as it may, there appears to be a few disarray here. Residuals are installments performing artists get when their work is utilized once more, like in reruns or other ways. The proposition blends this up with benefit interest, which is when A-list on-screen characters arrange a share of the benefits, and this cash is paid out in a grouping known as a “waterfall” framework. As more benefits come within, the money goes to performing artists at diverse levels within the waterfall. So, an actor’s position in this grouping can make a huge contrast in how much they receive.

Understanding Residuals:

Residuals are installments that on-screen characters get when their work is utilized again, like when a motion picture is sold to a unused stage or shown on TV. These installments are set in contracts, and everybody owed them gets paid at the same time. It’s not based on benefits, and where an on-screen character stands doesn’t matter.

Debunking the “Waterfall” Idea;

The thought that residuals work like a “waterfall,” with a few performing artists getting paid some time recently others, isn’t  genuine. Residuals take after the contract terms, and everybody gets paid fairly.

Fran Drescher’s See on the Leftover Proposal:

Fran Drescher, a well-experienced union part, said that the proposed arrangement for residuals doesn’t hold up. She called it a “nuanced house of cards,” proposing it’s as well complex to work.

The Genuine Issues:

The strike has kept going 98 days since the recommendations, counting the leftover one, don’t address the most problems. The performing artists need a share of the cash from gushing administrations, higher least compensation that keep up with rising costs, and rules for counterfeit intelligence.

The Motivation Behind the Proposals:

These proposition seem to come from a honest to goodness crave to conclusion the strike. The performing artists are willing to create penances to discover a arrangement, appearing a sense of obligation to resolve the issues.

Residuals are additional installments that on-screen characters get when their work is appeared again on TV or in modern groups. These installments are not connected to how much cash a extend makes, and everybody who’s gathered to induce them gets them at the same time. The contracts made by the actors’ union clearly state who gets how much. The idea of a “waterfall” or where an performing artist is placed doesn’t matter when it comes to residuals.

Fran Drescher’s Take on Residuals:

Actress Fran Drescher talked almost the proposition for residuals in an Instagram video. She specified that the proposition was surveyed by experienced union staff, arbitrators, and attorneys. Tragically, they found that the proposition doesn’t truly work. She called the circumstance exceptionally complicated.

The Greater Issue:
  • The strike has been going on for 98 days since these proposition do not address the most issues. The genuine issues are:
  • Actors want a share of the money made from streaming their work.
  • They need the least installments they get to extend to keep up with rising prices.
  • They also want rules almost utilizing manufactured insights in their work.

Sincere Intentions:

It appears just like the individuals making these recommendations truly need to end the strike. They moreover accept that performing artists who make a part of cash ought to be willing to form penances to settle these problems.

Committee Concerns:


The SAG-AFTRA Arranging Committee has a few concerns approximately the proposal. They worry that it might make the bunch feel less joined together and committed to their possess thoughts, which are basic for getting the most excellent bargain. This proposition moreover recommends that exceedingly paid performing artists ought to step in to pay for things that the studios ought to be covering. This may diminish the weight on the studios to do their part.

A Proposal for A-List Actors:

When inquired what popular A-list performing artists can do to assist resolve the circumstance, one individual near to the arrangements prescribed that they appear bolster by joining the picket line. In other words, they ought to physically stand nearby their individual performing artists who are on strike to appear solidarity and commitment to the cause.


In conclusion, George Clooney and other beat performing artists suggested raising union contribution for high-earning performing artists and changing how residuals are conveyed to benefit lower-earning on-screen characters. Be that as it may, the union committee rejected the proposition, staying with their unique requests within the ongoing arrangements. Clooney’s proposition, which includes dispensing with the $1 million cap on a 1.575% charge, might possibly generate about $50 million every year, but this appraise may be excessively hopeful given actors’ profit designs. Clooney’s arrange doesn’t adjust with the essential objective of the SAG-AFTRA strike, which is to boost actors’ profit. Changing union contribution won’t resolve the studios’ debt to actors or address their well-being and retirement stores. 

Convincing high-earning performing artists to pay more in contribution might be a challenge, as contribution are not portion of arrangements with makers. Besides, the union’s monetary circumstance shows up steady due to expanded profit from the return of pre-pandemic generation levels. Clooney’s proposition may not direct address the issues, because it befuddles residuals with benefit cooperation and falls flat to handle the strike’s root causes or help annuity and wellbeing plans.

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