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Giovinco Castellano at the premiere of Season 2 of ‘The Summer Trend Party,’ held at Mr. Purple in New York City. Image: Christina Baumgarten/Gate via Various Means.

The New York Jets have announced #TeamConrad!

On Thursday, the official Instagram account of the NFL team shared a picture featuring the stars of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’: Sean Kaufman, David Ayacono, and Christopher Brini, expressing their support for the team.While ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ stars revealed their allegiance to the Jets, the NFL team shared that they are a part of the series with the hashtag #TeamConrad.

Bryan, who plays the role of Conrad Fisher, is on the left, Kaufman, who portrays Steven, is on the right, and Yacono, who plays Cameron, is on the far right. However, one significant cast member, Giovinco Castellano, who is portraying Jeremiah Fisher, was conspicuously absent from the picture, and he made a cheeky comment in response to his absence

The actor born in Dallas playfully teased the preference of the NFL team for Bryan’s character and commented on his co-stars’ picture, saying, ‘Maybe you guys lost… but @dallascowboys know what’s up, and I bet @Chefs do too! 🤷‍♂️’

Giovinco Castellano

Castellano and Bryan
Castellano and Bryan

In the upcoming season of the romantic series,Giovinco Castellano and Bryan have portrayed two brothers who both fall in love with the same girl, Isabelle ‘Billy’ Conklin. Before Conrad heads off to college in the scorching summer season, the family gathers at the Fisher vacation home for one last summer together. But once Billy, who is delivered to the scene by Lola Tong, catches Conrad’s eye, she becomes the focus of his attention, with her vibrant personality drawing him away from his platonic relationship with Romano. A friend – and Conrad’s younger brother – Jeremiah.

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‘Team Conrad’ and ‘Team Jeremiah’ hashtags went viral on TikTok, with Bryan’s character amassing over 3.1 billion views and Casalegno’s character raking in more than 1.8 billion views. The series’ second season concluded on August 18th, and a renewal for a third season was announced on August 3rd, just before the conclusion of the season.

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‘Team Conrad

While the Jets have announced #TeamConrad, the NFL team’s official X account (formerly known as Twitter) also posted a picture of another star. In a post, the account shared a picture of Succession’s Jeremy Strong in vivid green with the caption, “The big boy is here,” as an acknowledgment of his famous line from the series, marking the end of his character.

In addition to Strong and the cast of ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty,’ several other prominent personalities were present at the Jets’Giovinco game against the Chiefs, including Taylor Swift, Sophie Turner, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Sabrina Carpenter, Anthony Porowski, Shawn Levy, Carson Daly, and longtime Chiefs fan Paul Rudd.

Recently, Swift, after witnessing the intense showdown between the Chiefs and the Trios Kells in the game, set the internet abuzz with her romantic rumors. After seeing them at two Chiefs games, Swift has sparked a buzz online about her romance with Trios Kells. On September 24th, following her participation in “Carol Summer” at the Chicago Bears’ game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, Swift made her appearance in New York.

Sports Info: Chiefs vs. Jets

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