Haaland Supports Fulham’s Criticism Of VAR Decision in Favor

Haaland Supports Fulham’s Criticism Of VAR Decision in Favor of Man City’s Goal

East Bengal FC vs. Mohun Bagan Super Giants Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata. Derby Match. 132nd Durand Cup Final. Asia’s oldest football tournament.

In the history of Indian football, there’s been nothing quite like it. Two clubs, two fan bases, sharing 32 Durand Cup victories between them (16 each); a rivalry steeped in tradition. The Durand Cup final has seen these two teams face each other a remarkable 10 times (with 4 wins each and 2 shared victories). Despite this, the Kolkata Derby

Between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan is Brewing.

It represents a chance for any club that hasn’t won it in over a decade or more. This is the Durand Cup final everyone has been waiting for.

Haaland Supports Fulham’s Criticism Of VAR Decision in Favor of Man City’s Goal
Haaland Supports Fulham

…or is it?

There’s no ending this. It could be that we’re here to decide the destination of the trophy, whether through penalties, individual brilliance, or, heaven forbid, extra time in this 90-minute international football spectacle.

Evidence? Just three weeks ago, when both teams had canceled each other out, and attempts at comparing the incomparable were exhausted. At the stroke of the hour, Nandha Kumar Sekar took inspiration from the best of Arjen Robben, cutting inside Nearthe’s box, and Anirudh Thapa executed an outfoxing with his left foot. East Bengal held steady, and Quess Arca quelled their adversaries, watching the field painted in red and gold.

Which Matchups Will Be Crucial in The Final?

The rivalry persisted, and Quadrat witnessed a breakthrough in his eighth attempt, gazing at his opponents with a metaphorical glint of red and gold as he affirmed that this was still a ‘pre-season’ tournament. Both teams had risen swiftly, – Fernando and Quadrat having no possibility of fielding the same XIs as they did in the group stage. Still, the intensity of this occasion can give birth to a cautious approach, as their past records in finals suggest.

In the end, this Derby promises to be much more than just a football match. It’s a historical showdown, a chance for glory, and an opportunity for fans to savor 90 minutes of intense international football. The Durand Cup final – a spectacle like no other.

What Was Their Path to Reach This Point?

Eastern Bengal started the tournament with a thrilling 2-2 draw, keeping their recent semi-final ‘victory’ at 2-2. In these games, the Cuadrat-coached Sandwiz Classic secured a 1-0 win, putting them at the top of Group A and securing their place in the quarterfinals with a 2-1 victory against Gokulam Kerala, thanks to their goal.

Nevertheless, as Cuadrat adopted an even more defensive approach in the semi-finals (featuring the likes of Nishu Kumar and Josu Parado in midfield), Eastern Bengal suffered a 2-0 defeat against North East United FC, thanks to some splendid performances by Konsham Phalguni Singh. It wasn’t a Cuadrat classic because the game descended into chaos – a delayed goal by Mahesh Singh and a time-equalizing header by Nandha led to penalty shootouts. Parthiba Guha Roy saved Prabhsookhn’s goal (albeit illegally) and saw it crossbar-bound, then crossed it again, sealing the win with the fifth penalty – taking Eastern Bengal to the finals.

 A Warm Welcome To Cuadrat in The Arena’s Frenzy.

Mohun Bagan had an easy time on their path to the finals against their rivals; they finished second in their group (almost knocked out by Mohammedan SC, who won 6-0 when they needed a seven-goal margin). Before a comfortable and convincing 3-1 win against Mumbai City FC in the quarterfinals, they defeated Bangladesh Army and Punjab FC, the only teams to beat them in the entire tournament.

So, Eastern Bengal suffered their only defeat in the tournament at the hands of Mohun Bagan, and now they find themselves on the predetermined path to the finals.

In the semi-final, Juan Ferrando and Manolo Marquez ended the contentious match with a 2-1 victory for Bagan, securing their spot in the final with a lot of excitement. FC Goa initially took the lead through Novh Sadaway’s impressive performance, but Bagan showed resilience in their comeback journey. It was a game that should have been played outside the box, with no room for errors. Jason Cummings made no mistake, allowing Armando Sadiku to announce himself as Bagan’s cult hero with a fantastic long-range strike. While Vishal Kaith had to save Goa from further setbacks due to injury time, Bagan had passed the test.

Haaland Supports Fulham

What are The Key Battles in The Final?

It will depend on the players, but there’s no denying that Nandhakumar of Eastern Bengal played a crucial role. If he can isolate someone like Suhair VP or Thapa from Chennai, it could lead to significant damage. After a shaky start against NEUFC in the semi-finals, either Sadiku or Cummings can capitalize.

The real battle is in midfield, where Hugo Boumous, Sahil Abdul Samad, and Thapa could potentially take on Borges, Crivellaro, and Chakrabarti. All three nullified each other in the previous derby, but maintained their standards to change the game with a moment of brilliance.

If it comes down to the keepers – Gal and Kaith have already proven their abilities, but Bagan’s keeper might have a slight advantage.

How Will They Line Up?

 East Bengal FC Predicted XI (4-2-3-1): Subho Ghosh (GK); Ankit Mukherjee, Lalchhuanmawia, Elsiti Jardin, Hermann Bhutia; Saul Crisp, Souvik Chakrabarti; Mahesh Singh, Borges Herrera, Nandhakumar Sekar; Javi Siverio

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