Halle Bailey Addresses Controversy Surrounding Pregnancy
Halle BaileyHalle Bailey

Baby Joy Sparks Social Media Stir for Halle Bailey

While celebrating the recent arrival of her baby boy with boyfriend DDG, actress and singer Halle Bailey finds herself embroiled in a social media controversy over her decision to keep her pregnancy under wraps. Accusations of ‘gaslighting’ and alleged Photoshop tactics have sparked a heated exchange between Bailey and some of her critics on the platform.

Controversy Unfolds on Social Media

The 23-year-old star, known for her role in “The Little Mermaid,” faced backlash on X (formerly Twitter) after a user claimed Bailey had gone beyond concealing her pregnancy and accused her of dishonesty. The user contended, “People are more so annoyed that she went out of her way to lie and gaslight about it.” They also brought attention to Bailey’s alleged use of Photoshop to hide her baby bump during public appearances.

Bailey Claps Back at Accusations

Responding to the criticism, Halle Bailey took to X to address the accusations head-on. In a quote tweet, she dismissed the claims of ‘gaslighting,’ emphasizing that she had never lied about her pregnancy. Bailey mentioned that her humor extended only as far as making a joke about her nose, asserting that her primary focus was on protecting her peace during the sensitive period of pregnancy.

Defending Privacy and Sharing Joy

Bailey, who recently shared the joyous news of her son’s arrival, defended her decision to keep the pregnancy private, stating, “I’ll never understand why you are mad I protected my peace, wouldn’t you do the same?” She also addressed the decision to now share pictures of her son on social media, expressing her right to do so while urging those uninterested to simply scroll past.

Fans Weigh In on the Controversy

While some fans supported Bailey’s right to privacy and celebrated the news of her son, others expressed their disappointment and frustration. Bailey engaged with fans who critiqued her choices, with one user advising her to enjoy her newfound motherhood away from the public eye.

Bailey Announces a Social Media Break

Amid the ongoing exchange, Halle Bailey humorously acknowledged her heightened hormones and announced a temporary break from X, stating, “lol my hormones have been on 10 recently so I’m gonna go back to staying off Twitter. Love you all.”As the controversy continues to unfold, Bailey remains firm in her stance, emphasizing her right to privacy and expressing joy in sharing her happiness with fans. 


  1. Why did Halle Bailey keep her pregnancy a secret?
  • Halle Bailey chose to keep her pregnancy private to protect her peace and maintain a sense of personal space during the sensitive period.
  1. What led to accusations of ‘gaslighting’ against Halle Bailey?
  • Accusations of ‘gaslighting’ arose when a user claimed Bailey went beyond concealing her pregnancy, accusing her of dishonesty and shading fans who questioned her secrecy.
  1. Did Halle Bailey use Photoshop to hide her baby bump?
  • A user alleged that Bailey used Photoshop to conceal her pregnancy during public appearances. However, Bailey denied this claim, stating that a joke about her nose was the extent of her humor.
  1. How did Halle Bailey respond to the criticism on social media?
  • Bailey responded to the criticism through a quote tweet, dismissing the ‘gaslighting’ accusations and defending her decision to keep the pregnancy private. She emphasized the importance of protecting her peace.
  1. Why did Halle Bailey announce a break from social media?
  • Halle Bailey humorously mentioned her heightened hormones and announced a temporary break from social media, specifically Twitter, to avoid further engagement in the ongoing controversy.
  1. How did fans react to Halle Bailey’s announcement of her son’s arrival?
  • While some fans celebrated the joyous news, others expressed disappointment and frustration over the perceived secrecy. The discussion among fans ranged from supporting Bailey’s privacy to urging her to enjoy motherhood away from the public eye.

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