Boosting Business Efficiency: How ChatGPT Empowers Me to Earn and Save Time in 5 Ways

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Jen Glantz, a solopreneur, and creative content producer, continually experiments with fresh side gigs and revenue channels.

Upon welcoming her first child, she enlisted ChatGPT’s assistance to tackle time-consuming responsibilities.

ChatGPT Unleashed: 5 Ways It Supercharges My Business, from Brand Partnerships to TikTok Discoveries.

ChatGPT Unleashed: 5 Ways It Supercharges My Business, from Brand Partnerships to TikTok Discoveries.

“I’ve been managing my own business and producing content for seven Unlocking New Revenue Streams: How ChatGPT Helps Me Earn Effortlessly Through Side Gigs”, since becoming a first-time mother in March, it has become quite challenging to sustain my business.”

In Earlier Times, I’d Bring On Online Help for My Website, Social Media, and Content Needs. However, It Was a Lengthy Process to Train Them in the Right Way of Doing Things. Now that time is limited due to the baby, I use an AI chatbot called ChatGPT to help me with my work.

I have found that using ChatGPT not only saves me time and money but also helps me grow my business. Elevating My Business: How ChatGPT Enhances Content Creation, Social Media Management, Client Interactions, Innovation, and My Overall Brand. Employing ChatGPT has genuinely signified a noteworthy metamorphosis in my capacity, encompassing both my role as a parent and a business proprietor.


1: Discovering SEO Success: Exploring Topics and Keywords for Improved Visibility:

I used to offer a service where I crafted speeches for bridesmaids, and my clients often found me through Google searches when they needed language assistance. I charged $375 per speech and used to secure a good number of orders, averaging between five to ten each month, all thanks to my online presence.

As the Years Passed, More Players Entered My Industry, Ramping Up the Competition. My website’s ranking on Google gradually declined, and as a result, the number of orders dwindled. My monthly orders dropped from five to ten to just three to five.

Considering My Situation, I Contemplated Seeking an ‘SEO’ Expert to Revive My Online Presence. SEO involves optimizing your website to improve its ranking on Google’s search results. However, the SEO specialists I came across were charging a hefty $2,000, which was beyond my budget.

In search of an alternative, I turned to ChatGPT for assistance. I asked ChatGPT to help me identify the right keywords to incorporate into my website’s content to boost its ranking on Google. Armed with ChatGPT’s insightful keyword list, I adeptly integrated these essential terms into various sections of my website, spanning from the homepage to the blog posts.


2:  I Harnessed ChatGPT’s Expertise for Boosting my Social Media Strategy:

In the past, I’ve hired social media consultants to help with my online content, and they cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,000 a month. They will help coordinate the placement and do the posting for me. In the past, it would typically consume anywhere from 10 to 20 hours to tailor content to my specific needs and preferences. However, my recent approach was a departure from the norm. I decided to enlist the assistance of ChatGPT in generating content ideas for my Instagram and TikTok accounts, and it turned out to be a remarkably wise choice.

To begin, I asked ChatGPT to assist me in crafting a script for a scenario where someone needed to politely decline an engagement proposal without causing discomfort. I adapted this script into a reel on Instagram. To my astonishment, the reel garnered over 6 million views, marking a significant success for my Instagram account.

I also turned to ChatGPT for inspiration in brainstorming captivating narratives for my posts. I had a specific theme I wished to share on Instagram, as well as videos aligned with TikTok trends, but I was grappling with the task of creating engaging stories. Instead of investing an extensive amount of time searching for ideas on my own, I sought ChatGPT’s guidance. For instance, I provided a video depicting a bride’s perspective and requested a caption like, “When you’ve been engaged six times this year and ____.” ChatGPT ingeniously suggested, “Your bank account was crying for a break.” I incorporated this witty phrase as a text overlay in my video, and it resonated exceptionally well with the audience.

Furthermore, ChatGPT played a pivotal role in helping me identify the most effective hashtags to employ on TikTok for bridal-themed profiles. By using hashtags like “wearing a bunch” and “everyday bride,” I observed a noticeable increase in engagement compared to when I employed more conventional hashtags. This marked a significant triumph for my content strategy.

I have tried other hashtag tools in the past, but ChatGPT stood out because it not only saved me a lot of time (reducing my searches by 75%) but also provided thoughtful and highly effective hashtags It was a game that transformed my social media content, and the results on my online I’m happy with.


3: Utilizing ChatGPT’s Support to Craft Compelling Pitch Emails for Brand Sponsors and Partners:

To begin, I asked ChatGPT to assist me in crafting a script for a scenario where someone needed to politely decline an engagement proposal without causing discomfort.

A significant portion of my income comes from collaborations and partnerships with brands. These companies pay me handsomely to advertise their products on social media, my newsletter, and my podcast.

To get these connections, I spent about 20 hours a month researching different brands, emailing them for collaborations, and then following up. I could hire someone to do this, but most ad sales professionals charge a commission fee of around 15% to 20%, which would eat into my profits. Instead, I decided to try using ChatGPT to help me create a list of brands for me Now, I’ve been creating more mommy content, so I asked ChatGPT to recommend 25 new or trendy baby brands that are open to working with influencers. ChatGPT gave me a list of brands, and I decided to reach out to each of them. To find the right person to contact these brands, I did a quick search on LinkedIn and used the free email search tool to find their contact information. Usually, this whole process takes me one to two hours per week, but in ChatGPT it only took 15 minutes. Then, I asked ChatGPT to help me write pitch emails to these baby brands, as if I were an influencer interested in collaborating with them. ChatGPT created a template for me and came up with some content ideas that brands could inspire. It also took me 15 minutes to create these emails and send them to 25 brands. Of the 25 brands I spoke to, five declined, 10 haven’t responded, and five expressed interest and requested more information or a phone call so calling. So far, I have been able to strike a deal with one of these resources, and they have given me over $500 worth of free merchandise in exchange for creating a social media video and being featured in their newsletter.

Using ChatGPT made the whole process faster and more efficient, saving me a lot of time and still getting results. It has been a helpful tool for me in landing brand deals and partnerships without the need for an expensive advertising sales professional.


4: Discovering a Rapid Method for Crafting Product Strategies and Conducting Competitor Analysis:

I’m currently working on special software designed to assist individuals in crafting wedding speeches, particularly for brides. However, before I unveil this program to the public, I need to strategize.

Firstly, I had to identify existing similar programs. It’s akin to observing what other chefs are preparing before creating my own unique dish. Understanding what’s already available is crucial for me to enhance and distinguish my design. This phase of research and design typically consumes a substantial amount of time, upwards of 20 hours! It’s like devoting a full day to observing and gaining insights from others. If I were to hire assistance, it could set me back approximately $2,000.

Fortunately, I discovered a more efficient approach. I leveraged a specialized software called ChatGPT. This program excels at helping me gather information and brainstorm ideas. I tasked ChatGPT with finding information on existing speech-writing programs for weddings. With its rapid search capabilities, it didn’t take long—almost like being a speedy detective unraveling all the necessary clues.

Armed with the insights from ChatGPT, I could outline essential aspects, such as the project’s appearance, revenue potential, and distinctive features that would set it apart. It’s akin to meticulously plotting how my system will outshine and surpass existing offerings.

Next, I enlisted ChatGPT’s assistance in formulating a plan to introduce my project and generate interest. It’s reminiscent of organizing a grand party to showcase my latest creation. ChatGPT swiftly provided the initial framework for this setup, requiring only a few hours of refinement.


5: Enhancing Customer Service Responses and Upselling with ChatGPT’s Assistance:

I have many products and services that I offer, such as tutoring and personal support for marriage. Every day I get about 15 to 20 emails from users with questions. If I were to hire someone to help me process these emails, the cost would be around $250 to $500 per week. To make things easier, I decided to find a way to handle these emails well. I looked at the top 10 most frequently asked questions and created a chart. Instead of writing answers to these questions from scratch, which would take up a lot of my time, I turned to ChatGPT for help.

A common problem people had was that they had a hard time finding the courses they bought from me online. So, I asked ChatGPT to help me write an answer to this problem. ChatGPT prepared a detailed response explaining the steps to access the tutorial and what to do if they still have problems. Doing this myself would take at least 30 minutes, and I wanted to make sure my response was friendly and not insulting. Another situation I often encountered was when people finished one of my classes and wanted to share how much it helped them. I saw an opportunity here that didn’t look like a pushy salesperson offering them my coaching services. So, I asked ChatGPT to write an email gently introducing my coaching services. I sent this message via email to five distinct clients during the previous month, which initiated conversations with two prospective clients who showed keen interest in enlisting my training services.” This can save close to $1,000. In a nutshell, I used ChatGPT to save time and money and it helped me answer frequently asked customer questions and receive more productivity-generating emails. It’s like a smart assistant that can handle routine tasks, so I can focus on providing great service to my clients and doing my job.

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