How Nacua of the Los Angeles Rams Aims to Sustain His Remarkable Performance


Nacua’s impressive performance in his first four NFL games includes 39 catches and a remarkable 501 receiving yards, making him the leader in this category. Indianapolis – In NFL history, Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford has positioned himself at the center of the record books for having the most yards in a single season, joining the ranks of two other greats: Kilian Johnson in 2012 (1,964 yards) and Cooper Kupp in 2021 (1,947 yards).

In just four games this season, Puka Nacua, the Rams’ fifth-round draft pick, is outshining both of these star players. According to ESPN’s numbers and in-depth research, He also made a significant impact by scoring a game-winning touchdown against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, covering an impressive 163 yards. It was a thrilling overtime touchdown, marking a memorable moment in Nacua’s budding career.

In these first four games of the season, Nacua has contributed to a whopping 32% of the Rams’ offensive targets, a remarkable feat that places him second in the entire NFL. This achievement is even more impressive considering the injury setback faced by Cooper Hemsrong.

Cooper is now fit and ready to return from the injury reserve list, as confirmed by Rams’ coach Sean McVay, who announced that Cooper’s 21-day window for his return will commence this Sunday. He will be hitting the practice field this week.

Nacua Responded

When asked if he thinks he can maintain this remarkable pace and handle the increasing workload, Nacua responded with confidence, saying, “I’m just here to do my job. So whenever number 9 sends the ball my way, I’m thrilled because I know he makes my job as easy as it can be. If they keep telling me to ‘take the shot,’ I’m all for it.”

“I’m solely focused on doing my job,” Nacua emphasized. “So, whenever that number 9 passes the ball my way, I’m overjoyed because I realize he’s making my task as straightforward as possible.”

“Besides that, I’m making sure to prioritize my physical well-being. I’m grateful for the support of the people in the training room and the dedicated staff here. These days, sleep is my number one friend, and I’m hitting the sack as early as I can. 9, 9:30, the absolute latest.”

Nacua’s exceptional performance

Nacua has been listed on the injury report every week since the season opener, although he was a full participant in practice twice last week. There was some limited participation speculation because Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford faced a minor injury setback.

Matthew Stafford also persevered through a rib injury during the game against Indianapolis, describing it as a “shot down the path.” Nevertheless, he’s determined to return and play against the Philadelphia Eagles in Week 5.

Coach McVay commented, “Matthew placed the ball in a spot for Puka to make a play. I’d say he went 9 for 9 in terms of catches on 9 targets. He was the man today, and he’s been the man for the past four weeks.”

While Nacua’s exceptional performance has been one of the most surprising stories of this NFL season so far, Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey expressed confidence, stating that after witnessing Nacua during the offseason and training camp, he knew Dukiebazz would be “really good.”

Ramsey noticed that he pays meticulous attention to every aspect of his game. It was evident during OTAs and training camp that he possessed something exceptional. A fifth-round pick? I thought he should have been a first-round selection.”

“He’s a phenomenal player, a great guy. I’m genuinely happy for him. He’s going to continue breaking records. His first touchdown is a game-winner. How incredible is that?

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