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How to download the Photoshop beta

What Is Photoshop Beta

Q: Do you know anything about Photoshop Beta?

How to download the Photoshop betaPhotoshop Beta is a distinct application separate from the well-known Adobe Photoshop, a part of the Creative Cloud suite. This standalone app provides users with the opportunity to explore and test upcoming features directly within the Photoshop environment.

As of the current writing, Adobe utilizes web-based Adobe Firefly for beta feature testing. However, the Photoshop Beta app allows users to engage with features that are in the final stages of development, providing a hands-on experience for testing and feedback. Functionally, Photoshop Beta operates similarly to the Photoshop app within Creative Cloud, but with a distinct logo featuring wireframes against a white background. This tool serves as a platform for users to actively participate in testing and providing input on the latest features.

How to Download the Photoshop Beta

check the full potential of your Creative Cloud subscription by gaining access to not only official Photoshop releases but also the latest beta versions. In this comprehensive guide written by Steve Patterson, you’ll learn How to download the Photoshop beta, allowing you to experience upcoming features like the revolutionary Generative Fill before their official release.

As a Creative Cloud subscriber, you have the unique advantage of exploring beyond conventional Photoshop features. The beta version serves as a preview platform for upcoming tools and functionalities, with one of the highlights being the awe-inspiring new Generative Fill.

By downloading the latest Photoshop beta, you not only get a sneak peek at cutting-edge features but also play a crucial role in their development. Adobe encourages users to actively participate in improving the software by reporting bugs, submitting ideas, and engaging with the Photoshop beta online community.

To begin, ensure you have an active Creative Cloud subscription, as this is a prerequisite for downloading the Photoshop beta. Both the official release and the beta version can coexist on your system simultaneously, allowing you to switch between stable and experimental releases.

Next, open the Creative Cloud application on your computer and look for the ‘Beta Apps’ section, usually located in the sidebar or under the ‘Apps’ tab. Within this section, find and select Photoshop Beta from the list of available beta versions.

How to Download the Photoshop Beta and Install

Once you’ve selected Photoshop Beta, locate the ‘Download’ or ‘Install’ button and click on it to initiate the download process. Follow the on-screen instructions to install Photoshop Beta on your system.

After the installation is complete, launch the Photoshop Beta application to explore upcoming features, with special attention to the innovative Generative Fill tool. Take an active role in shaping the future of Photoshop by reporting any bugs you encounter and sharing your ideas for improvement.

Additionally, join the Photoshop beta online community to connect with other users, exchange insights, and stay updated on the latest developments. By following these steps, you’ll not only be at the forefront of innovation but also contribute to refining the Photoshop experience for users worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to explore, experiment, and collaborate within the dynamic Photoshop beta environment.

Step 1: Launch the Creative Cloud desktop application

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta

Start with Initiate the Creative Cloud Desktop app, the identical application employed for installing the official Photoshop release.

Previously limited to launching and updating your Adobe apps, the Creative Cloud Desktop app has been greatly enhanced. Let’s examine this. Here is a list of all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You can view the ones that are part of your subscription and the ones that are installed on your computer.

To launch an application,

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta

Step 2: Select the Beta application

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta

Navigate to the left column and click on the link labeled “Beta applications.” This action will direct you to the section dedicated to beta versions of applications.

Step 3: Install the Photoshop beta

 Locate the Photoshop (Beta) application and select Install.

Beta versions of other Adobe products can also be visible to you, depending on your Creative Cloud subscription. For now, though, Photoshop will do.

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta



Step 4: Open the Photoshop beta

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta

You may discover the Photoshop beta under Installed beta programs after downloading and installing it.

To open it, click the Open button.

Keep in mind that you may only get the Photoshop beta through the Beta applications category. The official version will not show up under the All Applications category.

Have you got the beta version of Photoshop? Check out these tutorials to learn how to utilize Generative Fill:

Using Generative Fill, remove people and objects from pictures
How to use Generative Fill to enlarge an image

Utilizing Generative Fill, add stunning water reflections.

Step 5: Verify that you are using the Photoshop beta in step five.

How to Download the Photoshop Beta
How to Download the Photoshop Beta

The Home Screen appears when the Photoshop beta launches.

On a Windows computer, select About Photoshop from the Help option in the option Bar to verify that you are using the beta version. If you use a Mac Photoshop (Beta) will appear in the Menu Bar instead of just Photoshop. Nevertheless, you can click on it and select About Photoshop if you need more assurance.  The About screen will showcase Adobe Photoshop (Beta). The version number displayed might vary from what you see at the time of your download. Click anywhere to dismiss the screen.

The About screen will indicate Adobe Photoshop (Beta). The version number displayed here might not match the one you downloaded. To close the screen, click anywhere.

How to download the Photoshop beta
The About screen confirms you are running the Photoshop beta.

The button of the Beta Feedback  and dialog box

To identify and explore upcoming features in the Photoshop beta, navigate from the Home Screen to the main interface by either creating a new document or opening an image. Look for the Beta Feedback button situated in the upper right corner, alongside the Share button. This button serves as an indicator that you are using the beta version. Click on it to access the Beta Feedback dialog box, where you can find all the necessary information about the available features and provide feedback.

How to download the Photoshop beta
The Beta Feedback button

The Beta screen overview

In the main Beta overview screen’s dialog box, you can view the current number of beta features available for review, which, as of my writing, includes two features: a Photo Restoration Neural Filter and Multi-Image Content-Aware Fill. Additionally, you will find links for reporting bugs, submitting ideas, visiting the Photoshop beta community, or seeking help. Clicking on any of these links will open Adobe’s website in your browser.

How to download the Photoshop beta
How to download the Photoshop beta

Studying up on a test feature

Click on the name of a beta feature under Review features in the left column to get more information about it, including where to locate it.

How to download the Photoshop beta
Selecting a beta feature to learn more.

Here you’ll find information about the intended functionality of the feature and instructions on how to use it.

However, as of my last knowledge update in January 2022, some details may be inaccurate. For instance, it currently mentions that the Photo Restoration Neural Filter is located under the File menu, whereas it is actually found under the Filter menu (Filter > Neural Filters > Photo Restoration). It is hoped that these inaccuracies will be rectified in the near future.


To begin using a feature, all the necessary information is provided in the Beta Feedback dialog box.

How to provide feedback on a beta feature

After experimenting with the beta version of the Photo Restoration Neural Filter (which I will discuss in a separate tutorial), I find it quite impressive, but it still requires some refinement. Once you’ve given it a try, make sure to share your thoughts with Adobe about your experience with the feature so far.

How to download the Photoshop beta
How to download the Photoshop beta

Thus, I’ll select No under Are you pleased with the results? on the panel to the right.

How to download the Photoshop beta
Telling Adobe that the beta feature still needs work

A dialog window appears where you can provide Adobe further information. To send them, click the Submit button; to cancel, click the Skip button.

How to download the Photoshop beta
How to download the Photoshop beta

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And there you have it! The process for downloading and installing the Photoshop beta release is now complete. You can preview upcoming features, contribute feedback, and actively participate in shaping the future of Photoshop!

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Stay tuned for more tutorials and updates as we continue to refine and innovate Photoshop with your valuable input!

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