Natural Hangover Cure: How to Prevent a Hangover and 3 Effective TreatmentHangover Cure

Natural Hangover Cure: The Dreaded Aftermath of Alcohol

“You wake up not just with hazy memories of last night’s fun but also battling a formidable hangover. The once-enjoyable evening now translates into shaky hands, a throbbing head, and a racing heart, coupled with unpleasant symptoms like dizziness, nausea, light sensitivity, and an insatiable thirst. Seeking a natural hangover cure becomes a priority in such moments of discomfort and unease.

The Culprit Behind the Misery

That smooth drink from the night before is wreaking havoc on your body, leading to dehydration, stomach uneasiness, and irritation. These discomforts peak as the alcohol completely exits your system.

Experts  assert that there’s no scientifically proven cure for a hangover. However, they do suggest methods to prevent or alleviate the morning-after distress. Here’s how:

Natural Hangover Cure: Drink on a Full Stomach

Post-drinking late-night meals won’t suffice – experts advise eating before you start drinking and continuing to snack throughout the night. Dr. Robert Swift, a psychiatry and human behaviour professor at Brown University’s Alpert Medical School, highlights, “Consuming food slows down the emptying of the stomach and may potentially decrease hangover symptoms.”

Hydration: A Natural Hangover Cure

Swift recommends diluting alcohol by mixing it with water or non-alcoholic beverages. “When alcohol is diluted, its impact on the intestines lessens, reducing irritation or inflammation,” he explains.

Dr. John Brick, formerly leading research at Rutgers University’s Center of Alcohol Studies, emphasises the importance of reducing water intake between alcoholic drinks. “Dehydration, along with the loss of essential vitamins and minerals, is the primary cause of a hangover,” notes Brick, citing his book “The Doctor’s Hangover Handbook” and various scientific publications on alcohol and its physiological effects.

Brick further illustrates that reducing just three and a half alcoholic beverages could lead to the loss of up to a quarter of water within a few hours. “That’s a significant amount of water that needs replacement.”

Gender Disparity in Hydration and the Quest for a Natural Hangover Cure

Natural Hangover Cure: How to Prevent a Hangover and 3 Effective Treatment

Swift highlights how alcohol-induced dehydration affects women more than men, potentially causing hangovers despite consuming less. The difference lies in the water volume in the body; men generally have more, making the same amount of alcohol less concentrated in their bodies compared to women.

Understanding and implementing these strategies can significantly alleviate the aftermath of alcohol consumption, ensuring a more pleasant morning after a night of revelry

Ethanol Production and Its Consumption

When we consume alcohol, known as ethanol or ethyl alcohol, it’s a byproduct of fermenting carbohydrates and starches, typically from grains, grapes, or berries.

Diverse Uses of Ethanol

Ethanol finds various applications beyond beverages. It’s added to our car’s petrol and used in methyl alcohol or methanol – a toxic substance – employed as solvents, pesticides, and alternative fuels. It’s also known as wood alcohol, responsible for blinding or fatally poisoning thousands during prohibition era.

Industrial Compositions and Chemicals

The list of byproducts or chemicals added by manufacturers for taste and flavour can read like an inventory in an industrial warehouse: ethanol ferment, ethanol ester, N-propanol, isobutanol, N-butanol, isopentanol, and isoamyl alcohol. While these congeners, as they’re called, are added in small, non-toxic amounts, some individuals are more sensitive to their effects.

Impact of Congeners 

Experts suggest that generally, darker beers and spirits contain more congeners, potentially increasing the likelihood of a hangover. Research in 2010 studied individuals who drank bourbon compared to those who consumed clear vodka.

The Role of Sulfites and Tannins

Sulfites, preservatives that trigger allergic reactions in sensitive individuals, are also present in minimal amounts as a byproduct of fermentation. However, many beer and wine manufacturers add sulfites to extend shelf life (found in sodas, cereals, sweeteners, packaged and processed foods, medications, and more).

Minimising Hangovers: A Natural Approach – A Natural Hangover Cure

Limiting your intake to lighter beers, clear spirits, and white wines might assist in minimizing hangovers. However, experts unanimously agree on the one true prevention or cure for a hangover: abstaining from alcohol.

No Definite Cure

“There’s no easy cure because there are many complex factors contributing to hangover symptoms,” says Swift” And that’s why the only real cure for a hangover is not drinking alcohol or drinking so little that it doesn’t induce a hangover.”

Natural Hangover Cure: How to Prevent a Hangover and 3 Effective Treatment

Three Hangover Remedies

Stay Hydrated: A Natural Hangover Cure

Drinking fluids can hasten recovery.

Electrolytes Help: Natural Remedies for Hangovers

Replenishing as much water as possible.

Water, Essential for Recovery: A Hangover Natural Cure

Alcohol impedes water, leading to headaches and other symptoms due to partial dehydration and the lack of essential minerals like sodium, calcium, and potassium that your body needs.

Post-Drinking Recovery

If you’re hydrated, leaving your morning cup of coffee can contribute to caffeine withdrawal atop your hangover.

Brick advises having a quarter cup of coffee if you’re feeling hungover. “Check to see if you feel better—caffeine takes around 20 minutes to start making an impression.

“If coffee doesn’t make you feel better, don’t have more.”

Swift advises converting lost fluids to water or a sports drink with extra electrolytes, as most alcohol exits through sweat, urine, and breath without any alteration in the body.

Tips for Recovery

“Get up, take a light walk or stroll, and increase urination,” he suggests.”Drink plenty of water before sleeping and upon waking up, as much as you can handle comfortably.”

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