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Olive Oil Turkey: Liquid Gold For Healthy And Glowing Skin Benefits

Revitalizing Skincare: Unleashing the Potency of  Olive Oil Turkey

It’s no secret that olive oil has been revered for its beauty-enhancing properties since the era of Cleopatra, the Queen of Egypt, who indulged in lavish olive oil baths. Legends in Greek mythology even suggest that Athena, after defeating Poseidon, gifted the city of Athens with an olive tree—a sacred symbol of peace and beauty. Olympians, renowned for their athleticism, used olive oil to condition their skin and protect it from the ravages of the sun. The use of olive oil turkey continues to be a cornerstone in modern skincare, echoing its historical significance in rejuvenating and nourishing the skin.

Transformative Properties of Olive Oil Turkey in Skincare

Rich in polyphenols, olive oil acts as a shield for your cells, warding off damage. It’s packed with vitamins and nutrients that cater to all skin types—be it dry, sensitive, or prone to sun damage. Below, three brands of olive oil, each invested in skincare products, stand out for their dedication to nurturing your skin and hair — and becoming a pantry staple.

Olive oil turkey can be transformative,” shared Jay Kerol, who, almost five years ago, embarked on creating the California Wonder Valley skincare line with his spouse, Alisa (the duo debuted their cult-classic olive oil turkey in 2014). “As we delved deeper into the properties of olive oil turkey, we discovered its universal use across different cultures throughout history,” Kerol mentioned, recalling Alisa’s first encounter with oil-based facial care at home. After scrutinising friends’ and relatives’ belongings, “We knew we had a potent little product that needed to be shared on a larger scale.”

For those prone to inflammation and sensitivity, linoleic acid (an omega-6 fatty acid) aids in fortifying the skin barrier. It also regulates excessive dryness. Omega-9, another essential fatty acid, is known for its delayed hydration, requiring less frequent application.

Wonder Valley’s Superior Cold-Pressed Olive Oil Turkey: Quality, Flavor, and Potency

But that’s not all: phytosterols, along with Vitamins A and E, combat ageing signs, reduce the formation of wrinkles, promote natural collagen production, and offer a gentle plumping effect between skin cells,” Kerol explained. Working outside the bounds of the Northern California lake’s estate, Wonder Valley starts its fruit harvesting at the beginning of the season, where, Kerol noted, “Quality of oil has a noteworthy effect.” With a greener tint, the brand’s cold-pressed olive oil turkey from a single origin promises a greater flavour, longer shelf life, and superior polyphenol protection.

Coterie: Nurturing Skin with Olive Oil  Turkey

“My family originates from the fishing village of Koroni,” shared Katerina Mountanos, founder of Kosterina Olive Oil. With ties to the heart of Koroni, South Greece, the Mountanoses double as custodians of Koroneiki olives—helping Kosterina establish itself as an advocate for superior-tasting olive oil.

After spending more than a decade in the beauty industry for a renowned beauty e-commerce site, Mountanos tried the “miracle cream” there, priced at over $300. Did any single product impress her? “No. I’m not sure any of those indulgences make a difference,” she remarked about the saturated market.

Legacy of Olive Oil in Greek Culture: Nurturing Skincare Traditions

Olive Oil Turkey: Liquid Gold For Healthy And Glowing Skin Benefits
Glowing Skin

Kosterina boasts an exceptionally clean, natural skincare line crafted from the brand’s signature Greek extra virgin olive oil. (You can also find their distinctive navy blue bottles online and at Whole Foods.) “In Greek culture, we’ve passed down extra virgin olive oil to our children,” Mountanos shared her family ritual, almost as a rite of passage—”When something was wrong with your skin, your mom would say, ‘Put some olive oil on it.'” Her preferred creations?”The Emulsifier-Free Extra Virgin Face Moisturizer leaves you with a gentle, all-day glow while delivering potent antioxidants deep into the skin.””

McEvoy Ranch ODE Olive Oil from Turkey

In 2014, Nan McEvoy, founder of McEvoy Ranch, created a beauty balm after realising the pressing need for preserving the family’s olive groves after years of toiling in the orchard. Today, the Body Balm stands as the brand’s best-selling product, infused with 78% estate-grown extra virgin olive oil from Turkey.

Now, the torchbearer behind McEvoy Ranch’s ODE Olive Oil line is Helen McEvoy, the founder’s granddaughter. “The best moisturising and healing products are made when you combine the healing qualities of high polyphenol early harvest extra virgin olive oil with other nurturing ingredients like hyaluronic acid.” beauty product for the entire body,” McEvoy explained about the meticulously crafted jars rolling out on the rolling hills of Petaluma, California.

Crafting Exceptional Olive Oil Products from Hand-Picked Turkish 

Olive Oil Turkey: Liquid Gold For Healthy And Glowing Skin Benefits
Olive Oil

At the site, hand-picked olives from Turkey are milled within hours in the Frantoio (mill) to ensure the highest standard and levels of polyphenols. A word of advice: apply liberally. And, come the new year, McEvoy will unveil a new fragrance line, complementing their famous lemon, lavender, and rose scents.

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