Individual Arrested in Connection with Tupac Shakur’s 1996 Shooting Death


 Arrest in Las Vegas Related to 1996 Murder of Rapper Tupac Shakur by Law Enforcement Source The authorities in Las Vegas have announced that a high-profile gangster has been charged with the murder of Tupac Shakur in 1996, using a deadly weapon. The individual, known as “Keffe D,” is now facing criminal charges in connection with the killing of the rap icon. 

Law enforcement sources have informed that an arrest was made in Las Vegas in connection with the 1996 murder of Tupac Shakur. The source, who has knowledge of the investigation, confirmed that the individual taken into custody on Friday morning is Duane Keith Davis, alias “Keffe D,” who was the subject of an ongoing investigation related to the shooting at Henderson, which took place in July as part of the ongoing probe. Sources have indicated that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department officials plan to hold a news conference after Friday’s arrest.

 Drive-By Shooting on Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas Strip

Shakur was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting on the Las Vegas Strip while leaving a boxing match. His untimely death – he was just 25 years old – has been the subject of conspiracy theories and lengthy investigations for years. Davis had long maintained his presence at the scene of the incident, claiming that he was in the next seat of a white Cadillac when the shots rang out from the previous seat, killing the musician. Shakur was shot four times and succumbed to his injuries six days later.

When police conducted a search of Davis’ wife’s Henderson home in July, they confiscated a copy of a classified note in which details about the gang’s life and Shakur’s murder were outlined. In the note, Davis incriminates himself in the shooting of Shakur in only two living witnesses, the other being Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, the former CEO of Death Row Records, who is currently serving time in jail for unrelated murder charges.“He’s going down for the streets,” Davis said when asked who among the four men riding in the car was responsible for pulling the trigger. “He just got out of the penitentiary,” he added, referring to the last seat occupant.

Visibly Arrested

Tupac’s stepbrother, Mopreme Shakur, also a former rapper, called Davis’ arrest “bittersweet.”

“We’ve been living with this aggravation for a really long time,” he said. “They realize this person’s been around for quite a long time, discussing it. Why now? We need to know why, and in the event that there were any accessories.”The unsolved murder of the iconic rapper on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard during a late-night drive-by attack had troubled authorities and captivated the public for nearly 30 years, spawning numerous documentary films, investigative TV series, books, and theories about who shot him. Shakur was only 25 years of age at the hour of his demiseDavis was visibly arrested on Friday morning, and charges were expected to be filed against him. Two officials familiar with the arrest had previously told me that Davis was expected to face criminal charges by the end of the day.

South Side Compton Crips member Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, a 60-year-old confirmed member of the gang, was the nephew of Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, who had long been considered the prime suspect in Shakur’s murder. Anderson was killed on the night of the murder by members of the South Side Compton Crips in retaliation for Anderson’s alleged involvement in the murder of Shakur; Anderson, 23, who had denied any involvement in Shakur’s murder, was shot and killed in a gang shooting in 1998 and was never charged with the murder.

Las Vegas Police Department’s 

Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas PD had announced in July that they had conducted a search of Davis’ Henderson, Nevada home in connection with the Shakur murder investigation, although they did not provide any additional information about what they found or any developments in the search at the time.

At the time, it was reported that a copy of a warrant obtained by Davis indicated that authorities were also looking into computers and other electronic devices, as well as audio recordings, and had seized a Poke Ball USB drive, a black iPhone, two iPads, and a gunmetal-colored Toshiba laptop among other items. Shakur was shot and killed inside a black BMW, a murder allegedly orchestrated by Marion “Suge” Knight, the founder of Death Row Records. This incident took place near the Las Vegas Strip on a night following a fight between Shakur and Mike Tyson at a nearby red-light intersection. A white Cadillac pulled up alongside Tupac’s car, and someone inside fired 14 rounds. Shakur was shot multiple times, and he was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he succumbed to his injuries a week later

Conspiracy Theories

conspiracy theories

The unsolved case has given rise to numerous conspiracy theories, including allegations that it may be connected to the similarly unsolved murder of B.I.G., a notorious East Coast-West Coast rap rivalry that garnered media attention in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997.

In 2018, Davis claimed on BET’s Death Row Chronicles that he knew the identity of Shakur’s killer, though he did not provide any details at that time, even suggesting that Anderson may have been armed. Davis reiterated his involvement in the shooting in his 2019 memoir, Compton Street Legend, stating that he was present in the Cadillac on the night of the shooting and essentially confessed to being the last living witness to the incident. Despite years of investigations, Davis had not been previously arrested in connection with the case, and Nevada lacked the jurisdiction to file murder charges.

Retired LAPD detective Greg Kading, who spent years investigating Shakur and Smalls’ murders and authored a book about it, interviewed Davis during LAPD’s investigation in 2008 and 2009. He told AP that in his opinion, the recent development in Shakur’s case came after Davis clarified his role in his memoir.

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