Iowa women's basketballIowa Women's Basketball Shines in Latest AP Poll

Iowa women’s basketball

Iowa women’s basketball takes the forefront as the women’s basketball scene experiences a seismic shift with the unveiling of the February AP Poll. This shift reflects the intense battles and defining moments of a marquee week. Among the biggest stories is the impact of the Hawkeyes, making waves not only through individual brilliance but also as formidable contenders for the Big Ten Championship.


The latest AP Poll brings an air of excitement and anticipation, capturing the essence of a thrilling week in women’s college basketball. The spotlight shines not only on the dominance of South Carolina but also on the rising force of Iowa women’s basketball, led by the phenomenal Caitlin Clark.

Dominance Continues: South Carolina Gamecocks

South Carolina’s Gamecocks maintain an unblemished record, standing at 21-0. The Hawkeyes, like many others, find themselves in the formidable shadow of Dawn Staley’s squad. The upcoming non-conference clash with UConn poses a significant challenge, and Coach Staley is fully aware that Iowa women’s basketball is a force to be reckoned with.

Iowa Hawkeyes: A Force Beyond Caitlin Clark

The Hawkeyes, led by Caitlin Clark, are not just a one-player show. Despite Clark’s pursuit of the career scoring record, the team’s overall talent shines. Iowa women’s basketball aims for a Big Ten Championship, and their journey intensifies with every game. The upcoming clash against Penn State is a pivotal moment in this quest.

Resilient Wolfpack: NC State’s Triumph

Beyond Iowa women’s basketball, the NC State Wolfpack makes a triumphant return after early January setbacks. A four-game winning streak, including a notable victory against North Carolina, positions them for a late-season surge. However, looming matchups against Louisville and Virginia Tech will test their mettle.

Rise of the Buffaloes: Colorado’s Ascension

Colorado Buffaloes ride a three-game winning streak, establishing themselves as a force in the Pac-12. In the context of Iowa women’s basketball, Colorado’s resilience becomes particularly intriguing. Their upcoming games against Oregon and Oregon State are crucial, especially seeking redemption against the Beavers, the only team to defeat them this season.

Ohio State Buckeyes: Emerging Contenders

While Iowa women’s basketball captures attention, the Ohio State Buckeyes quietly ascend in the Big Ten. Victories against Wisconsin and Indiana announce their presence. The road ahead includes critical matchups against Minnesota and Michigan State, setting the stage for a potential conference-deciding clash with Iowa.

Stanford Cardinal: Rollercoaster Ride

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Stanford Cardinal: Rollercoaster Ride

Stanford’s recent mixed performances, a loss to USC followed by a win against UCLA, reflect the unpredictable nature of the Pac-12. For Iowa women’s basketball enthusiasts, Stanford’s journey adds an extra layer of complexity. Their road games against Washington and Washington State are pivotal in navigating the fierce conference competition.

Texas Longhorns: A Week of Triumph

Texas Longhorns celebrate a stellar week, securing wins against Baylor and Kansas State. The Big 12 remains a challenging battleground, and games against TCU and Houston demand continued excellence. Iowa women’s basketball followers observe the Longhorns’ trajectory as they navigate the conference landscape.

Kansas State Wildcats: Bouncing Back

Kansas State Wildcats face a setback, dropping in the rankings after losses. However, the Wildcats remain a formidable opponent. The upcoming home game against Oklahoma State provides a chance to regroup and regain momentum, a storyline echoing Iowa women’s basketball.

UCLA Bruins: Seeking Redemption

UCLA Bruins encounter adversity with two recent losses, impacting their standing in the Pac-12. Home games against Arizona and Arizona State become pivotal for redemption, mirroring the narrative of Iowa women’s basketball as they strive to reclaim their position.

USC Trojans: Ascending to the Top 10

The USC Trojans enter the AP Top 10 after an impressive week, marked by victories over Stanford and Cal. A four-game winning streak propels them forward. Crucial games against Arizona State and Arizona will test their mettle in the competitive Pac-12, adding another layer of intrigue for Iowa women’s basketball enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the AP Poll updates paint a dynamic picture of triumphs, challenges, and emerging contenders in women’s college basketball. As Iowa women’s basketball seeks to etch its name in history, the broader landscape promises intense matchups and potential upsets, captivating fans and shaping the course of the season.


  1. How often is the women’s basketball AP Poll updated?

Ans:    The AP Poll is typically updated weekly, providing a real-time reflection of teams’ performances.

  1. Who is currently the leading scorer in women’s college basketball?

Ans:    Caitlin Clark is currently chasing the career scoring record, trailing Kelsey Plum by 65 points.

  1. Which teams are the biggest surprises this season?

Ans:    Teams like USC and Colorado have emerged as pleasant surprises with notable victories.

  1. Can South Carolina maintain their unbeaten streak?

Ans:    South Carolina faces tough challenges, including an upcoming game against UConn, but an unbeaten season remains a realistic goal.

  1. How crucial are upcoming games for teams in conference standings?

Ans:    With conference standings tightly contested, every upcoming game holds immense significance for teams vying for top positions.

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