Isaiah Stewart Arrested: Pistons Star Accused in Pregame Fight with Suns Player

Isaiah Stewart
Pistons Star Isaiah Stewart Accused in Pregame Fight with Suns Player


Isaiah Stewart is an emerging star of the Detroit Pistons. He finds himself in the news for all the wrong reasons. Stewart was taken into custody after an alleged fight with a Phoenix Suns player before a game, during which he is believed to have punched the player. Apart from raising doubt about on-court behavior, the incident gives the Suns vs. Pistons rivalry an unexpected twist. Fans and the basketball world as a whole will have to consider how this pregame fight will affect Stewart’s career and the dynamics of the game when more information becomes available.

Isaiah Stewart Arrested for Pregame Scuffle

The Phoenix Police Department arrested Isaiah Stewart after hearing complaints that he had hit Eubanks during a pre-game incident at the Footprint Center parking lot on Wednesday at around 4:45 p.m. Security sent police officers toward Eubanks, 27, and Stewart, 22, when they arrived on the scene. Interviews with players and witnesses revealed that the incident started just as they got there. Witnesses observed Stewart intensifying the altercation by physically assaulting Eubanks, causing moderate injuries before security intervened to separate them.

Following a thorough investigation, Isaiah Stewart was arrested on assault charges, subsequently issued a citation, and released pending further inquiry. The investigation remains ongoing.

Suns Condemn Stewart’s Attack

basketball match
Suns Condemn Stewart’s Attack

Following the incident, Isaiah Stewart, the Suns, issued a statement expressing their strong disapproval of the attack on Eubanks. They reiterated their commitment to combating violence within the sport and fully supported Eubanks. The Suns confirmed their cooperation with the NBA and local law enforcement in resolving the issue.

The Detroit Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart also expressed worry about the altercation around this time. The Pistons declared that they are actively obtaining data to understand the incident’s circumstances. The team stressed that they are continuing to cooperate with the NBA and local law enforcement during the inquiry.

Eubanks Plays Through Altercation

Eubanks participated in the Suns’ 116-100 victory over the Pistons on Tuesday night despite the incident. On the other hand, Isaiah Stewart’s knee injury kept him out of commission, which complicated matters even more.

It’s crucial to remember that Stewart has already gotten into fights. Stewart got a two-game suspension in a 2021 fight. The Lakers suspended LeBron James for one game. This incident emphasizes the value of sportsmanship and respect on and off the court. It serves as a reminder to players of the significance of their actions in both situations.


The basketball community was stunned when Isaiah Stewart was arrested. The arrest followed a pregame altercation. It was a surprising twist. The incident sparks questions about on-court sportsmanship. It also adds complexity to the relationship between the Detroit Pistons and the Phoenix Suns. As more details emerge, fans are considering the potential impact of this unexpected clash. They are thinking about its effect on Stewart’s career and the overall perception of the sport.


  1. What led to Isaiah Stewart’s arrest?

Ans:    Isaiah Stewart was arrested after an alleged physical altercation with a Phoenix Suns opponent, reportedly involving punches during a pregame scuffle.

  1. Who was the Suns’ opponent involved in the incident?

Ans:    The altercation involved Drew Eubanks from the Phoenix Suns, sparking controversy and swift reactions from both teams.

  1. Were there any injuries during the pregame fight?

Ans:    Despite the intense altercation, details about injuries are not explicitly mentioned. However, the incident has undoubtedly raised concerns within the basketball community.

  1. How did the Phoenix Suns respond to the altercation?

Ans:    The Phoenix Suns promptly denounced the incident, expressing their disapproval of the attack on Drew Eubanks and emphasizing their commitment to combatting violence within the sport.

  1. What is the current status of Isaiah Stewart and the investigation?

Ans:    Isaiah Stewart is sidelined with a knee injury, and the investigation is ongoing, with the Detroit Pistons cooperating with the NBA and local authorities to gather information.

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