Jared Leto Joker’s Daring Climb: A Stunning Promotion for 30 Seconds to Mars Tour and Album Launch

Jared Leto Joker makes history as the first person to scale the entire Empire State Building in New York City
Jared Leto Joker makes history as the first person to scale the entire Empire State Building in New York City

Jared Leto Joker’s Epic Climb

Jared Leto Joker decided this Thursday to take his upcoming Season World Tour to the next level. The star of the Dallas Bears Club reduced a portion outside the Empire State Building, making him the first person to legally climb to the top of this historic landmark, as confirmed by the authorities today.

After the climb, he shared his views in a Morning Show, ‘I was more nervous than enthusiastic to tell you the truth. But I had to be honest; it was very, very challenging. The endurance he showed, the stamina he took, and it was very fast.’

Jared Leto’s Climbing Triumph

Jared Leto Joker, who is passionate about rock climbing in his spare time, ascended from the 86th to the 104th floor on the eastern side of the building, making it nearly 1,300 feet high in the air. Once reaching the area of the iconic antenna, he continued climbing three more levels until he reached the foundation of the famous antenna.

Jared Leto's Climbing
Jared Leto’s Climbing

During the climb, he was also in gear, securely attached with ropes just for appearance’s sake. However, for the Suicide Squad actor, climbing was more than just a professional opportunity. He had to overcome something from his bucket list.

Leto’s Artistic Journey: New York Dreams

‘It’s unbelievable,’ Jared Leto Joker  said. ‘Seeing the sun rise over the city is very important to me. Since childhood, I have lived in New York, where you went to make your dreams come true.’

He continued, ‘And as a little boy, I wanted to be an artist, and New York was the place where you became an artist. The Empire State Building consistently held that symbolic significance for me.’

A Beautiful Finale with New Album

Jared Leto Spills on His New Album
Jared Leto Spills on His New Album

Jared Leto Joker is set to embark on a tour with his band Thirty Seconds to Mars, which he co-founded with his older brother Shannon Leto in 1998. The tour, starting in March 2024, will run until September 2024, supported by the Season World Tour. The band’s sixth studio album marks the end of an era but what a beautiful day it is.


Jared Leto Joker’s Why the Climb?

Jared Leto Joker is the first person to legally climb to the top of the Empire State Building. Jared Leto took on this daring feat to promote his upcoming tour with Thirty Seconds to Mars. 

Who are Thirty Seconds to Mars Fans?

Fans of Thirty Seconds to Mars, also known as the Echelon, have initiated numerous beneficial initiatives and projects aimed at assisting various charitable organizations and humanitarian efforts.

Why is Jared Leto Joker Famous?

Jared Leto Joker, born Jared Joseph Leto, is an American actor and musician renowned for winning the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role in Dallas Buyers Club (2013). He founded the popular alternative rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars and leads it.

Who is Jared Leto Joker Associated With?

Hello, the new celebrity power couple? Award-winning actor and musician Jared Leto Joker is linked with model Dat Thang. They have been spotted together on several occasions, sparking comparisons to being an item.

Is Jared Leto the Joker?

Jared Leto portrayed the Joker in a film based on a humorous book, and his version of the character featured the word “damaged” tattooed on his forehead, a controversial choice. So, he is famous as Jared Leto Joker.


Jared Leto Joker makes history with the first legal climb to the top of the Empire State Building, infusing his Season World Tour with unprecedented excitement. Overcoming nerves, the Dallas Buyers Club star’s climb symbolizes a personal triumph, fulfilling a childhood dream tied to the iconic New York landmark. Jared Leto Joker’s climb, blending professional daring with personal significance, sets the stage for Thirty Seconds to Mars’ upcoming tour and their sixth studio album, concluding an era on a beautifully daring note.

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