Josh McDaniels Maintains Confidence in Raiders Offense, Exploring the Late-Game FG Decision

Josh McDaniels Maintains Confidence in Raiders Offense
Josh McDaniels Maintains Confidence in Raiders Offense

Impact of Josh McDaniels

Some professionals think that Josh McDaniels, the Raiders’ head coach, needs to make considerable modifications in order to improve the team’s performance. His productive career with the New England Patriots as their offensive coordinator has been compared. Las Vegas Raiders coach Jon Gruden insists he has faith in the trust he has in his crime. It wasn’t necessary for him to show it with an important fourth down at 2:25 in the game on Sunday, and the Raiders trailed the Pittsburgh Steelers 23-15.
Coach Gruden sent kicker Daniel Carlson 26 yards on the field goal to make it a five-point game. Although with 12 seconds left, the ball was returned to their 15-yard line, it didn’t matter as Pittsburgh cornerback Levi Wallace intercepted Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo to help the Steelers secure the 23-18 win.

“No, no!” Coach Gruden replied forcefully when asked if going for the field goal showed a lack of confidence in his crime. “You need another possession anyway. We’ve been there many times.” Twice, the Raiders went for it on fourth down in the opening drive, once changing sides. Once, the Raiders went fourth in their first two games. The reality is that with an extremely fast-paced game of 116 yards behind the Steelers, second to last in the league, and a passing game with the fewest passing yards (385), Las Vegas’ rushing game makes things worse. The Steelers allowed 386 yards on the ground through two games – the worst in the NFL.

After Sunday, they are second to last at 455 yards. Coach Gruden tried to rationalize his decision. “You have two choices there,” he said. The goal is to narrow the lead to just five points, giving us a chance to win if we regain possession. Alternatively, if we alter our strategy and go for it, we need to secure the victory. Two-point change and all that.” So why go for the field goal? Maybe because the NFL has run 45 attempts for just 108 yards through three games, averaging just 2.4 yards per carry. It’s the third-lowest total in the league through three games. In 2019, he ran for 228 yards, and in 2020, he stayed on the list with 252. Through the first three weeks of the 2021 season, after playing just one game, he had run 192 yards through week 3.

Exploring the Late-Game FG Decision
Exploring the Late-Game FG Decision

Coach Gruden expressed his thoughts on the running game, emphasizing that it’s a collective effort. He acknowledged that last year, there were many standout performances, but this season, the running game hasn’t lived up to expectations. Davante Adams, one of the star wide receivers for the Raiders, chimed in, stressing the importance of self-reflection while watching game footage. He highlighted the need to identify areas for improvement and take proactive steps to make necessary changes before the next game. Turning the focus to Garoppolo, who had a tough game with three interceptions, including a pick-six, Coach Gruden acknowledged that while Jimmy has shown great potential, his decisions on the field significantly impact the team’s destiny. These mistakes are something they aim to avoid in the future.

He understands the situation, and … he’s done a couple of dramas where we’ve met. For better choices and moving on and moving on to the next drama, whether it’s shorter or longer, but it turns it around, it’s a big key to keeping a running game and a running game. We didn’t do a good job of that last night.” After the game, Garoppolo didn’t speak to the media because it was speculated that he was feeling uncomfortable. Next Sunday, in England, AFC West rival Las Angeles Chargers is not a good sign for the crime and the story.

Las Vegas Raiders Coach’s Bold Decision

Las Vegas Raiders Coach's Bold Decision
Las Vegas Raiders

1. Crucial Fourth-Down Decision

In a critical moment during the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Las Vegas Raiders’ coach, Jon Gruden, faced a pivotal decision. With just 2:25 left in the game and the Raiders trailing 23-15, he opted for a 26-yard field goal, making it a five-point game.

2. Coach’s Confidence in Offense

When questioned about whether this decision indicated a lack of confidence in his offense, Coach Gruden firmly replied, “No, no!” He emphasized that they needed another possession and that it wasn’t a lack of confidence but a strategic move.

3. Raiders’ Struggles

The Raiders had their share of struggles, especially in the running game. With the second-worst rushing yards in the league and a defense that allowed the Steelers to gain 455 rushing yards, it’s clear the running game needed improvement.

4. Garoppolo’s Performance

Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw three interceptions during the game, including a pick-six, raising concerns about his decision-making. Coach Gruden acknowledged that Garoppolo’s performance needed improvement.

5. Upcoming Challenges

The Raiders face the Los Angeles Chargers next, and their offense will need to step up to overcome these challenges.

6. Fans’ Reaction

Fans and analysts have expressed their opinions on Coach McDaniels’ decisions, with some calling for changes if improvements aren’t seen soon.

7. Josh McDaniels’ Impact

Some experts believe that Josh McDaniels, the Raiders’ head coach, needs to make significant improvements to turn the team’s performance around. Comparisons have been drawn to his successful tenure as an offensive coordinator with the New England Patriots.

8. Challenges Ahead

With the Raiders currently at 4th and 1, the decision to go for a field goal instead of attempting to score a touchdown is a topic of debate among fans and experts.

9. Confidence in the Future

Despite the challenges, Coach Gruden and the Raiders remain confident in their ability to improve and achieve success in the upcoming games.

10. Coach McDaniels’ Record

Coach Jon Gruden’s record has been less than stellar since his return to the Raiders, with a win-loss record of 7-13. This performance has raised questions about his future with the team.

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