Kahleah Copper Traded to Mercury for Draft Picks and Players
Kahleah CopperKahleah Copper Traded to Mercury for Draft Picks and Players

Kahleah Copper’s Trade Sparks WNBA Offseason Action with Phoenix Mercury and Chicago Sky. In a bold maneuver aimed at strengthening their perimeter, the Mercury have acquired three-time All-Star and 2021 WNBA Finals MVP Kahleah Copper from the Sky. This article delves into the details of this trade, its implications for both teams and the broader landscape of the league.

Details of the Trade

In exchange for Kahleah Copper, the Mercury are parting ways with forwards Brianna Turner and Michaela Onyenwere, along with several draft picks, including the No. 3 pick in the upcoming WNBA Draft. Additionally, the Sky will receive future first-round picks from Phoenix, solidifying their position for future drafts. This exchange underscores the Mercury’s commitment to bolstering their roster for the upcoming season.

Importance of Kahleah Copper

Kahleah Copper brings a wealth of talent and experience to the Mercury. As a dynamic scorer and versatile defender, Copper’s skill set significantly enhances the Mercury’s lineup. Her standout performances, including an impressive 18.7 points per game last season, demonstrate her ability to impact games on both ends of the floor. With Copper on board, the Mercury gain a formidable asset capable of elevating their competitiveness in the league.

Phoenix Mercury’s Perspective

General Manager Nick U’Ren expressed enthusiasm about the acquisition, highlighting Copper’s rare combination of athleticism and competitiveness. He emphasized Copper’s prowess as a scorer and her defensive capabilities, underscoring her value as a two-way player. The Mercury’s aggressive approach to the offseason reflects their commitment to contending for a championship, aligning with the expectations set by their storied franchise history.

Impact on the Team

Kahleah Copper’s arrival transforms the Mercury’s backcourt into a potent force, especially alongside veteran star Diana Taurasi. Adding Natasha Cloud and Rebecca Allen further strengthens the team’s depth and versatility. With a blend of experience and emerging talent, the Mercury projects to be a formidable contender in the upcoming season, posing a significant challenge to their rivals.

Other Offseason Moves by Phoenix

Phoenix Mercury and Chicago Sky
Other Offseason Moves by Phoenix

The acquisition of Kahleah Copper is just one piece of the Mercury’s offseason puzzle. Their proactive approach in free agency and the trade market underscores their determination to assemble a championship-caliber roster. By strategically addressing areas of need and capitalizing on available talent, the Mercury aim to position themselves as frontrunners in the WNBA.

Kahleah Copper’s Fit with the Team

Copper’s arrival reunites her with current Mercury guard Sophie Cunningham, adding an intriguing dynamic to the team. Despite past on-court clashes, the pairing presents an opportunity for synergy and collaboration. Their shared history, including memorable moments in the 2021 WNBA Finals, adds an element of intrigue to their partnership, potentially fueling the Mercury’s competitive spirit.

Fan Reactions

The trade for Kahleah Copper has generated buzz among WNBA fans, sparking discussions about its implications for the upcoming season. While some are excited about the Mercury’s revamped roster and championship aspirations, others lament the departure of fan-favorite players. Nonetheless, there is a sense of anticipation and optimism surrounding the team’s prospects, fueled by the promise of a dynamic and competitive lineup.

League-wide Impact

women basketball
League-wide Impact

The acquisition of Kahleah Copper reverberates beyond the confines of the Mercury’s roster, impacting the league’s landscape. The emergence of powerhouse teams like the Mercury reshapes the competitive balance of the WNBA, setting the stage for thrilling matchups and intense rivalries. As teams adjust their strategies in response to this trade, the league’s parity and excitement continue to grow.

Expert Opinions

Analysts and coaches weigh in on the trade, offering insights into its strategic implications and potential outcomes. Many commend the Mercury’s proactive approach and view Kahleah Copper as a transformative addition to their roster. Others speculate about the chemistry dynamics within the team and the challenges of integrating new players. Overall, experts anticipate an exciting season ahead, fueled by the heightened competition and talent pool.

Looking Ahead

With Kahleah Copper in their ranks, the Phoenix Mercury embark on a new chapter filled with promise and potential. As they strive for excellence on the court, the Mercury aims to build upon their legacy of success and cement their status as perennial contenders. With a formidable roster and championship aspirations, the Mercury is poised to make a deep postseason run and vie for WNBA glory.

Potential Challenges

While the addition of Kahleah Copper brings undeniable talent and athleticism to the Mercury, integrating new players into an established roster presents its challenges. Adjusting to different playing styles and forging chemistry on the court requires time and effort. Furthermore, heightened expectations and external pressures add another layer of complexity to the team dynamics. However, with strong leadership and a shared commitment to success, the Mercury are well-equipped to overcome these obstacles and thrive in the face of adversity.


The trade for Kahleah Copper represents a pivotal moment for the Phoenix Mercury, signaling their ambition to compete at the highest level. With a reinvigorated roster and championship aspirations, the Mercury is poised to significantly impact the upcoming WNBA season. As fans eagerly anticipate the action-packed contests and thrilling matchups ahead, the stage is set for an exhilarating journey filled with triumphs and challenges.


  1. Will Kahleah Copper’s arrival instantly make the Mercury championship favorites?

Ans:    While Copper’s addition significantly strengthens the Mercury’s roster, winning a championship requires teamwork, chemistry, and consistent performance throughout the season. The Mercury will undoubtedly be a contender, but success is not guaranteed.

  1. How will Diana Taurasi and Kahleah Copper complement each other on the court?

Ans:    Taurasi’s veteran leadership and playmaking abilities, combined with Copper’s scoring prowess and defensive tenacity, create a dynamic backcourt duo. Their complementary skill sets and mutual respect game bode well for the Mercury’s success.

  1. What role will Sophie Cunningham play alongside Kahleah Copper?

Ans:    Cunningham’s tenacity and energy make her a valuable asset off the bench. Her history with Kahleah Copper adds intrigue to their partnership, and their chemistry will be essential in bolstering the Mercury’s perimeter defense and offensive efficiency.

  1. How do fans feel about the departure of Brianna Turner and Michaela Onyenwere?

Ans:    While fans may be saddened by the departure of Turner and Onyenwere, they understand that trades are part of the business of sports. The excitement surrounding Copper’s arrival and the team’s championship aspirations help alleviate any disappointment.

  1. What are the expectations for the Mercury in the upcoming season?

Ans:    With the addition of Kahleah Copper and other offseason acquisitions, expectations are high for the Mercury. Fans anticipate an exciting and competitive season as the team strives to reclaim its position atop the WNBA standings and contend for a championship.

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