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Kanye West Makes an Entrance: Directors of Donda Academy Accused in a Countersuit

Los Angeles – The directors of the Donda Academy, two former instructors of Kanye West, have left a countersuit against the academy accusing them of wrongful termination in a manner that alleges their employment was unlawfully disrupted at the start of the year due to complaints about conditions and conspicuous underpayment.

Cecilia Hailey and Chekarey Byers, former teachers of Kanye West, who previously went by the name Kanye, are also filing a countersuit against the school. The claimants stated in the Superior Court of Los Angeles that they were the only Black female instructors at the Sammi Wiley School and that they were wrongfully held back in terms of pay and were improperly terminated in March.

On Monday, Justice Robert B. Broadbelt III signed an order on a motion between the parties to verify a settlement agreement, including documents related to the accumulation of evidence to preserve the confidentiality of documents and testimonies.

On January 4, Broadbelt ruled in favor of K’s attorneys on a motion to dismiss it as a counterclaim. In a response to the counterclaim, the school said that, “In truth, there is no nexus between your employees’ wages and statements in the policies, procedures, and practices of Donde.”

Broadbelt also signed a document that confirms an order to preserve some documents and testimonies to maintain the secrecy of some documents and testimonies. Broadbelt also signed a document confirming an order to preserve documents and testimony to maintain the secrecy of some documents and testimonies.

Kanye West Academy is a private Christian school, where you are its CEO. Hailey and Byers allege that their checks for pay during their employment were untimely or incorrect.

Byers accused the school on April 6 of never receiving her first paycheck. Both claimants say that their wages decrease from $1,800 to $2,700 per paycheck during most of their time of employment. The instructors say that they complained to Donde about being terminated from employment for allegations of code violations and that they were not immediately paid after their termination.

The claimants also allege that the academy lacks a system of proper organization and discipline, which could lead some students to become the target of severe bullying. It is also true that the school does not have a sanitation procedure because they do not trust the cleanliness of chemical-containing products and leave teachers to clean with acidic water and microfiber cloths.

The countersuit claims that the claimants were in the academy’s parking lot when they arrived for work on March 3rd when they were being discharged from employment.

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