Kentucky Sports BettingKentucky Sports Betting: Two Sportsbooks Against Wildcats' Championship Win


Are you ready to roll the dice on Kentucky basketball’s quest for another national championship in the realm of Kentucky sports betting? It’s not just the fans eagerly watching; two major sportsbooks are watching the Wildcats’ journey. As the excitement builds, these bookmakers are crossing their fingers, hoping to avoid a massive payout if Kentucky emerges victorious. Join us as we delve into the high-stakes world of sports betting and explore why these sportsbooks are sweating over the possibility of a Wildcat win. Let’s see if the odds are in your favor or if Kentucky will dash the hopes of both fans and bookies alike.

Kentucky Basketball Dream Scenario in Kentucky Sports Betting

For ardent fans of the Kentucky basketball team, winning their ninth national championship would be a dream come true in Kentucky sports betting. But for America’s biggest sportsbooks, it might be the worst-case scenario. Leading the charge are BetMGM and DraftKings. At BetMGM, Kentucky is ahead of the pack with 11.6% of total ticket percentage and second in handle percentage at 13.0%, trailing only defensive powerhouse UConn (14.6%) in both categories. Meanwhile, DraftKings has Kentucky topping the national charts in both ticket and handle percentages, starting the week with 18% of tickets and 24% of handles.

Deep Kentucky Sports Pride

It’s no surprise that Bluegrass State pride runs deep in the realm of Kentucky sports betting. More than 70% of bets placed within Kentucky at BetMGM are backing the Wildcats to win it all, comprising 75% of the total handle. The numbers are even higher at DraftKings, where 75% of bets are on John Calipari’s squad to claim the 2024 NCAA Tournament title, representing 81% of the handle. 

Despite the abundance of wagers on Kentucky in the realm of Kentucky sports betting, there’s still room for optimism, according to Steve Bittenbender, author and analyst for He suggests, “For the futures market – where they’re winning national titles – I’d recommend it for anyone. However, I’d advise that they do it for the right reasons. Kentucky’s odds are quite favorable, depending on which sportsbook you go to.”

Unexpected Challenges in Betting

national championship
Unexpected Challenges in Betting

The biggest challenge ahead might not be what you expect, especially in Kentucky sports betting. “The biggest thing with future markets is that you get the problems as they’re assigned at that time. So if you come in and put a bet on 30-1, you’re stuck with those 30-1 problems for the rest of the season… If Kentucky comes through this year, it will be a nice, big reward for (bettors) if they end the drought in April.” While Wildcat fans are accustomed to roster turnover, Bittenbender acknowledges that being fair to bettors can be challenging. “But also, consider the players Kentucky recruits. They always bring in an upper class.”

Kentucky’s Evolving Sports Betting Scene

Despite the varying odds for Kentucky’s national championship, ranging from 22-1 at BetMGM and DraftKings to 35-1 at FanDuel, Bittenbender theorizes that their challenges might be “a little smaller” from year to year in the realm of Kentucky sports betting with a profile like theirs. “With such passionate fans, it’s no wonder people supporting Kentucky might want to bet on them winning a national title—especially right here in Kentucky,” he clarified. “I think there are very few who don’t think Kentucky is a contender every year… It might affect (the sportsbooks) by saying, ‘Okay, instead of being 20-1, we’ll bump them down a bit. We’ll reduce our liability to 15-1.'”

Betting on UK Games

When it comes to betting on specific UK games in Kentucky sports betting, Bittenbender sheds light on the team’s distinctiveness: their high-flying offense. “Kentucky manages to score close to 90 points per game, placing them third in Division I. Because of that, ‘overs’ always seem to be in play when Kentucky takes the court.” But he warns British fans to take a deep breath before placing their bets. 

“Before you dive into Kentucky sports betting, take a moment to pause and breathe.” If you’re going on Twitter to post ‘Fire Calipari’ or something like that, I’m not saying you should bet on Kentucky,” he said. “But if you’re willing to endure the losses and understand that’s just how the season goes, then I won’t have a problem saying, ‘Okay, move on and bet on your team to win.'”


In conclusion, the fervor surrounding Kentucky basketball’s pursuit of another national championship is palpable, especially in the realm of Kentucky sports betting. With two major sportsbooks closely monitoring the action, there’s a mixture of excitement and apprehension as fans and bookies alike ponder the potential outcome. Despite the odds, the allure of betting on the Wildcats remains strong, with Kentucky’s formidable reputation keeping the stakes high in the world of Kentucky sports betting. Whether it’s the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat, one thing is certain: the journey toward a championship title is as unpredictable as it is exhilarating. As the season unfolds, the true winners will emerge, whether on the court or at the betting table.


  1. What makes Kentucky basketball betting so popular?

Answer: Kentucky sports betting enthusiasts are drawn to the team’s rich history and strong performance in NCAA tournaments.

  1. How do sportsbooks feel about Kentucky’s chances in basketball?

Answer: Two major sportsbooks are cautiously monitoring Kentucky’s journey, hoping to avoid significant payouts if they win.

  1. Are there any unique factors to consider in Kentucky sports betting?

Answer: Kentucky’s fervent fan base and the team’s consistent performance make it a compelling option for bettors.

  1. What are the odds of Kentucky winning the championship?

Answer: Odds vary between sportsbooks, with some offering 22-1 while others offer 35-1 for Kentucky’s victory.

  1. Is it wise to bet on Kentucky basketball?

Answer: While it’s a popular choice, bettors should carefully consider the risks and odds involved in Kentucky sports betting.

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