Kevin Porter Jr. Set to Be Waived by Thunder After Rockets Trade


Kevin Porter Jr.’s time with the Houston Rockets came to an end when the team agreed to trade him to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday. The Thunder announced the deal on Tuesday and said that Porter, “will be waived immediately.” Oklahoma City had sent Victor Oladipo and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl to Houston earlier.

Kevin Porter Jr.’s Season Earnings

Porter is owed approximately $15.9 million for this season, with an additional $1 million guarantee for the next season. The Rockets had previously told Porter last month that he was indefinitely suspended from the team following his arrest on domestic violence allegations. Porter was arrested on September 11 in a New York City hotel room after an alleged attack on his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick. 

Charges Dropped in Recent Incident

Charges Dropped in Recent Incident

 Due to insufficient evidence, charges for that incident were dropped earlier this week, He still faces allegations related to that incident, as well as allegations of another assault, and has pleaded not guilty to both. Earlier this month, Rockets General Manager Rafael Stone expressed deep concern about the accusations against him.

A few weeks ago, when I heard the allegations, I told their representatives that they could no longer be a part of the Houston Rockets.”The Houston Rockets had traded guard Kevin Porter Jr. traded two future second-round picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder as part of the deal.

Essentially, the deal allows the Thunder to gather draft assets and leaves Porter on his new four-year contract with a guaranteed salary of $16.9 million. The Rockets save $5.5 million in salary.

Prosecutors’ Initial Statements on Kevin Porter’s Arraignment

Prosecutors have stated that during Kevin Porter’s arraignment one day after the incident, they initially said that during the attack, his neck bone was broken and he had a deep cut above his right eye. However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office dropped one of the assault charges against Porter on Monday, acknowledging that he didn’t fracture Gondrezick’s neck while still accepting that he assaulted her during the alleged attack.

During the alleged attack, “I didn’t hit her,” and those allegations are untrue. Porter still faces charges related to second-degree strangulation and third-degree assault, for which he has pleaded not guilty. Porter had signed a four-year, $82.5 million extension last season. 

Partial Guarantees on Kevin Porter Jr.’s Contract

Kevin Porter Jr.’s Contract

However, due to his legal issues, he has only partial guarantees on his contract.

Porter was selected as the 30th pick in the 2019 draft after spending one season at USC, where he was sidelined due to off-court issues. He played for the Cleveland Cavaliers in his rookie season but was not included on the team the following season for personal reasons. He was acquired by the Rockets in January 2021 in a trade with the Milwaukee Bucks in exchange for a top-55 protected second-round pick.

In the deal, the Thunder have gathered 15 first-round picks and 22 second-round picks over the next seven years. Oklahoma City had acquired Oladipo in a midseason trade with the Miami Heat, who will be sending second-round picks to the Thunder in 2027 through the Minnesota Timberwolves and in 2028 through the Milwaukee Bucks, Robinson-Earl has a guaranteed salary of $1.9 million for this season and a team option for $2 million next year.

Kysre Gondrezick, Kevin Porter Jr.’s Former Girlfriend

Kysre Gondrezick, the former girlfriend of Kevin Porter Jr., said that Porter “didn’t hit me” during an alleged altercation in a New York City hotel last month. She emphasized that there is no harm in supporting him.

Porter was arrested after the alleged assault and initially faced multiple charges, including assault and second-degree strangulation. However, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office dropped one of the assault charges against Porter on Monday after acknowledging that he didn’t fracture Gondrezick’s neck during the incident.

Police Spokesperson’s Initial Statement Following Alleged Attack

A police spokesperson had stated immediately after the alleged attack that Gondrezick had “visible injuries to the right side of her face and complained of neck pain.” She was transported to the hospital for examination.

Gondrezick mentioned that emergency responders didn’t conduct an interview about the details of her injuries until well after the incident. She clarified, “It happened quickly, not as thoroughly explained to me as I expected.”And it wasn’t 10 seconds in the room.”Porter was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Tuesday, Adrian Wojnarowski and they intend to waive him.

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