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Cult HeroMan Utd Cult Hero's Emotional Return

Javier Hernandez, the cult hero of Manchester United, has recently completed a heartfelt move back to Chivas, his boyhood club, at the age of 35. This marks a significant moment as it has been 14 years since the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson signed Hernandez from Chivas, introducing him to the world stage.


Javier Hernandez, fondly known as ‘Chicharito,’ has decided to return to his roots, completing a dream transfer back to Chivas. This move holds immense sentimental value for both the player and the fans. Reflecting on the 14-year journey since signing with Manchester United, it becomes apparent how far ‘Chicharito’ has come since he arrived at Manchester United. From relative obscurity to becoming a cult hero, his career has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Hernandez’s Initial Move to Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson’s Pivotal Signing

Sir Alex Ferguson’s decision to sign Javier Hernandez proved to be pivotal for Manchester United. The manager’s foresight brought an unknown talent to the Premier League, shaping the future of the club.

Hernandez’s Relative Anonymity at the Time

At the time of his signing, Hernandez was relatively unknown outside of Mexico. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer even acknowledged the unfamiliarity, but it didn’t take long for ‘Chicharito,’ the emerging cult hero, to make a name for himself.

Impactful Start at Old Trafford

Hernandez quickly became an integral part of the team, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess and earning the adoration of fans. His impact at Old Trafford laid the foundation for an illustrious career.

‘Chicharito’ – A Cult Hero at Manchester United

Goal-scoring prowess and Fan Adoration

Known as an absolute predator inside the box, Hernandez became a firm fan favorite. His ability to find the back of the net and his infectious enthusiasm endeared him to the Old Trafford faithful.

Transition to Bayer Leverkusen in 2015

In 2015, Hernandez took a new challenge by joining Bayer Leverkusen, showcasing his talent in different leagues. Despite leaving Manchester United, his status as a cult hero remained intact.

Journey Through West Ham United, Sevilla, and LA Galaxy

Hernandez’s journey continued through West Ham United, Sevilla, and LA Galaxy, where he left a lasting impact. His experiences in various leagues added depth to his already impressive career.

The Emotional Return to Chivas

Hernandez’s Impressive Career After Leaving Chivas

Leaving Chivas did not hinder Hernandez’s career; in fact, it flourished. However, the allure of returning to his boyhood club, where he had already become a cult hero, proved irresistible for the seasoned striker.

The decision to Re-Sign with His Boyhood Club

At 35, Hernandez could have considered retiring, but instead, he chose to complete his dream transfer by re-signing with Chivas. This decision underlines his deep connection with the club.

Chivas’ Perspective on the Historic Transfer

Chivas, celebrating Hernandez’s return, declared him a ‘cult hero’ by stating, ‘he left, made history, and today he is back home.’ The sentiment surrounding this transfer is not just about a player but about the cult hero’s history and legacy he carries.

The Social Media Reaction

Rumors Surrounding the Chivas Return

Speculation about Hernandez’s return to Chivas had been circulating for weeks, especially with his LA Galaxy contract expiring over the New Year. Fans were eager to see if the rumors would materialize.

Hernandez’s Announcement on Social Media

The confirmation came via social media, where Hernandez, the cult hero, expressed his excitement, saying, ‘My house, my family, my team, my everything. See you soon!’ The response from Chivas fans was overwhelming.

Chivas Fans’ Enthusiastic Response

Chivas fans, delighted to see ‘Chicharito’ donning the red and white stripes again, responded passionately to his announcement. The emotional connection between the player and the fans was palpable.

The Unveiling of the Dream Transfer

Javier Hernandez
The Unveiling of the Dream Transfer

The Tweet from Chivas Celebrating Hernandez’s Return

Chivas took to Twitter to officially announce the return of Hernandez, emphasizing the journey he had undertaken. The tweet celebrated his departure, his history, and his homecoming.

Details of the Transfer Completion

While rumors were rampant, the deal wasn’t official until Hernandez, the beloved cult hero, confirmed it. The completion of the transfer marks one of the most significant moments in recent history for Chivas.

Chivas’ Anticipation for Hernandez’s Upcoming Matches

With Hernandez back in the squad, Chivas anticipates a boost in their performance. The upcoming matches, especially the one against Toluca at the Estadio Akron, promise a captivating spectacle.

The Impact on Chivas and Mexican Football

Chivas’ Statement on Hernandez’s Historic Return

Chivas issued a statement recognizing the magnitude of Hernandez’s return, stating that he left, made history, and has now come back home as a cult hero. This resonates not just with Chivas but with the entire landscape of Mexican football.

The Significance of the Transfer in Mexican Football

Javier Hernandez’s return to Chivas is more than a player coming back; it symbolizes the connection between footballers and their roots. The impact of this transfer, with the cult hero ‘Chicharito,’ ripples through Mexican football, setting a unique precedent. This homecoming not only reinforces the deep ties between players and their origin but also elevates Hernandez to the status of a cult hero within the context of Chivas and Mexican football as a whole.

Expectations for Hernandez’s Role in Chivas

As Chivas welcomes back their prodigal son, expectations are high. The role Hernandez will play, both on and off the field, adds an intriguing dimension to Chivas’ upcoming campaigns.

Hernandez’s Future at Chivas

Manchester United
Hernandez’s Future at Chivas

Reflection on His Career and Achievements

Hernandez’s return prompts reflection on his illustrious career. The achievements, the challenges, and the growth as a player have all led to this emotional homecoming.

The Potential Impact on Chivas’ Performance

Chivas, having secured the services of a seasoned striker and cult hero, Javier Hernandez, will undoubtedly benefit from his experience and goal-scoring ability. The potential impact on the team’s performance is a subject of anticipation. ‘Chicharito’s’ status as a cult hero adds an extra layer of significance to his return, as fans eagerly await the positive influence he can bring both on and off the pitch.

Speculation About Hernandez’s Future Plans

While the return to Chivas suggests a certain finality, speculation about Hernandez’s plans within and beyond football is inevitable. Fans and pundits alike will be curious about the next chapter in ‘Chicharito’s’ journey.

United Fans’ Perspective

Reaction of Manchester United Fans to Hernandez’s Return

The news of Hernandez returning to Chivas will evoke mixed emotions among Manchester United fans. Fond memories of his time at Old Trafford will resurface, and many will cheer for his success with Chivas.

Fond Memories of ‘Chicharito’ at Old Trafford

United fans will reminisce about Hernandez’s time at Old Trafford, remembering iconic goals and moments that solidified his status as a cult hero. The impact he made on the club’s history is indelible.

Wishing Him Success in His New Chapter with Chivas

Despite the emotional ties to Manchester United, fans will extend their best wishes to ‘Chicharito’ for this new chapter. The support for a player who left an indelible mark on the club transcends team affiliations.


In conclusion, the transfer of Manchester United cult hero, Javier Hernandez, back to his boyhood club Chivas after 14 years since Sir Alex Ferguson signed him marks a poignant chapter in football history. ‘Chicharito’s’ return is not just a move; it’s a powerful narrative of loyalty, passion, and the enduring connection between a player and his roots. As he embarks on this emotional journey, fans from both Manchester United and Chivas will undoubtedly cherish the memories of a legendary striker who has left an indelible mark on the beautiful game.


  1. Q: Why did Javier Hernandez decide to return to Chivas after a successful career abroad?

    Ans: Hernandez expressed a deep connection to his boyhood club, considering it his “house, family, team, and everything,” making the return to Chivas a personal and emotional choice.

  1. Q: What impact does ‘Chicharito’s’ return have on Chivas and Mexican football as a whole?

    Ans: The return is symbolic, signifying the significance of a player coming back to his roots. It has a ripple effect on Mexican football, highlighting the bond between players and their home clubs.

  1. Q: How did Manchester United fans react to Hernandez’s transfer back to Chivas?

    Ans: United fans experienced mixed emotions, reminiscing about Hernandez’s time at Old Trafford and expressing support for his new journey with Chivas.

  1. Q: What are the expectations for Javier Hernandez’s role at Chivas, both on and off the field?

    Ans: Chivas and fans anticipate Hernandez contributing significantly on the field with his goal-scoring prowess, while off the field, his experience may guide and inspire younger talents.

  1. Q: Does ‘Chicharito’s’ return mark the end of his football career, or are there speculations about his plans?

    Ans: While the return to Chivas suggests a sense of closure, speculation about Hernandez’s plans, both within and beyond football, remains a subject of curiosity among fans and pundits alike.

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