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Assassin's Creed MirageAssassin's Creed Mirage

Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Franchise’s 15th Anniversary

Ubisoft unveiled Assassin’s Creed Mirage during a special event on the franchise’s 15th anniversary. After several trailers, gameplay videos, and, finally, the reveal at Games Informer’s cover, the game is out for everyone.

A Blend of Assassin’s Creed Traditions

If you’ve been following Mirage, you know it’s a bit of a return to the series’ roots. After completing the game, it’s safe to say that Mirage falls somewhere between the start of the franchise and the more recent RPGs that came later. It feels fresh but sacrifices some of the open-world game mechanics and variety in favor of embracing the series’ tradition: a singular city to explore, stealth and parkour focus, deadly assassinations, and much more.

Dive into 9th-Century Baghdad

You can read Game Informer’s Mirage review here for a comprehensive look, but if you’ve made up your mind and are ready to leap into 9th-century Baghdad with our beloved Assassin Basim.

Some Tips and Tricks for You

Pay Attention to Your Last Known Location

In the game, your representation as Basim is marked with a golden silhouette that appears as if it’s made of sand. When you see it, Mirage is telling you that you’re currently out of the guards’ sight who were chasing you. The “Last Known Location” is where those last guards saw you, meaning they will eventually head there. They will be cautious in this area to check if you’re still nearby, but hopefully, you won’t be – make the Last Known Location appear and then disappear, leaving you undetected.

Pickpocketing with Sleight of Hand

Pickpocket in Early Game
Pickpocket in Early Game(Assassin’s Creed Mirage)

In Mirage, to pickpocket someone, you need to complete a Sleight of Hand minigame. An outline of a hand appears on the screen with a small circle that moves towards a blue diamond. When the moving diamond lines up with the static diamond, press the button to pickpocket successfully. If you fail, the target will become suspicious and may alert nearby guards. If you’re unsuccessful, you’ll want to make a quick escape.

Look for White Tents

Baghdad in Mirage is a parkour paradise for Basim. There are pathways both inside and outside the city, wherever you look. But if you’re unsure where to go, it can be a bit challenging to find the best routes. Fortunately, Ubisoft Bordeaux has included a handy indicator that essentially says, “I’m a good free-running path.” It’s a white tent. It can be hanging from a ledge, on top of a building, a sloped ramp to climb, and much more. If you need a fast way around or want to explore the rooftops of Baghdad, look for the white tents.

Travel at Speed

Basim’s horse or camel can sprint at high speed. However, this can only be done when it has stamina. Sprinting across the roads and open pathways in and around Baghdad won’t deplete your mount’s stamina, so if you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, stick to the roads.

How to Quickly Earn Skill Points

Skill Points primarily come from completing missions/contracts, not from killing enemies or other actions. Keep an eye on contracts that reward skill points as they are the fastest way to obtain additional skills. In our editor’s playthrough, they were primarily focused on critical path missions and saved the remaining 10% for contracts and general exploration.

When they did the credit roll, they had unlocked all but four skills, meaning when you roll the credits, you likely will have most skills unlocked. Of course, if you want a specific skill sooner, completing contracts alongside story missions is the fastest way to do so.

Upgrading Crime and Defense

Upgrading Basim’s equipment doesn’t necessarily make him more durable. It merely provides a specific skill set tailored for his role. Consequently, Basim may feel more vulnerable and less effective in the central roles of recent killers. Plan accordingly.

Upgrade Defense Tools
Upgrade Defense Tools

However, upgrading Basim’s dagger and sword can assist in improving his defense and offense since both weapons contribute to his stats, including those boosted with future upgrades. Nonetheless, it’s essential to note that you cannot upgrade weapons and armor at your discretion. To upgrade, you’ll need to acquire the relevant schematics in Baghdad first. You can often find them in strongholds, especially safety boxes that require token payment, and more.

Focus on Stealth

In contrast to recent episodes, I emphasize stealth and gadgets’ use in my playstyle. It can astound regular combatants and ordinary players controlling Viking raiders or Greek heroes. Generally, you should strive to avoid direct confrontations.

If you find yourself in conflicts with multiple foes, either retreat or employ tools such as smoke bombs to deal with the adversity.Fortunately, Ubisoft Bordeaux has designed Mirage around stealth and avoiding confrontations as much as possible. You’ll find that there’s plenty of cover around castles, watchtowers, and other security zones, be it tall grass, bushes, prayer marquises, or just an old crate.

Reduce Notoriety

Don’t hesitate to pay the shopkeepers around the world in suitable token currency for making payments that can reduce your notoriety or desired level. Excessive scrutiny can make it difficult to obtain extra scrutiny and can make it difficult to complete missions or challenges, particularly complex or challenging contracts or missions.

However, if you lack the required token currency, you may have to scavenge – you can expect to find wanted posters scattered around Baghdad when your notoriety rises, featuring your plastered face. Discard them discreetly (await clean beaches, although if a civilian sees you do it, they’ll try to alert guards), and your notoriety will drop a notch. Four is the maximum, so for more, you’ll need to search for wanted posters and dispose of them.

Utilize Enkidu Liberally

Enkidu is a special eagle that Basim possesses. As a metaphor, it’s a ritual of passage for assassins and Basim’s friends. Mechanically, Enkidu works as a drone, or rather, it functions like eyes in the sky, providing you with an overhead view of the surrounding area, even pinpointing objectives for you. Almost every scenario begins with the use of Enkidu, and guards are tagged beforehand.

In some cases, enemy marksmen will attempt to shoot down the scout eagle, but then they are tagged by sharpshooters. Reaching high places and clearing them is a good idea, so that Enkidu can be deployed again.

If you truly appreciate (and perhaps you will) Enkidu’s abilities, various valuable skills are available in Basim’s skill tree to enhance Enkidu’s range and vision. Ultimately, you can even construct a base of operations in Basim’s skill tree to make it easier for Basim to see where his tagged guards are heading.

Focus on Upgrading Tools

Tool upgrades are immensely valuable in improving your overall power and your ability to control any situation. Examine your arsenal, and target tools and tool upgrades that will benefit your playstyle the most.

We previously mentioned completing contracts to obtain extra skill points. While completing standard missions will grant you a healthy amount of skill points, the same cannot be said for tools. Therefore, if you want to upgrade all your tools to their full potential, you’ll often need to complete contracts.

Don’t Forget to Refill Your Supplies

Make it a point to regularly refill your elixirs and tools with the merchant. Building a routine of regularly refilling items can be a profitable investment. Token payments to item merchants can be a lucrative investment in lowering item prices, especially up to 30%, as you will be refilling regularly.

Refill Your Supplies
Refill Your Supplies

Assassin’s Bureaus often have a chest near the gates that partially refills some of your tools. If you’re cautious about spending tokens to lower item prices, consider collecting scattered Dervish samples around Baghdad instead. After gathering enough (3, 6, 9, etc.), you can turn them into Dervishes to lower item prices by 10% each time. They trade the same items, colors, tool supplies, and elixirs as other traders in the vicinity of Baghdad.

Sell Your Trinkets

On that note, don’t overlook selling your trinkets at these traders. You don’t need any of them for your purposes. Sell them quickly to earn money for other objectives. And remember, there’s a button to sell all your available trinkets at once.

Embrace Every Synchronization Point

While unlocking every viewpoint isn’t necessary for every fast travel point, we recommend doing so for every strategic location on the map. Choose another path if you’re near an unopened fast travel point that’s relatively far from your other unopened fast travel points, and it’s feasible to complete the climb. Game missions and contracts will invariably send you back to locations where you’ve been before, and having a previously unlocked tower makes it easier to return.

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