SEO Strategies Generating 100,000 Organic Visits From Google
SEO Strategies for Generating 100,000 Organic Visits Monthly From GoogleSEO Strategies for Generating 100,000 Organic Visits Monthly From Google

The most noteworthy businesses and websites, leveraging effective SEO strategies, have the capability to attract up to 100,000 visitors every month. Countless high-achieving companies lose the battle for visibility on search pages simply because they don’t know how.

However, there are certain SEO strategies you need to consider before diving into the quest for more clicks.

For starters, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that works for every specific website. Generating engaging content that includes creating monthly 100,000 organic visits primarily depends on the following SEO strategies:

  • Your site’s competition.
  • The quality of your content.
  • Authority of your website’s domain and backlink profile.

When you delve into learning about various factors and metrics that drive 100,000 organic visitors, SEO strategies can become highly perceptible. However, fundamentally, you need to focus on these three factors:

  • Researching relevant keywords and competitive analysis.
  • Content organization – structuring pages and content clusters.
  • Configuring your SEO strategies content machine.

Researching Relevant Keywords

The first step is to search for key phrases used by your competitors and filter them for relevant keywords that you can rank for. Use tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to directly search for the total volume of relevant keywords.

If your brand visibility is relatively weak compared to your competitors, we suggest focusing on “medium tail” and “long tail” keywords instead of staying away from high-volume, highly SEO strategies competitive keywords. These keywords are more specific and less competitive, providing an opportunity to rank higher based on specific search intentions.

Content Organization

Now that you have your relevant keywords, the next step is to create clusters of content for the topics you want to target. This involves naturally using keywords across your entire content and ensuring that your content is relevant to your target audience.

Columns and Content Clusters

What are columns and content clusters? Columns are key pages that establish topical authority on your website. These pages are typically long-form, detailed articles that comprehensively cover a specific topic. Columns are linked to other content clusters (such as blogs and articles on similar or related topics), and their semantic relevance helps in achieving higher rankings in search results.

Examining the most authoritative websites will clarify how these pages appear. For example, a “Stock” page on Wikipedia serves as an excellent example: it holds a cluster that relates to everything about “Stock.”

When planning and building your content, it is essential to,

Select appropriate titles for your column pages:

Focus on relevant titles for your target audience, giving preference to high-volume keywords without neglecting low-volume keywords. Use tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to identify topics with higher search volume that can represent the ability to attract traffic. However, with relatively low competition, you can still rank well.

Create high-quality content:

Column pages will work as first-entry pages for your audience. These articles should be informative, well-documented, and incorporate various media formats such as images and videos. Google supports content that is documented and reliable. Keeping this in mind, make an effort to write content that is challenging for competitors to duplicate and provides your audience with practical value based on their search intentions.

Enhance your column pages for SEO strategies:

Improve your column pages by including relevant keywords in headings and bodies, and distribute equity through internal links to other pages. Make sure that the navigation is user-friendly and logical. Each column page should have a call-to-action to lead visitors towards conversion.

Content Clusters

Column pages and content clusters are powerful SEO strategies practices for generating organic traffic from Google. Creating content clusters linked to column pages allows you to build a network of interrelated pages around a specific topic, where you can provide valuable resources for your audience and enhance your ranking possibilities in search results.

Tips for Writing Column and Content Cluster Pages for Specific Websites,

  • Begin with a strong column page with a robust column focused on your topic. Dive deep into your subject and use relevant keywords throughout the entire page.
  • Focus each content cluster on one central topic, each piece linking back to your column page.

When establishing internal links, remember:

  • Use relevant keywords in your anchor text.
  • Place links in prominent positions. A common practice is to place them at the beginning or end of content.

Setting up your SEO strategies content machine

Most websites with monthly 100,000 visits have a consistent content production that keeps the site fresh and relevant. Ensure that you are outsourcing to reputable content experts or using Airtable-like tools to track your content output.

While there are various ways to gain access to content creation, generally, you will need at least one SEO strategies editor and one writer in a team to reach consistently high-quality production. Organize a managerial calendar for your team members to plan prior content and standardize formats for your content templates and SEO strategies using tools like, Keywords Insights, or ChatGPT.


Ranking on Google means producing well-written, documented, and useful content that holds substantial value for your target audience. Creating accurate content involves several sub-tasks, such as searching for internal links for correct anchors, ensuring that topics are appropriately covered with amendments, and more. Incorporating these SEO strategies into your content creation process will undoubtedly enhance your website’s visibility and attract the coveted 100,000 monthly organic visits.

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