Mastering Spider-Man 2 (PS5): 13 Pro Tips for an Incredible

Mastering Spider-Man 2 (PS5): 13 Pro Tips for an Incredible Gaming Experience

Spider-Man 2 on (PS5): 13 Pro Tips

On October 20th, Spider-Man 2 is launching, a PlayStation 5 exclusive from Insomniac Games. This game brings us all the web-slinging excitement from Spider-Man (2018) and Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020), with an amazing twist: you get to play as two Spider-Men for the price of one.

Spider-Man? Spider-Man? Spider-Guys? Even Peter Parker can’t figure out where he stands alongside his crime-fighting partner, Miles Morales. But one thing’s for sure – Spider-Man 2 is an incredible game, and it doubles the fun and complexity. So, after more than 20 hours of hands-on gameplay, we’ve brought you 13 suggestions to elevate your playtime with Spider-Man 2.

Tip 1: Start with Peter Parker’s story

When we first began playing Spider-Man 2, we alternated between Miles’ and Peter’s stories, giving equal screen time to these arachnid-inspired heroes. But after over 20 hours of gameplay, we now consider it a mistake.

Peter’s abilities are not fully unlocked until you progress through a specific storyline and obtain the powers of a venomous symbiote. We had wished to have obtained Venom earlier, as it’s a fantastic ability to wield against formidable foes. Finally, when we wanted to play with Miles’ bioelectric talents, Peter’s additional powers became the highlight of Spider-Man 2.

Once you switch out and take a break near Peter’s crib, activate Ganke Lee’s Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man App, or FNSM App, and you can easily switch between the Spider-Dudes on your touchpad. Using the FNSM App, you can check various missions and side quests, then activate your preferred pursuit for extraordinary encounters.

Tip 2: Level the playing field

With each skill point earned, you have the ability to level both Peter Parker and Miles Morales to the same level. After considering the ease of swapping between Miles and Peter, if you only level up Miles, Peter becomes significantly weaker in areas such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. (Why do Staten Island and the Bronx seem to get left out of the fun? Give them a Bronx cheer.)

The Playing Field Level
Spider-Man 2: The Playing Field Level

To address this potential imbalance, we recommend investing seven points in the skill tree for one character before leveling up the skills of both Peter and Miles equally. Although Los Hombres Arañas can both hang on top of skyscrapers, we didn’t want to leave either of them hanging.

Tip 3: Reslot your abilities

As seasoned PlayStation gamers know, your action buttons (triangle, circle, X, and square) gain new abilities when paired with the trigger buttons. In Spider-Man 2, connecting the L1 trigger provides access to your abilities, while R1 trigger allows access to your gadgets.

In Spider-Man 2, you’re limited to four action buttons, but thanks to the Gadgets’ Menus, the game offers you the flexibility to assign which abilities to slot into your action buttons. For example, Miles can use Venom Dash with L1 + triangle to take down enemies, or opt for Thunder Burst with L1 + circle for teleporting attacks. The choice is yours, Spider-Friend.

To reassign your slots, you can allocate your left and right D-pad buttons, which are found in the settings menu below the Main Menu—not in the game.

Tip 4: Prioritize your currency

As the 1967 theme song suggests, action is the reward in Spider-Man. Your rewards come in three forms: Tech Parts, City Tokens, and Hero Tokens. You earn these currencies by completing Side Missions, such as searching for lost musical instruments (based on one mail search), maintaining a balance in your day job to protect the city (that’s for Peter), and removing venomous symbiotes from crime scenes (handled by both Spider-Men).

These Tech Parts and Tokens allow you to upgrade your gadgets and customize your Spider Suits in style and abilities. We’ve learned that Tech Parts are easily acquired, whereas City and Hero Tokens require more effort.

Additionally, currency takes time to earn, and you’ll have to decide what needs your immediate attention. If you spend your currency on gadget upgrades, it will impact its value—either positively or negatively. So keep an eye on how the rewards apply.

The best way to earn currency for your Spider-Self is to assist around the city with Side Quests. Leaving behind a good reputation, you can’t upgrade until you become a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in a real, friendly neighborhood.

Tip 5: Study your moves

Another reason to delve into hidden finds is the depth of exploring the possible outcomes for each engagement. This is essential because saving multiple combos and executing them is necessary in various scenarios. For instance, you can square up a basic combo to take down Brutes 4x faster. But if you attain Wall Thresh, you can pin enemies to walls and, with these square combos, dramatically push them out in cinematic style.

As our list of moves and counteractions grew, we found ourselves a little overwhelmed by the choice of combat. This is where the Move List menu comes in handy. Before a specific conflict, scan through the list of moves, which both Spiders, Miles and Peter, can follow, in addition to a bonus Web Strike.

Tip 6: Boost your focus first

After making progress through a few levels, you can explore four distinct Suit Tech paths: Health, Damage, Focus, and Traversal. Although Health and Damage boost your resilience and combat, we suggest overlooking them and concentrating on maxing out the Focus abilities first.

Boost your focus
Boost your focus

Boosting your Focus enhances your playing experience by allowing you to play with your Spider-Elder or Spider-Younger in more ways, like taking down Brutes together with two finishers. You can unlock a second and then a third Focus bar for even more maneuverability. Likewise, when you’ve attained your combat skills and become more skillful, use your Focus for sweet, sweet power attacks, rather than stocking up on inactive bonuses.

After clearing the Focus tree, focus on Traversal. It gives you more ways to swing around the city with speed and style. We don’t play Spider-Man just to walk.

Tip 7: Utilize Suit Tech Upgrades

Every suit in Spider-Man offers some useful upgrades. For example, under the “Focus” category, you can either choose “Targeted Evasion,” which allows you to tag enemies, or “Focused Attack,” which boosts your overall damage by 10%. These suit tech upgrades are situational.

For instance, when you’re trying to be stealthy and not alert enemies, you might prefer not to tag them, but “Focused Attack” can be really effective when you’re outnumbered and need that extra damage boost. Unfortunately, this part of the game can get complicated because you’ll need to navigate through all the menus when you want to shoot a web at an enemy’s face.

Tip 8: Utilize Various Traversal Methods

Spider-Man 2 lets you cross the city without taking the A-train to New York. (Is it a big deal to use the subway system in the US? It depends on whether you’re heading north-south or east-west.) There are various ways to traverse the city, and some of the best ones include:

Web swinging: Use your Miles and Peter skills to “loop the loop” on mailboxes and street lamps, which lets you gain both speed and altitude. And height is crucial.
Web wings: Use web wings for a graceful glide through the air. The higher you start – rooftops, the tops of buildings – the further you can go.
Traversal Methods
Traversal Methods
Air vents: Dive into air vents in the web-covered corridor to quickly zip in one direction. Keeping height stable was difficult at first, but we eventually succeeded.This teleportation is essential because, while many video games let you travel quickly, Spider-Man 2 frees gamers from traveling between specific save points.

Here, you can travel to any open area of your neighborhood. Just hover over your preferred block and press the triangle button – no save points are needed.

Bonus Tip: If you’ve unlocked Harlem and need to go there from Midtown, put your cursor in the northwest corner of the map. It’s close to Harlem and saves you some travel time.
Roofs: Finally, your map’s roofs icon, which lets you swing from the jungle to buildings with ease. You gain a great speed boost, and the resemblance to the 1966 Batman is striking. We’re just surprised they didn’t call it “Spider Swing.”

Tip 9: Suit Up as Spider-Man Noir

After a few hours, we had Spider-Man Noir’s suit unlocked, and we definitely tore it off much faster than you’d expect, “Sometimes I burn matches to my fingertips to feel something. Anything.”

When you sew the black threads, you get two visual bonuses: the first bonus unlocks the “Film Style Animation,” which allows you to swirl around the video game universe as an animated character. It looks fantastic, though it’s a bit disorienting, so we eventually turned it off in the settings menu.

The second bonus Noir Peter gets during fights is the sound effect of a comic book KABOOM. The effect remains even after we update our appearance. The best part is that Miles gets the same comic book pop-up. We knew that in this game, the spirit of 1966 Batman was restless.

Tip 10: Read the Environment

As we’ve seen in previous games, Spider-Man uses garbage, shelves, and trash cans to smash into objects that shred enemies to pieces. This is still true in Spider-Man 2; it’s just that now you can play smarter.

You can break all the Seademen’s doors or leave them down to cause a water splash and melt them down to see them disintegrate.

Deciding on the right attack and then executing it may take a bit longer, but spiders do it. This is a game that builds you before it sends you up against fanatics, hunters, Mysterium challenges, and even poison. Are you ready to save New York? As Miles says in “Spider-Man: Spider’s Verse,” he and Peter are not the only spiders.

Tip 11: Exploit the Puzzles

Spider-Man 2’s map can easily start in a wide empty space where you should be hunting for items. Initially, we thought these activities were weak, but now we see they are really strong. Each district represents new activities such as Factions, Hunts, Mysterium Challenges, and Poison.

It is a game that builds you before it sends you up against fanatics, hunters, Mysterium challenges, and even poison. Are you ready to save New York? As Miles says in “Spider-Man: Spider’s Verse,” he and Peter are not the only spiders.

Tip 12: Get to Higher Ground

Climbing to higher ground is a smart move! You’ll find valuable items on top. Crates, which contain essential technical parts, are illuminated in blue, while scattered Spider Bots, which provide both tech parts and XP, cast a circular glow.

Spider-Man 2 Fighting Higher Ground
Spider-Man 2 Fighting Higher Ground

Certainly, you can unlock all traversal abilities under Suit Tech > Traversal and populate your map with high spots by upgrading your Traversal Skill Tree. Initially, upgrading your Focused Tree is beneficial, as we’ve learned. So, make sure to spend your resources wisely.

Don’t limit Les Hommes des Araignees to buildings like the Avengers Tower. Explore the map, and you’ll discover these collectibles in unexpected places.

Tip 13: Make the Most of Collectibles

Starting Spider-Man 2’s map can be straightforward, with vast open spaces where searching for and collecting collectibles should be fun. Initially, we thought these might be minor diversions, but now we see that they are, in fact, a strength. Each district reveals new activities as the fog lifts, providing a more fulfilling experience.

This is a game that empowers you to construct before it pits you against cultists, hunters, Mysterium challenges, and even poison. Are you ready to save New York? As Miles says in ‘Spider-Man: The Spider’s Verse,’ they and Peter aren’t the only spiders out there.

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